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Principles Of Law Relating To International Trade

Author : Nicholas Kouladis
ISBN : 0387303863
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 88.37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The law of international trade raises questions of great intellectual depth. In Principles of Law Relating to International Trade, the author draws from his practical and teaching experience to give a comprehensive introduction to the key areas of law that apply in international business. For the benefit of readers unfamiliar with the English legal system and the many associated branches of English civil law, the book includes a brief introduction to, among other topics, constitutional, criminal, and employment law. The branches of law directly related to international trade, such as contract, insurance, competition, carriage of goods, and sale of goods, are concisely covered in the main text. Case studies and examples are used to clarify the issues for the non-specialist, making international trade law accessible to those taking professional examinations in this field, as well as business executives. The extensive use of footnotes and inclusion of case commentaries bring into clearer focus the many facets of this complicated subject and would be of benefit to the international trade law specialist.
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International Trade

Author : Jonathan Reuvid
ISBN : 9780749462383
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 62.99 MB
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International Trade provides a thorough understanding of the issues involved in developing and managing overseas trade. Originally aimed at those studying for professional qualifications and practitioners involved in export and international trade, combining 'textbook' information and accessible guidelines for best practice, this important handbook has now been fully updated with new material on EU and US law and on major target markets such as China. Opening with a description of the structure of the global economy and the dynamics governing world trade, this third edition covers a multitude of topics including: international marketing, legal issues, customs control, risk management and export finance.
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International Trade Law

Author : Indira Carr
ISBN : 9781134846184
Genre : Law
File Size : 28.86 MB
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International Trade Law offers a clear overview of the complexities of an international sale transaction through informed analysis of case law, legislation, and international conventions and rules. Fully updated with changes to the law and new directions in legal debate, this new edition considers: Standard trade terms including INCOTERMS 2010, the Convention on International Sales of Goods 1980 and the UNIDROIT Principles for International Commercial Contracts E-Commerce issues, including electronic bills of lading Insurance and payment mechanisms, such as letters of credit and the UCP 600 International transportation of cargo, including the Rotterdam Rules Dispute resolution (including jurisdiction, applicable law, arbitration and mediation), with particular reference to the relevant EU regulations and the developing case-law thereon Corruption and anti-corruption conventions, including the UK Bribery Act 2010 and developments relating to deferred prosecution agreements In addition to clarifying a range of topics through tables and diagrams, the book directs readers to relevant further reading and online resources throughout, offering students an accessible resource to this often challenging area of the law.
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Non Discrimination And The Role Of Regulatory Purpose In International Trade And Investment Law

Author : Andrew D. Mitchell
ISBN : 9781785368097
Genre : Business & Economics
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Central to this book is an analysis of the obligation upon states to ensure non-discrimination in the form of adherence to the principles of national treatment and most-favoured nation treatment. These are critical principles for both international trade law and international investment law, yet the case-law in both fields reveals significant inconsistencies regarding key elements of non-discrimination. Tribunals have invoked ‘regulatory purpose’ to assist in identifying relevant discrimination, but have done so without offering a definition of regulatory purpose and in significantly differing ways. This book explains these inconsistencies and offers a new definition of regulatory purpose.
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The Handbook Of International Trade

Author : Jim Sherlock
ISBN : 0749441445
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26.23 MB
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"The Handbook of International Trade" is both a textbook for students of international trade and a handbook for practitioners involved in export and international trade. It aims to provide a thorough understanding of the issues involved in developing and managing overseas trade and to keep practitioners up-to-speed with current best practice. Opening with a description of the structure of the global economy and the dynamics governing world trade, the book moves on to be a practical guide to the principles and practice of export trade, covering: international marketing (from research to distribution); the law relating to international trade; the export order process (from quotation to contract); international transport; customs controls; risk management; and export finance. Finally there is a section looking at the prospects and likely future development of global trade
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Good Faith In The Jurisprudence Of The Wto

