Philosophy As A Way Of Life

Author : Pierre Hadot
ISBN : 0631180338
Genre : Philosophy
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This book presents a history of spiritual exercises from Socrates to early Christianity, an account of their decline in modern philosophy, and a discussion of the different conceptions of philosophy that have accompanied the trajectory and fate of the theory and practice of spiritual exercises. Hadot's book demonstrates the extent to which philosophy has been, and still is, above all else a way of seeing and of being in the world.
Category: Philosophy

Der Mensch Und Seine Seele

Author : Arnulf Scheliha
ISBN : 9783110468311
Genre : Religion
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Friedrich Schleiermachers Verständnis des Menschlichen verbindet eine Vielzahl von Aspekten. Sie betreffen sowohl die sozialen Bedingungen des Lebens etwa durch Politik und Ökonomie als auch die individuellen Ausprägungen von Charakter und Herz, von Geschmack und Stilempfinden. Zwischen allem walten Wechselbezüge. Die Beiträge dieses Bandes, die die Vorträge des 6. Kongresses der Internationalen Schleiermacher-Gesellschaft aus dem Jahr 2015 dokumentieren, erkunden insbesondere die subjektiven Dimensionen des individuellen Lebens. Hierfür steht in symbolischer Prägnanz der Begriff der Seele. Er markiert die Innenseite in der Dynamik von Darstellung und kommunikativem Austausch, die für die Entwicklung je eigener Prägungen unerlässlich ist. Im Fokus der Beiträge steht das breite Spektrum von Selbstverhältnissen in sozialen Prozessen, die für die Sphären Bildung und Erziehung, Frömmigkeit und Kirche sowie Literatur und Ästhetik im interdisziplinären Austausch erschlossen und aufeinander bezogen werden.
Category: Religion

Augustine And Roman Virtue

Author : Brian Harding
ISBN : 9781441181848
Genre : Philosophy
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Augustine and Roman Virtue seeks to correct what the author sees as a fundamental misapprehension in medieval thought, a misapprehension that fuels further problems and misunderstandings in the historiography of philosophy. This misapprehension is the assumption that the development of certain themes associated with medieval philosophy is due, primarily if not exclusively, to extra-philosophical religious commitments rather than philosophical argumentation, referred to here as the ‘sacralization thesis'. Brian Harding explores this problem through a detailed reading of Augustine's City of God as understood in a Latin context, that is, in dialogue with Latin writers such as Cicero, Livy, Sallust and Seneca. The book seeks to revise a common reading of Augustine's critique of ancient virtue by focusing on that dialogue, while showing that his attitude towards those authors is more sympathetic, and more critical, than one might expect. Harding argues that the criticisms rest on sympathy and that Augustine's critique of ancient virtue thinks through and develops certain trends noticeable in the major figures of Latin philosophy.
Category: Philosophy

Pursuing Eudaimonia

Author : Brendan Cook
ISBN : 9781443846752
Genre : History
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This book offers an original account of an ancient, alternative form of ‘negative’ reason which stands in antithesis to its modern instrumental form which has dominated thinking about the pursuit of human development since the Enlightenment. It advances arguments for the recovery of such reason as a spiritual and therapeutic way of life and demonstrates that it is impossible to fully appreciate the Christian apophatic tradition without investigating the intricacies of its philosophical heritage. The aim of this discussion is the retrieval and rediscovery of invaluable insights from ancient philosophy in the universal pursuit of happiness. The book’s re-appropriation of the ‘negative’ philosophical and theological articulation of the pursuit of eudaimonia offers to redirect those living in the twenty-first century towards the significance of the Christian apophatic ascent and in so doing to assist them in uncapping the wellsprings of human passion, desire and happiness.
Category: History

The Philosophy Of Foucault

Author : Todd May
ISBN : 9781317493853
Genre : Philosophy
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Michel Foucault's historical and philosophical investigations have gone through many phases: the archaeological, the genealogical, and the ethical among them. What remains constant, however, is the question that motivates them: who are we? Todd May follows Foucault's itinerary from his early history of madness to his posthumously published College de France lectures and shows how the question of who we are shifts and changes but remains constantly at or just below the surface of his writings. By approaching Foucault's work in this way, May is able to offer readers an engaging and illuminating way to understand Foucault. Each of Foucault's key works - "Madness and Civilization," "The Archaeology of Knowledge," "The Order of Things," "Discipline and Punish" and the multi-volume "History of Sexuality" - are examined in detail and situated in an historical context that makes effective use of comparisons with other thinkers such as Freud, Nietzsche and Sartre. Throughout this book May strikes a balance between sympathetic presentation and criticism of Foucault's ideas and in so doing exposes Foucault's contributions of lasting value. "The Philosophy of Foucault" is an accessible and stimulating introduction to one of the most popular and influential thinkers of recent years and will be welcomed by students studying Foucault as part of politics, sociology, history and philosophy courses.
Category: Philosophy

Philosophie Als Lebensform

Author : Pierre Hadot
ISBN : 3928262025
Genre : Philosophy, Ancient
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Category: Philosophy, Ancient

Philosophy As Therapeia

Author : Clare Carlisle
ISBN : 0521165156
Genre : Philosophy
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`Empty are the words of that philosopher who offers therapy for no human suffering. For just as there is no use in medical expertise if it does not give therapy for bodily diseases, so too there is no use in philosophy if it does not expel the suffering of the soul.' The philosopher Epicurus gave famous voice to a conception of philosophy as a cure or remedy for the maladies of the human soul. What has not until now received attention is just how prominent an idea this has been across a whole spectrum of philosophical tradition. A medical analogy features strongly in Buddhist conceptions of philosophical practice, and the idea that philosophy should be therapeutic, indeed that this is philosophy's first function, was indeed widely spread in several other, non-Buddhist, Indian schools. In the West, too, this conception of philosophy has displayed a great resilience, persisting long past the Hellenistic age. It can and will be argued that medieval scholasticism, a mode of philosophizing now so often and often so naively criticised, should be understood as therapeutic in intent. If that is right it is important, because it allows us to see continuities between ancient, medieval and early modern thought where too often discontinuities alone are emphasised. For Spinoza too thought of philosophy as therapeutic, and after him Nietzsche and James and Wittgenstein. So the conception of philosophy as therapeia allows for, and even necessitates, a new reading of the history of philosophy, one in which deep continuities come into vision which have been obscured, a reading which also contradicts those who have wanted to maintain that philosophy is a peculiarly European cultural product, and instead affirms its identity as a global intellectual practice.
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Die Innere Burg

Author : Pierre Hadot
ISBN : 3821806427
Genre :
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Science And Virtue

Author : Professor Louis Caruana
ISBN : 9781409485094
Genre : Philosophy
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Charting new territory in the interface between science and ethics, Science and Virtue is a study of how the scientific mentality can affect the building of character, or the attainment of virtue by the individual. Drawing on inspiration from virtue-ethics and virtue-epistemology, Caruana argues that science is not just a system of knowledge but also an important factor determining a way of life. This book goes beyond the normal strategy evident in the science-ethics realm of examining specific ethical dilemmas posed by scientific innovations. Here Caruana deals with more fundamental issues, uncovering morally significant tendencies within the very core of the scientific mentality and explaining how science, its method, history and explanatory power can shape a conception of the good life.
Category: Philosophy