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Principles Of Biomedical Ethics

Author : Tom L. Beauchamp
ISBN : 9780195143317
Genre : Medical
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For many years this has been a leading textbook of bioethics. It established the framework of principles within the field. This is a very thorough revision with a new chapter on methods and moral justification.
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Principles Of Biomedical Ethics

Author : Tom L. Beauchamp
ISBN : 0195335708
Genre : Medical
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This book is a comprehensive and accessible introduction into the field of biomedical ethics.
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Islamic Perspectives On The Principles Of Biomedical Ethics

Author : Mohammed Ghaly
ISBN : 9781786340498
Genre : Medical
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Islamic Perspectives on the Principles of Biomedical Ethics presents results from a pioneering seminar in 2013 between Muslim religious scholars, biomedical scientists, and Western bioethicists at the research Center for Islamic Legislation & Ethics, Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies. By examining principle-based bioethics, the contributors to this volume addressed a number of key issues related to the future of the field. Discussion is based around the role of religion in bioethical reasoning, specifically from an Islamic perspective. Also considered is a presentation of the concept of universal principles for bioethics, with a response looking at the possibility (or not) of involving religion. Finally, there is in-depth analysis of how far specific disciplines within the Islamic tradition — such as the higher objectives of Sharia (maqāṣid al-Sharī'ah) and legal maxims (qawā'id fiqhīyah) — can enrich principle-based bioethics. Contents:Methodological Issues:Deliberations within the Islamic Tradition on Principle-Based Bioethics: An Enduring Task (Mohammed Ghaly)The 'Bio' in Biomedicine: Evolution, Assumptions, and Ethical Implications (Muna Ali)A Maqāṣid-Based Approach for New Independent Legal Reasoning (Ijtihād) (Jasser Auda)Principles of Biomedical Ethics:The Principles of Biomedical Ethics as Universal Principles (Tom L Beauchamp)Response by Ali Al-Qaradaghi to Tom Beauchamp's Paper (Ali Al-Qaradaghi)The Principles of Biomedical Ethics Revisited (Annelien L Bredenoord)Script of Oral Discussions (Day 1, Session 3)Script of Oral Discussions (Day 2, Session 3)Islamic Perspectives on the Principles of Biomedical Ethics:Ethics in Medicine: A Principle-Based Approach in Light of the Higher Objectives (Maqāṣid) of Sharia (Ahmed Raissouni)Response by Hassan Chamsi-Pasha to Raissouni's Paper (Hassan Chamsi-Pasha)Script of Oral Discussions (Day 1, Session 2)Governing Principles of Islamic Ethics in Medicine (Abdul Sattar Abu Ghuddah)Response by Hassan Chamsi-Pasha to Abu Ghuddah's Paper (Hassan Chamsi-Pasha)Script of Oral Discussions (Day 1, Session 1)Formulating Ethical Principles in Light of the Higher Objectives of Sharia and Their Criteria (Ali Al-Qaradaghi)Script of Oral Discussions (Day 3, Session 3)Script of Concluding Discussions: Part One (Day 2: Session 1 and Session 2)Script of Concluding Discussions: Part Two (Day 3: Session 1 and Session 2)Conclusion: Critical Remarks (Tariq Ramadan)GlossaryIndex Readership: Researchers and students interested in fields of (Islamic) bioethics, Islamic studies, religion and bioethics, religious ethics, Islam and the West, and intercultural studies.
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The New Testament And Bioethics

Author : R. Dennis Macaleer
ISBN : 9781630871529
Genre : Religion
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Beauchamp and Childress's Principles of Biomedical Ethics is a well-accepted approach to contemporary bioethics. Those principles are based on what Beauchamp and Childress call the common morality. This book employs New Testament theological themes to enhance the meaning of those principles of bioethics. The primary New Testament text for this study is the twin commands from Jesus to love God and love one's neighbor. The three theological themes developed from this study--the image of God, the covenant, and the pursuit of healing--are deeply embedded in the New Testament and in the ministry of Jesus. Three contemporary bioethics principles are used for this dissertation, based on The Belmont Report. They are the principles of respect for persons, justice, and beneficence. In each case, the theological themes are shown to enhance the meaning of these bioethics principles. Each of the three principles, as understood through the three theological themes, is applied to a current bioethics issue to demonstrate the efficacy of this approach. The three current issues addressed are the withdrawal or withholding of life-sustaining treatment, the distribution of health care in the Untied States, and the use of palliative care.
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Standing On Principles

