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Physics In The Arts

Author : P.U.P.A. Gilbert
ISBN : 9780123918895
Genre : Science
File Size : 20.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Physics in the Arts is a concise, 328-page four-color entry in the Complementary Science Series, designed for science enthusiasts and liberal arts students requiring or desiring a well-developed discussion of physical phenomena, particularly with regard to sound and light. This book offers an alternative route to science literacy for those interested in the arts, music and photography. The material covered is at a level appropriate for self-study or as a complementary textbook. A typical course on sound and light for non-science majors covers the nature of sound and sound perception as well as important concepts and topics including light and light waves, reflection and refraction; lenses; the eye and the ear; photography; color and color vision; and additive color mixing; subtractive color mixing. There are also discussions on color generating mechanisms; periodic oscillations; simple harmonic motion; damped oscillations and resonance; vibration of strings; Fourier analysis; musical scales; and musical instruments. Problems with solutions are presented. For teaching purposes, all figures in the book as well as hints on how to build labs are provided at This book will be helpful to non-science students in courses related to the study of physics with light and sound. Offers an alternative route to science literacy for those interested in the arts, music and photography Popular science book with wide readership beyond the classroom at an accessible level Material covered at a level appropriate for self-study or as a complementary textbook For teaching purposes, all figures in the book as well as hints on how to build labs (including seven new labs in March 2012!)
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Journal Of Science

Author :
ISBN : UIUC:30112051214077
Genre : Science
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One Culture

Author : George Lewis Levine
ISBN : 0299113043
Genre : Literary Criticism
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In this volume, the first in the series Science and Literature, editor George Levin has brought together the contributions of historians, critics, and philosophers of science to explore these relationships. From the preface: "The interaction between science and literature has been a subject of growing concern in criticism; the languages of science have increasingly found their way into literature and into discussions of it. And the traditional assumptions that literary people care nothing about science, scientists care nothing about literature have been belied throughout the twentieth century but particularly in recent years. There remain, however, large gaps of knowledge and of misunderstanding that make fruitful interchange and informed discussion difficult to achieve. And while this series will be aimed primarily at a literary audience, we are hoping to be of use as well to historians and philosophers of science at a level high enough to ensure the respect if not the agreement of the scientific community. While the series will not take a 'position' in relation to controverted questions and will leave the directions of the arguments to the highly qualified and independent scholars and critics it seeks, it does grow from three assumptions, first, that science and literature are two alternative but related expressions of a culture's values, assumptions, and intellectual frameworks; second, that understanding science in its relation to culture and literature requires some understanding not only of its own internal processes, but of the pressures upon it exercised by social, political aesthetic, psychological, and biographical forces; third, that the idea of 'influence' of one upon the other must work both ways -- it is not only science that influences literature, but literature that influences science. These assumptions, of course, are not uncontroversial, and they impinge on such large issues as the question of 'representation' in literature and entail corollaries --about such matters as the 'rationality' of science, or the degree to which it actually describes reality--that are at the center of contemporary battles within the philosophy of science. We hope that this series will throw light on these matters. The subject is enormous, its importance inescapable. Vague as the enterprise may occasionally seem when viewed in the abstract, its significances are clear when we get down to cases, as the authors of the several essays in this volume do. The range of questions they address intimates the ambitions of the series."
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Audio Culture Revised Edition

Author : Christoph Cox
ISBN : 9781501318375
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 56.26 MB
Format : PDF
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The groundbreaking Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music (Continuum; September 2004; paperback original) maps the aural and discursive terrain of vanguard music today. Rather than offering a history of contemporary music, Audio Culture traces the genealogy of current musical practices and theoretical concerns, drawing lines of connection between recent musical production and earlier moments of sonic experimentation. It aims to foreground the various rewirings of musical composition and performance that have taken place in the past few decades and to provide a critical and theoretical language for this new audio culture. This new and expanded edition of the Audio Culture contains twenty-five additional essays, including four newly-commissioned pieces. Taken as a whole, the book explores the interconnections among such forms as minimalism, indeterminacy, musique concrète, free improvisation, experimental music, avant-rock, dub reggae, ambient music, hip hop, and techno via writings by philosophers, cultural theorists, and composers. Instead of focusing on some "crossover" between "high art" and "popular culture," Audio Culture takes all these musics as experimental practices on par with, and linked to, one another. While cultural studies has tended to look at music (primarily popular music) from a sociological perspective, the concern here is philosophical, musical, and historical. Audio Culture includes writing by some of the most important musical thinkers of the past half-century, among them John Cage, Brian Eno, Ornette Coleman, Pauline Oliveros, Maryanne Amacher, Glenn Gould, Umberto Eco, Jacques Attali, Simon Reynolds, Eliane Radigue, David Toop, John Zorn, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and many others. Each essay has its own short introduction, helping the reader to place the essay within musical, historical, and conceptual contexts, and the volume concludes with a glossary, a timeline, and an extensive discography.
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Old And New Questions In Physics Cosmology Philosophy And Theoretical Biology

Author : Alwyn Van der Merwe
ISBN : 9781468488302
Genre : Science
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Simply to say that this is a collection of essays in honor of the late Wolfgang Yourgrau (1908-1979) is to explain, at least for-the obviously many-"insiders," the unusually wide-ranging title of the present volume. In a Foreword to the Proceedings of the First International Colloquium (focusing on logic, physical reality, and history), held at the University of Denver in May of 1966 under their leadership, Wolfgang Y ourgrau and Allen Breck wrote, in an oblique reference to C. P. Snow: "Indeed there are not two or three or four cultures: there is only one culture; our generation has lost its awareness of this . . . . Historians, logicians, physicists-all are banded in one common enterprise, namely in their des ire to weave an enlightened fabric of human knowledge. " Augment, if you will, the foregoing categories of scholars with biologists, philos ophers, cosmologists, and theologians-all of whom, in addition to historians, Wolf gang Yourgrau, by dint of his inextinguishable enthusiasm and charismatic qualities, assembled in Denver for the Second and Third International Colloquia (in 1967 and 1974, respectively)-and a few other besides, and one arrives at a statement of the credo wh ich Y ourgrau not only professed, but consistently exemplified throughout his adult life.
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Sixth International Conference Of The Balkan Physical Union

Author : Serkant Ali Cetin
ISBN : UCSD:31822036069946
Genre : Science
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The BPU-6 Conference belongs to a series of triennial general physics conferences organized under the auspices of the Balkan Physical Union (BPU). The previous conferences were organized in Thessaloniki, Greece (1991), Izmir, Turkey (1994), Cluj-Napoca, Romania (1997), Veliko Trnovo, Bulgaria (2000), and Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia and Montenegro (2003). The BPU conferences are usually attended by about 80 scientists, educators and engineers involved in research, education and applications of physics. The Conference is open to all scientists from the Balkan countries working in physics and related areas. Participants from outside the Balkans are also welcome. Participation of young physicists and students is highly appreciated. The BPU-6 Conference covers the most important results and trends in the following fields of physics: Nuclear physics and nuclear energy; astronomy and astrophysics; gravitation and cosmology; atomic and molecular physics; high energy physics; condensed matter physics and statistical physics; optics and lasers; plasma and gas-discharge physics; theoretical and mathematical physics; computational physics; meteorology and geophysics; environmental physics; alternative sources of energy; econophysics; applied physics; biophysics and medical physics; physics education; history of philosophy of physics; meteorology and instrumentation.
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