Author : Marion Panizzon
ISBN : 9781847312778
Genre : Law
File Size : 53.69 MB
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What does the concept of good faith express? This book is the first to discuss what good faith means in international trade law. As a reference guide for scholars and practitioners it analyses the case law of WTO dispute settlement practice. The book describes how, why and when the concept of good faith links the WTO Agreements with other public international norms. The concept of good faith appears frequently in treaties and customary rules, but is most often considered a general principle of law. WTO law uses the corrolaries of pacta sunt servanda, the prohibition of abus de droit and the protection of legitimate expectation alongside the principle of good faith. An analysis of GATT 1947 and WTO case law reveals that the function of good faith varies. The Panel reports and the Appellate Body decisions make different use of it. The Appellate Body is prepared to apply the principle to WTO provisions only, while Panels use it more freely and substantively; that is, they apply good faith to fill lacunae in any of the WTO covered agreements. Also, adjudicators use the principle differently, depending on whether it relates to the agreements covered by the WTO or the procedural law of WTO dispute settlement. As it applies to the former, good faith is used to strike a balance between, on the one hand, the obligation to liberalise trade, and on the other hand, the right to invoke an exception to trade liberalisation for the protection of the environment, culture, public morals, human life or health. In this way, good faith safeguards the gains of multilateral trade liberalisation against unlawful interests such as disguised protectionism. The book also introduces the novel field of WTO procedural law governing trade dispute litigation. In the Dispute Settlement Understanding (DSU), good faith appears in the standard of review, rules of evidence and fact-finding, standing, duty of prior consultation, right of establishment of a panel, ex officio investigations, withdrawal of notices of appeal, and the raising of objections. In all these areas it ensures that the rules of dispute resolution are not abused. The Appellate Body has even gone so far as to derive a new standard from the principle of good faith that demands that disputes are settled fairly, promptly and effectively. Insights into good faith in WTO law are not only important for trade law professionals. Current applications and future operations of the principle are likely to be of strategic value for answering the increasingly pressing question of how WTO law and other international agreements ought to be reconciled.
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Principles Of International Economic Law

Author : Matthias Herdegen
ISBN : 9780198790563
Genre :
File Size : 39.72 MB
Format : PDF
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Principles of International Economic Law provides a comprehensive overview of the central topics in international economic law, with an emphasis on the interplay between the different economic and political interests on both the international and domestic levels. Following recent tendencies, the book sets the classic topics of international economic law, like WTO law, investment protection, commercial law and monetary law in context with aspects of human rights, environmental protection and the legitimate claims of developing countries. The book draws a concise picture of the architecture of international economic law with all its complexities, without getting lost in fragmented details. Providing a perfect introductory text to the field of international economic law, the book thoroughly analyses legal developments within their wider political, economic, or social context. Topics covered range from codes of conduct for multinational enterprises, to the human rights implications of the exploitation of natural resources. The book demonstrates the economic foundations and economic implications of legal frameworks. It puts into profile the often complex relationship between, on the one hand, international standards on liberalization and economic rationality and, on the other, state sovereignty and national preferences. It describes the new forms of economic cooperation which have developed in recent decades, such as the growing number of transnational companies in the private sector, and forms of cooperation between states such as the G8 or G20. This fully updated second edition covers new aspects and developments including the growing importance of corporate social responsibility, mega-regional-agreements like CETA, TTIP, and TPP, trade and investment related aspects of human rights law.

A Digest Of Wto Jurisprudence On Public International Law Concepts And Principles

Author : Graham Cook
ISBN : 9781316352465
Genre : Law
File Size : 32.94 MB
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In its first twenty years, the WTO dispute settlement system generated over 350 decisions totalling more than 60,000 pages. These decisions contain many statements by WTO adjudicators regarding the law of treaties, state responsibility, international dispute settlement, and other topics of general public international law. This book is a collection of nearly one thousand statements by WTO adjudicators relating to admissibility and jurisdiction; attribution of conduct to a State; breach of an obligation; conflicts between treaties; countermeasures; due process; evidence before international tribunals; good faith; judicial economy; municipal law; non-retroactivity; reasonableness; sources of international law; sovereignty; treaty interpretation; and words and phrases commonly used in treaties and other international legal instruments. This comprehensive digest presents summaries and extracts organized systematically under issue-specific sub-headings, making this jurisprudence easily accessible to students and practitioners working in any field of international law.
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Principles Of International Trade

Author : Chase C. Rhee
ISBN : 9781546218586
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 77.66 MB
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This book, Principles of International Trade: Import-Export, is intended for students studying international trade and for business people who want to engage in international trade. This book covers the basic concepts and procedures that are required for starting and completing international transactions. All businesses, regardless of whether they do only domestic business or not, are affected by international trade and business. Consumers encounter imported products at most retail stores, and domestic businesses are exposed to stiff foreign competition. As a consumer or as a businessperson, all of us need to understand international trade for our own benefits. The draft version of this book, annually or biannually revised, had been used as a textbook at California State University, Los Angeles, California (Cal State, Los Angeles), and Pacific States University, Los Angeles, California (PSU), for over ten years before this book was first published in 1993 with the help and encouragement of my family, friends, students, and colleagues at both campuses. This book consists of thirty-seven chapters, a bibliography, websites, indexes, and endnotes. The text is divided into two parts. The first part, chapters 1 through 27, covers matters for importing goods from overseas and common topics related to both importing and exporting. The second part, chapters 28 through 37, is devoted to topics for exporting overseas. This new edition includes the latest Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits No. 600 (2007 Revision) and Incoterms 2010 published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Instructors teaching materials for international trade (import-export), such as PowerPoint slides and key points for examinations, are available at the authors website: The material and information in this text have been brought current as of June 1, 2017. Any errors or omissions exclusively belong to me. I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, or recommendations directed to me at my email address: [email protected] or fax 626-795-5196. Your comments, suggestions, or recommendations will be used in improving this book at the next publication.
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