Author : Tom L. Beauchamp
ISBN : 0199774366
Genre : Medical
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Tom L. Beauchamp of Georgetown is one of the founding fathers of contemporary bioethics, and is particularly influential as one of the co-authors (with James Childress) of PRINCIPLES OF BIOMEDICAL ETHICS, first published by OUP over 25 years ago and a true cornerstone of contemporary bioethics. This volume is both an introductory textbook as well as a definitive expression of what is known as the dominant "principlist" approach which views bioethical reasoning developing out of four key principles: respect for autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence, and justice. This view has been highly influential over the last two decades and has set the agenda for the field. This volume will collect Tom Beauchamp's 15 most important published articles in bioethics, most of which were published over the last 25 years, and most of which have a strong connection to the principlist approach. Most of the essays included here augment, develop, or defend various themes, positions and arguments in that earlier book, both adding depth as well as taking off in new directions. Among the topic discussed are the historical origins of modern research ethics, to moral principles and methodological concerns. Beauchamp will include a new introduction to explain the history of the essays and their relationship to the principlist theory.
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The Story Of Bioethics

Author : Jennifer K. Walter MD, PhD
ISBN : 1589014693
Genre : Medical
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This literally "refreshing" collection is based on the notion that the future of bioethics is inseparable from its past. Seminal works provide a unique and relatively unexplored vehicle for investigating not only where bioethics began, but where it may be going as well. In this volume, a number of the pioneers in bioethics—Tom Beauchamp, Lisa Sowle Cahill, James Childress, Charles E. Curran, Patricia King, H. Tristram Engelhardt, William F. May, Edmund D. Pellegrino, Warren Reich, Robert Veatch and LeRoy Walters—reflect on their early work and how they fit into the past and future of bioethics. Coming from many disciplines, generations, and perspectives, these trailblazing authors provide a broad overview of the history and current state of the field. Invaluable to anyone with a serious interest in the development and future of bioethics, at a time when new paths into medical questions are made almost daily, The Story of Bioethics is a Baedeker beyond compare.
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Practical Reasoning In Bioethics

Author : James F. Childress
ISBN : 0253112869
Genre : Medical
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"This is a valuable clarification, re-statement and defence of principlism as an approach to applied ethics. It is strongly recommended to many teachers of bioethics..." -- Journal of the American Medical Association "Childress' book deserves careful study by all concerned with the ethical aspect of contemporary biomedical challenges." -- Science Books & Films "An ideal supplement for a graduate seminar on bioethics or for upper-division undergraduates needing more information in this area." -- Choice In these revised and updated essays, renowned ethicist James F. Childress highlights the role of imagination in practical reasoning through various metaphors and analogies. His discussion of ethical problems contributes to a better understanding of the scope and strength of different moral principles, such as justice, beneficence, and respect for autonomy. At the same time, Childress demonstrates the major role of metaphorical, analogical, and symbolic reasoning in biomedical ethics, largely in conjunction with, rather than in opposition to, principled reasoning.
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Author : Nancy S. Jecker
ISBN : 9781449635862
Genre : Law
File Size : 89.90 MB
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Bioethics: An Introduction to the History, Methods, and Practice, Third Edition provides readers with a modern and diverse look at bioethics while also looking back at early bioethics cases that set ethical standards in healthcare. It is well suited for advanced undergraduate and graduate students who plan to pursue careers in nursing, allied health, or medicine, as well as professionals seeking a comprehensive reference in the field. The authors retain the unique three-pronged approach, discussing the history, the methods, and the practice of bioethics. This approach provides students with a breadth of information, focusing on all sides of the issue, which will allow them to think critically about current bioethical topics. The third edition is updated throughout with new information and cases including, the latest on genetics and reproductive technology, physician-assisted suicide, as well as numerous new cases.
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Autonomy And Patients Decisions

Author : Merle Spriggs
ISBN : 0739109189
Genre : Medical
File Size : 57.8 MB
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Patient autonomy is an important concept in the clinical context, but the idea in contemporary bioethics discussions is often muddled. By looking closely at the ideas of Rosseau, Kant, and Mill, Autonomy and Patients' Decisions traces the modern concept of autonomy from its historical roots. Charting the changes in notions of autonomy in Beauchamp and Childress's seminal Principles of Biomedical Ethics to provide an overview of how autonomy has been viewed in the field, Merle Spriggs then identifies the four distinct notions of autonomy being referred to in contemporary discussion. The examination of these notions, especially the "descriptive psychological" account, in relation to case studies provides a clear concept of autonomy, compatible with both consequentialist and rights-based theories of ethics. This book provides a clear understanding of patient autonomy and will prove essential reading for health care professionals, bioethicsts, and philosophers.
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