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Pop Goes Korea

Author : Mark James Russell
ISBN : 9781611725421
Genre : Art
File Size : 84.26 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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How Korea became a surprise entertainment and Internet powerhouse: a guide to the innovators, stars, and the emerging new media.
Category: Art

Pop Culture In Asia And Oceania

Author : Jeremy A. Murray
ISBN : 9781440839917
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 43.20 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This ready reference is a comprehensive guide to pop culture in Asia and Oceania, including topics such as top Korean singers, Thailand's sports heroes, and Japanese fashion. • Supports the National Geography Standards by examining cultural mosaics and the globalization of cultural change • Connects popular culture to many disciplines, including anthropology, history, literature, film studies, political science, and sociology • Allows for cross-cultural comparisons between pop culture in the United States and Asia • Focuses on East Asia and South Asia, including China, Japan, Korea, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Pakistan, among other countries • Features a detailed introduction with important contextual information about pop culture in Asia and an extensive chronology
Category: Social Science

K Pop Now

Author : Mark James Russell
ISBN : 9781462914111
Genre : Music
File Size : 30.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"K-Pop Now! […] features one hundred and twenty-eight glossy pages of Korean pop eye-candy." —KpopStarz.com K-Pop Now! takes a fun look at Korea's high-energy pop music, and is written for its growing legions of fans. It features all the famous groups and singers, and takes an insider's look at how they have made it to the top. In 2012, Psy's song and music video "Gangnam Style" suddenly took the world by storm. But K-Pop, the music of Psy's homeland of Korea has been winning fans for years with its infectious melodies and high-energy fun. Featuring incredibly attractive and talented singers and eye-popping visuals, K-Pop is the music of now. Though K-Pop is a relatively young phenomenon in the West, it is rapidly gaining traction and reaching much larger audiences—thanks in large part to social media like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Top K-Pop acts get ten million to thirty million hits for their videos—the Girls Generation single "Gee" has over a hundred million views! In K-Pop Now! you'll find: Profiles of all the current K-Pop artists and their hits A look at Seoul's hippest hot spots and hangouts Interviews with top artists like Kevin from Ze:A and Brian Joo A look at the K-Pop idols of tomorrow You'll meet the biggest record producers, the hosts of the insanely popular "Eat Your Kimchi" website, and K-Pop groups like Big Bang, TVXQ, 2NE1, Girls Generation, HOT, SES, FinKL Busker Busker and The Koxx. The book also includes a guide for fans who plan to visit Seoul to explore K-Pop up close and personal. Join the K-Pop revolution now!
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Globalization And Popular Music In South Korea

Author : Michael Fuhr
ISBN : 9781317556909
Genre : Music
File Size : 62.22 MB
Format : PDF
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This book offers an in-depth study of the globalization of contemporary South Korean idol pop music, or K-Pop, visiting K-Pop and its multiple intersections with political, economic, and cultural formations and transformations. It provides detailed insights into the transformative process in and around the field of Korean pop music since the 1990s, which paved the way for the recent international rise of K-Pop and the Korean Wave. Fuhr examines the conditions and effects of transnational flows, asymmetrical power relations, and the role of the imaginary "other" in K-Pop production and consumption, relating them to the specific aesthetic dimensions and material conditions of K-Pop stars, songs, and videos. Further, the book reveals how K-Pop is deployed for strategies of national identity construction in connection with Korean cultural politics, with transnational music production circuits, and with the transnational mobility of immigrant pop idols. The volume argues that K-Pop is a highly productive cultural arena in which South Korea’s globalizing and nationalizing forces and imaginations coincide, intermingle, and counteract with each other and in which the tension between both of these poles is played out musically, visually, and discursively. This book examines a vibrant example of contemporary popular music from the non-Anglophone world and provides deeper insight into the structure of popular music and the dynamics of cultural globalization through a combined set of ethnographic, musicological, and cultural analysis. Widening the regional scope of Western-dominated popular music studies and enhancing new areas of ethnomusicology, anthropology, and cultural studies, this book will also be of interest to those studying East Asian popular culture, music globalization, and popular music.
Category: Music

The Global Impact Of South Korean Popular Culture

Author : Valentina Marinescu
ISBN : 9780739193389
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 71.30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book presents the reception of Hallyu ("the Korean Wave") and the real and imaginary “maps” of the export of South Korean cultural products around the world. It is an interdisciplinary and multicultural approach to the impact of Hallyu, including chapters on the effects of South Korean culture on countries in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.
Category: Social Science

New Korean Cinema

Author : Darcy Paquet
ISBN : 9780231850124
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 37.64 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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New Korean Cinema charts the dramatic transformation of South Korea's film industry from the democratization movement of the late 1980s to the 2000s new generation of directors. The author considers such issues as government censorship, the market's embrace of Hollywood films, and the social changes which led to the diversification and surprising commercial strength of contemporary Korean films. Directors such as Hong Sang-soo, Kim Ki-duk, Park Chan-wook, and Bong Joon-ho are studied within their historical context together with a range of films including Sopyonje (1993), Peppermint Candy (1999), Oldboy (2003), and The Host (2006).
Category: Performing Arts

