Was Hei T Denken

Author : Martin Heidegger
ISBN : 3150192838
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Eine Begegnung

Author : Milan Kundera
ISBN : 3446235558
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Unterwegs Zur Sprache

Author : Martin Heidegger
ISBN : 3608910859
Genre : Language and languages
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Heideggers Sprachphilosophie gehört, neben der analytischen Beschäftigung mit der Sprache, zum Angelpunkt der Philosophie des 20. Jahrhunderts und beeinflußte vor allem die philosophische Hermeneutik.
Category: Language and languages

Way To Work

Author : Michele R. Reillo
ISBN : 9780985397548
Genre : Education
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Way to Work is a compelling phenomenology that chronicles the extraordinary success of Coach Marian Washington. Against insurmountable odds, Coach Washington exceled on the court, triumphed as a coach and contributed to the enactment of the civil rights law dubbed Title IX. The greatest challenge of Title IX was not in the passage of the law, but in the implementation. Way to Work presents Coach Washington's plight to achieve equality for women in athletics illuminated against historical highlights to define the enormity of her triumph in making Title IX a lifelong reality for all women in sport.
Category: Education

A Non Philosophical Theory Of Nature

Author : A. Smith
ISBN : 9781137331977
Genre : Religion
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Utilizing François Laruelle's "non-philosophical" method, Smith constructs a unified theory of philosophical theology and ecology by challenging environmental philosophy and theology, claiming that and engagement with scientific ecology can radically change the standard metaphysics of nature, as well as ethical problems related to "the natural".
Category: Religion

Silence In Middle Eastern And Western Thought

Author : Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh
ISBN : 9781135021177
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Presenting an engaging reflection on the work of prominent modern Iranian literary artists in exchange with contemporary Continental literary criticism and philosophy, this book tracks the idea of silence – through the prism of poetics, dreaming, movement, and the body – across the textual imaginations of both Western and Middle Eastern authors. Through this comparative nexus, it explores the overriding relevance of silence in modern thought, relating the single concept of "the radical unspoken" to the multiple registers of critical theory and postcolonial writing. In this book, the theoretical works of Georges Bataille, Maurice Blanchot, Gaston Bachelard, Antonin Artaud, and Gilles Deleuze are placed into a charged global dialogue with the literary-poetic writings of Sadeq Hedayat, Ahmad Shamlu, Nima Yushij, Esmail Kho’i, and Forugh Farrokhzad. It also examines a vast spectrum of thematic dimensions including disaster, exhaustion, eternity, wandering, insurrection, counter-history, abandonment, forgetting, masking, innocence, exile, vulnerability, desire, excess, secrecy, formlessness, ecstasy, delirium, and apocalypse. Providing comparative criticism that traces some of the most compelling intersections and divergences between Western and Middle Eastern thought, this book is of interest to academics of modern Persian literature, postcolonial studies, Continental philosophy, and Middle Eastern studies.
Category: Literary Criticism

Work Of Love

Author : Leonard J. DeLorenzo
ISBN : 9780268100964
Genre : Religion
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The saints are good company. They are the heroes of the faith who blazed new and creative paths to holiness; they are the witnesses whose testimonies echo throughout the ages in the memory of the Church. Most Christians, and particularly Catholics, are likely to have their own favorite saints, those who inspire and “speak” to believers as they pray and struggle through the challenges of their own lives. Leonard DeLorenzo’s book addresses the idea of the communion of saints, rather than individual saints, with the conviction that what makes the saints holy and what forms them into a communion is one and the same. Work of Love investigates the issue of communication within the communio sanctorum and the fullness of Christian hope in the face of the meaning—or meaninglessness—of death. In an effort to revitalize a theological topic that for much of Catholic history has been an indelible part of the Catholic imaginary, DeLorenzo invokes the ideas of not only many theological figures (Rahner, Ratzinger, Balathasar, and de Lubac, among others) but also historians, philosophers (notably Heidegger and Nietzsche), and literary figures (Rilke and Dante) to create a rich tableau. By working across several disciplines, DeLorenzo argues for a vigorous renewal in the Christian imagination of the theological concept of the communion of saints. He concludes that the embodied witness of the saints themselves, as well as the liturgical and devotional movements of the Church at prayer, testifies to the central importance of the communion of saints as the eschatological hope and fulfillment of the promises of Christ.
Category: Religion

Russian Irrationalism From Pushkin To Brodsky

Author : Olga Tabachnikova
ISBN : 9781441102584
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Russia, once compared to a giant sphinx, is often considered in the Anglophone world an alien culture, often threatening and always enigmatic. Although recognizably European, Russian culture also has mystical features, including the idiosyncratic phenomenon of Russian irrationalism. Historically, Russian irrationalism has been viewed with caution in the West, where it is often seen as antagonistic to, and subversive of, the rational foundations of Western speculative philosophy. Some of the remarkable achievements of the Russian irrationalist approach, however, especially in the artistic sphere, have been recognized and even admired, though not sufficiently investigated. Bridging the gap between intellectual cultures, Olga Tabachnikova discusses such fundamental irrationalist themes as language and the linguistic underpinning of culture; the power of illusion in national consciousness; the changing relationship between love and morality; the cultural roots of humour, as well as the relevance of various individual writers and philosophers from Pushkin to Brodsky to the construction of Russian irrationalism.
Category: Literary Criticism

Habitations Of The Veil

Author : Rebecka Rutledge Fisher
ISBN : 9781438449319
Genre : Literary Criticism
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A hermeneutical study of metaphor in African American literature. In Habitations of the Veil, Rebecka Rutledge Fisher uses theory implicit in W. E. B. Du Bois’s use of metaphor to draw out and analyze what she sees as a long tradition of philosophical metaphor in African American literature. She demonstrates how Olaudah Equiano, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Zora Neale Hurston, Richard Wright, and Ralph Ellison each use metaphors to develop a critical discourse capable of overcoming the limits of narrative language to convey their lived experiences. Fisher’s philosophical investigations open these texts to consideration on ontological and epistemological levels, in addition to those concerned with literary craft and the politics of black identity.
Category: Literary Criticism

Real Virtuality

Author : Ulrich Gehmann
ISBN : 9783839426081
Genre : Philosophy
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Increasingly, the virtual became reality by a hybridization of the world as we knew it: the process that went on in recent years is one of a technically assisted hybridization of both space and self, the »old« world is becoming virtualized and functionalized to a degree never experienced before. For the first time in human history, we have reached a threshold where we have not only to re-assert but to redefine ourselves, as regards our fundamental terms of understanding what world means for us, our base of existence and now an assemblage of mixed realities; and connected, what being human means.
Category: Philosophy