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Phenomenology Of Spirit

Author : Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
ISBN : 8120814738
Genre : Consciousness
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wide criticism both from Western and Eastern scholars.
Category: Consciousness

Hegel S Phenomenology Of Spirit

Author : Martin Heidegger
ISBN : 0253209102
Genre : Philosophy
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The text of Martin Heidegger's 1930-1931 lecture course on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit contains some of Heidegger's most crucial statements about temporality, ontological difference and dialectic, and being and time in Hegel. Within the context of Heidegger's project of reinterpreting Western thought through its central figures, Heidegger takes up a fundamental concern of Being and Time, "a dismantling of the history of ontology with the problematic of temporality as a clue." He shows that temporality is centrally involved in the movement of thinking called phenomenology of spirit.
Category: Philosophy

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel The Phenomenology Of Spirit

Author : Georg Wilhelm Fredrich Hegel
ISBN : 9781108660297
Genre : Philosophy
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Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit (1807) is one of the most influential texts in the history of modern philosophy. In it, Hegel proposed an arresting and novel picture of the relation of mind to world and of people to each other. Like Kant before him, Hegel offered up a systematic account of the nature of knowledge, the influence of society and history on claims to knowledge, and the social character of human agency itself. A bold new understanding of what, after Hegel, came to be called 'subjectivity' arose from this work, and it was instrumental in the formation of later philosophies, such as existentialism, Marxism, and American pragmatism, each of which reacted to Hegel's radical claims in different ways. This edition offers a new translation, an introduction, and glossaries to assist readers' understanding of this central text, and will be essential for scholars and students of Hegel.
Category: Philosophy

Hegel S Phenomenology Of Spirit

Author : Alfred Denker
ISBN : UOM:39015058134407
Genre : Philosophy
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Hegel's first major philosophical work is one of philosophy's true masterpieces. Despite its notorious difficulty, it is one of the most influential philosophical works ever written. The Phenomenology is not only the first presentation of Hegel's system; it also is an account of the historical development of Geist (spirit or mind) from Greek tragedy to the triumph of philosophy as science in Hegel's own time. This volume of essays offers an interpretation of the spirit of Hegel's Phenomenology as well as a concise reading of the main text. It discusses also the historical and philosophical background of Hegel's main work and takes note of its reception. Since the essays were written by philosophers from different countries—both established Hegel scholars and promising young researchers—this volume presents the reader with an international overview of recent Hegel research. The main goal of the collection is to offer students a hermeneutical tool for the reading of Hegel's masterpiece while opening up new fields of research for those who know Hegel and German philosophy well. The contributors are Christoph Asmuth, Klaus Brinkmann, Paul Cobben, Alfred Denker, Richard Findler, Jeffery Kinlaw, Angelica Nuzzo, Tom Rockmore, Dale Snow, Mike Vater, Ludovicus De Vos, Robert Williams, and Holger Zaborowski.
Category: Philosophy

Hegel S Phenomenology Of Spirit

Author : Dean Moyar
ISBN : 9781139472364
Genre : Philosophy
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Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit, first published in 1807, is a work with few equals in systematic integrity, philosophical originality and historical influence. This collection of essays, contributed by leading Hegel scholars, examines all aspects of the work, from its argumentative strategies to its continuing relevance to philosophical debates. The collection combines close analysis with wide-ranging coverage of the text, and also traces connections with debates extending beyond Hegel scholarship, including issues in the philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophy of action, ethics, and philosophy of religion. In showing clearly that we have not yet exhausted the Phenomenology's insights, it demonstrates the need for contemporary philosophers to engage with Hegel.
Category: Philosophy

The Self And Its Body In Hegel S Phenomenology Of Spirit

Author : John Russon
ISBN : 0802084826
Genre : Philosophy
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A major criticism of Hegel's philosophy is that it fails to comprehend the experience of the body. In this book, John Russon shows that there is in fact a philosophy of embodiment implicit in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit. Russon argues that Hegel has not only taken account of the body, but has done so in a way that integrates both modern work on embodiment and the approach to the body found in ancient Greek philosophy. Although Russon approaches Hegel's Phenomenology from a contemporary standpoint, he places both this standpoint and Hegel's work within a classical tradition. Using the Aristotelian terms of 'nature' and 'habit,' Russon refers to the classical distinction between biological nature and a cultural 'second nature.' It is this second nature that constitutes, in Russon's reading of Hegel, the true embodiment of human intersubjectivity. The development of spirit, as mapped out by Hegel, is interpreted here as a process by which the self establishes for itself an embodiment in a set of social and political institutions in which it can recognize and satisfy its rational needs. Russon concludes by arguing that self-expression and self-interpretation are the ultimate needs of the human spirit, and that it is the degree to which these needs are satisfied that is the ultimate measure of the adequacy of the institutions that embody human life. This link with classicism - in itself a serious contribution to the history of philosophy -provides an excellent point of access into the Hegelian system. Russon's work, which will prove interesting reading for any Hegel scholar, provides a solid and reliable introduction to the study of Hegel.
Category: Philosophy

Hegel And The Other

Author : Philip J. Kain
ISBN : 0791483134
Genre : Philosophy
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A new, highly accessible commentary on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit.
Category: Philosophy

Hegel S Phenomenology Of Spirit

Author : Werner Marx
ISBN : 0226509230
Genre : Philosophy
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Hegel's classic Phenomenology of Spirit is considered by many to be the most difficult text in all of philosophical literature. In interpreting the work, scholars have often used the Phenomenology to justify the ideology that has tempered their approach to it, whether existential, ontological, or, particularly, Marxist. Werner Marx deftly avoids this trap of misinterpretation by rendering lucid the objectives that Hegel delineates in the Preface and Introduction and using these to examine the whole of the Phenomenology. Marx considers selected materials from Hegel's text in order both to clarify Hegel's own view of it and to set the stage for an examination of post-Hegelian philosophy. The primary focus of Marx's book is on the account. Hegel gives of the phenomenological journey from natural consciousness to philosophical wisdom (or absolute knowledge, as Hegel calls it). In showing that Hegel's many statements concerning consciousness 'finding itself' or 'knowing itself' in its world can be understood as discovering the rationality of the conditioning world, Marx offers a solution to several sets of interrelated problems that have troubled students of Hegel. His book contains valuable analyses of the relation between Hegel's thought and that of Descartes and Kant as well as that of Karl Marx, and it also sheds considerable light on the question of the internal unity or coherence of the Phenomenology.
Category: Philosophy

The Routledge Guidebook To Hegel S Phenomenology Of Spirit

Author : Robert Stern
ISBN : 9781136205354
Genre : Philosophy
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The Phenomenology of Spirit is arguably Hegel’s most influential and important work, and is considered to be essential in understanding Hegel’s philosophical system and his contribution to western philosophy. The Routledge Guidebook to Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit introduces the major themes in Hegel’s great book and aids the reader in understanding this key work, examining: The context of Hegel’s thought and the background to his writing Each separate part of the text in relation to its goals, meaning and significance The reception the book has received since its publication The relevance of Hegel’s ideas to modern philosophy With a helpful introductory overview of the text, end of chapter summaries and further reading included throughout, this text is essential reading for all students of philosophy, and all those wishing to get to grips with Hegel’s contribution to our intellectual world.
Category: Philosophy

The Phenomenology Of Spirit Reader

Author : Jon Bartley Stewart
ISBN : 0791435350
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 35.29 MB
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The most complete collection of essays on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit available in any language, with essays by distinguished international Hegel scholars.
Category: Philosophy