K Pop The International Rise Of The Korean Music Industry

Author : JungBong Choi
ISBN : 9781317681793
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 27.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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K-pop, described by Time Magazine in 2012 as "South Korea’s greatest export", has rapidly achieved a large worldwide audience of devoted fans largely through distribution over the Internet. This book examines the phenomenon, and discusses the reasons for its success. It considers the national and transnational conditions that have played a role in K-pop’s ascendancy, and explores how they relate to post-colonial modernisation, post-Cold War politics in East Asia, connections with the Korean diaspora, and the state-initiated campaign to accumulate soft power. As it is particularly concerned with fandom and cultural agency, it analyses fan practices, discourses, and underlying psychologies within their local habitus as well as in expanding topographies of online networks. Overall, the book addresses the question of how far "Asian culture" can be global in a truly meaningful way, and how popular culture from a "marginal" nation has become a global phenomenon.
Category: Social Science

Young Hee And The Pullocho

Author : Mark James Russell
ISBN : 9781462915101
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 71.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Set in Korea, this multicultural YA novel is the riveting story of a magical realm, a little girl, her brother and a daring rescue. So annoying In Young-hee's life everything feels wrong. It seemed like only yesterday that her world was just as it should be. But now her dad is gone, her mom is overextended, and Young-hee is forced to move back to Seoul and not a nice part of Seoul, either. To make matters worse, the girls at her new school are nasty, and her little brother Bum is an insufferable, attention-hogging pain. Then Young-hee stumbles into a magical world, where the fairy stories of her childhood are real and all the frustrations of her everyday life fade away until Bum is kidnapped, and the only way Young-hee can save him is by finding the magical pullocho plant. Soon, she is plunged into an epic quest, encountering dragons and fairies and facing decisions that affect not only Bum, but the fate of an entire world. In Young-hee and the Pullocho, debut novelist Mark James Russell puts a Korean spin on an evergreen fantasy trope, interweaving Korean folktales with the story of a young girl who, without realizing it, is in search of herself. Readers of all ages will want to join Young-hee as she journeys from the dingiest part of Seoul to enchanted lands that prove more beautiful and more dangerous than she ever could have imagined. "
Category: Juvenile Fiction

The Birth Of Korean Cool

Author : Euny Hong
ISBN : 9781471131059
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 56.23 MB
Format : PDF
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How did a really unhip country suddenly become cool? How could a nation that once banned miniskirts, long hair on men and rock 'n' roll come to mass produce pop music and a K-pop star that would break the world record for the most YouTube hits? Who would have predicted that a South Korean company that used to sell fish and fruit (Samsung) would one day give Apple a run for its money? And just how does South Korea plan to use pop culture to beat America at its own game. Welcome to South Korea: The Brand. In The Birth of Korean Cooljournalist Euny Hong uncovers the roots of the 'Korean Wave': a fanaticism for South Korean pop culture that has enabled them to make the rest of the world a captive market for their products by first becoming the world's number one pop culture manufacturer. South Korea's economic development has been nothing short of staggering - leapfrogging from third-world to first-world in just a few years and continuing to grow at a rapid and unprecedented rate - and for the first time The Birth of Korean Coolwill give readers exclusive insight into the inner workings of this extraordinary country; it's past, present and future.
Category: Social Science

K Pop

Author : Korean Culture and Information Service South Korea
ISBN : 9788973751662
Genre : Popular music
File Size : 56.68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In October 2009, the Korean girl group 2NE1’s album To Anyone ranked second after Eminem’s Recovery on the Top Hip Hop Albums chart on iTunes, the largest online music vendor in the United States. At a concert hall in Los Angeles, five hundred Girls’ Generation fans wearing T-shirts that read “Soshified”?“Soshi” is a shortened form of “Sonyeo Shidae,” the Korean name of the girl group?sang the group’s song “Gee” while performing a synchronized dance to the music. The YouTube video of the popular Girls’ Generation song “Gee” had more than 56 million hits as of October 2011. In June 2011, young fans came from all over Europe?the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, and elsewhere?to see Korean idol groups including TVXQ!, Super Junior, SHINee, Girls’ Generation, and f(x) at Le Zenith de Paris in France, a venue where many famous European pop acts have held concerts. In Bangkok, Thai youngsters dreaming of becoming “the next Nichkhun” (a member of boy band 2PM) hold singing and dancing competitions to Korean music every weekend. What do all of these happenings around the world have in common? The answer is “K-Pop.” K-Pop Meets the World K-Pop Makes a Splash in Europe US Starts to Notice K-Pop K-Pop Stars Break Records in Japan K-Pop Triggers New Hallyu in Southeast Asia Why K-Pop? Hybrid Entertainment The Versatility of Korean Stars Globalized Star-Making System Social Media Enables Rapid Spread History of K-Pop Birth of Korean Pop Music Korean War and US Infl uence The First Renaissance Folk Music Represents Youth Culture Superstar Cho Yong-pil and the Ballad Era Seo Taiji & Boys Open New Chapter K-Pop Goes Global The Most Popular K-Pop Artists Idol Pop R&B and Ballads Hip Hop Rock and Indie Epilogue Where Is K-Pop Headed? keyword : K-POP,korean pop music,2NE1,Girls’ Generation,SNSD,Super Junior,SHINee
Category: Popular music