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Der Arme Wei E

Author : Sherwood Anderson
ISBN : OCLC:1014584095
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Author : Mende Nazer
ISBN : 9783426426609
Genre : Social Science
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„Als Kind hatte ich nicht einen Tag ohne Liebe und Zuwendung erlebt. Doch dann, nach all den Jahren, hatte Salma mich komplett zerstört, jedes Gefühl für mein eigenes Selbst. Ich glaubte, dass ich ihre Sklavin war und sie meine Herrin. Ich glaubte an ihre absolute Kontrolle über mich. Ich glaubte, sie hätte die Macht über Leben und Tod.“ Man nannte sie „yebit“ - das arabische Wort für jemand, der es nicht wert ist, einen Namen zu tragen. Sie schlief eingesperrt in einem Verschlag, sie arbeitete Tag und Nacht, sie wurde geschlagen und bekam keinen Pfennig Lohn. Und das Schlimmste: Sie durfte nicht einen Schritt nach draußen tun... Dies ist die Geschichte der jungen Nubafrau Mende Nazer, die nicht etwa vor 200 Jahren spielt, sondern heute, im 21. Jahrhundert. Mendes Geschichte ist durchaus kein Einzelfall. Und sie endet nicht im tiefen Afrika, sondern bei unseren Nachbarn in Europa: Denn am Tiefpunkt einer jahrelangen erniedrigenden Sklavenexistenz in Khartoum wird Mende nach England verschickt - als Sklavin der sudanesischen Botschafterfamilie in London... “Mit ihrer Geschichte hat Mende die Qualen all unserer afrikanischen Schwestern sichtbar gemacht und ihnen dringend notwendige Aufmerksamkeit verschafft. Und bei allem, was Mende durchgemacht hat, sind ihre Kraft und ihre Schönheit ungebrochen.“ Waris Dirie
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Usa S Dstaaten

Author : Axel Pinck
ISBN : 9783770177363
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An Empire For Slavery

Author : Randolph B. Campbell
ISBN : 9780807161715
Genre : History
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Because Texas emerged from the western frontier relatively late in the formation of the antebellum nation, it is frequently and incorrectly perceived as fundamentally western in its political and social orientation. In fact, most of the settlers of this region were emigrants from the South, and many of these people brought with them their slaves and all aspects of slavery as it had matured in their natives states. In An Empire for Slavery, Randolph B. Campbell examines slavery in the antebellum South's newest state and reveals how central slavery was to Texas history. The "peculiar institution" was perhaps the most important factor in determining the economic development and ideological orientation of the state in the years leading to the Civil War. Campbell points out that although the area of slaveholding in Texas covered only two-fifths of the state by 1860, this area alone was as large as Alabama and Mississippi combined and constituted "a virtual empire for slavery." By the outbreak of the Civil War, the proportion of slaveholders and slaves in Texas was comparable to that of Virginia, the oldest slaveholding state in the Union. Utilizing records such as federal censuses, wills and other probate papers, and the WPA slave narratives, Campbell raises a number of questions concerning the nature of slavery in Texas. What factors encouraged the adoption of slavery? Under what conditions did the Texas slaves exist? What was the societal impact of slavery in this new state? How did the Civil War itself affect slavery in the state? Campbell also reviews the proslavery argument put forward by many early Texas statesmen. What emerges is a picture of a state whose political future was sen as dependent upon the continuance of slavery and whose role in the Civil War was determined by this choice. As a result of this study, Texas is revealed as a state not unlike those of the older South. An Empire for Slavery is the first examination of the "peculiar institution" as it existed in Texas. Historians and general readers alike will find it an essential examination of the region, the period, and the phenomenon of slavery.
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America In 1857

Author : Kenneth M. Stampp
ISBN : 9780199729036
Genre : History
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It was a year packed with unsettling events. The Panic of 1857 closed every bank in New York City, ruined thousands of businesses, and caused widespread unemployment among industrial workers. The Mormons in Utah Territory threatened rebellion when federal troops approached with a non-Mormon governor to replace Brigham Young. The Supreme Court outraged northern Republicans and abolitionists with the Dred Scott decision ("a breathtaking example of judicial activism"). And when a proslavery minority in Kansas Territory tried to foist a proslavery constitution on a large antislavery majority, President Buchanan reneged on a crucial commitment and supported the minority, a disastrous miscalculation which ultimately split the Democratic party in two. In America in 1857, eminent American historian Kenneth Stampp offers a sweeping narrative of this eventful year, covering all the major crises while providing readers with a vivid portrait of America at mid-century. Stampp gives us a fascinating account of the attempt by William Walker and his band of filibusters to conquer Nicaragua and make it a slave state, of crime and corruption, and of street riots by urban gangs such as New York's Dead Rabbits and Bowery Boys and Baltimore's Plug Uglies and Blood Tubs. But the focus continually returns to Kansas. He examines the outrageous political frauds perpetrated by proslavery Kansans, Buchanan's calamitous response and Stephen Douglas's break with the President (a rare event in American politics, a major party leader repudiating the president he helped elect), and the whirl of congressional votes and dramatic debates that led to a settlement humiliating to Buchanan--and devastating to the Democrats. 1857 marked a turning point, at which sectional conflict spun out of control and the country moved rapidly toward the final violent resolution in the Civil War. Stampp's intensely focused look at this pivotal year illuminates the forces at work and the mood of the nation as it plummeted toward disaster.
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Peculiar Institution

Author : David Garland
ISBN : 9780674058484
Genre : History
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Why does the United States, alone among Western democracies, still have the death penalty? It's not a new question, but David Garland provides fresh answers from a multilayered analysis...The title hints at the most provocative part of Garland's answer. In American history, the "peculiar institution" is slavery. Anyone who thinks its vestiges were wiped out by the Emancipation Proclamation or civil rights laws should read this book and think again.
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