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Particle Size Measurements

Author : Henk G. Merkus
ISBN : 9781402090165
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Following my graduation in physical organic chemistry at the University of Amst- dam, I started to work at the Royal Dutch Shell Laboratories in Amsterdam. My first assignment was research in the field of detergents and industrial chemicals. It was followed by development work on thermal wax cracking for production of C – C 2 14 olefins and on acid-catalyzed synthesis of carboxylic acids from C – C olefins. 3 6 Then, I made a significant change to analytical chemistry, first at Shell’s process development department and later in the chemical engineering department of Delft University of Technology. In both departments, there was a large variety of analy- cal techniques and development of new methods for automated analysis of small process streams. It was the time that gas chromatography conquered the world. In this field, a firm basis was given by Henk Boer, Arie Kwantes and Frits Zuiderweg at Shell Research Laboratories in Amsterdam, both for packed and for capillary c- umns. The potential of gas chromatography was huge and, therefore, also in Delft, its use increased enormously. Moreover, the growth of this technique was facilitated significantly by the rapidly developing electronics industry. It not only led to digital peak integrators and personal computers but also enabled complex measurement techniques. In addition, I became involved in surface area and porosity characteri- tion of catalysts and adsorbents, on which topic the research had been initiated by Prof. J. H. de Boer.
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Particle Size Measurement

Author : Terence Allen
ISBN : 0412753308
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This is the fifth edition of the highly successful work first published in 1968, comprising two definitive volumes on particle characterisation. The first volume is devoted to sampling and particle size measurement, while surface area and pore size determination are reviewed in volume 2. Particle size and characterisation are central to understanding powder properties and behaviour. This book describes numerous potential measuring devices, how they operate and their advantages and disadvantages. It comprise a fully comprehensive treatise on the wide range of available equipment with an extensive literature survey, and a list of manufacturers and suppliers. The author's blend of academic and industrial experience results in a readable technical book with information on how to analyse, present, and extract useful information from data. This is an essential reference book for both industrial and academic research workers in a variety of areas including: pharmaceuticals, food science, pollution analysis and control, electronic materials, agricultural products, polymers, pigments and chemicals.
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Particle Characterization Light Scattering Methods

Author : Renliang Xu
ISBN : 9780306471247
Genre : Science
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Particle characterization is an important component in product research and development, manufacture, and quality control of particulate materials and an important tool in the frontier of sciences, such as in biotechnology and nanotechnology. This book systematically describes one major branch of modern particle characterization technology - the light scattering methods. This is the first monograph in particle science and technology covering the principles, instrumentation, data interpretation, applications, and latest experimental development in laser diffraction, optical particle counting, photon correlation spectroscopy, and electrophoretic light scattering. In addition, a summary of all major particle sizing and other characterization methods, basic statistics and sample preparation techniques used in particle characterization, as well as almost 500 latest references are provided. The book is a must for industrial users of light scattering techniques characterizing a variety of particulate systems and for undergraduate or graduate students who want to learn how to use light scattering to study particular materials, in chemical engineering, material sciences, physical chemistry and other related fields.
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Particle Technology And Engineering

Author : Jonathan P.K. Seville
ISBN : 9780080983448
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Particle Technology and Engineering presents the basic knowledge and fundamental concepts that are needed by engineers dealing with particles and powders. The book provides a comprehensive reference and introduction to the topic, ranging from single particle characterization to bulk powder properties, from particle-particle interaction to particle-fluid interaction, from fundamental mechanics to advanced computational mechanics for particle and powder systems. The content focuses on fundamental concepts, mechanistic analysis and computational approaches. The first six chapters present basic information on properties of single particles and powder systems and their characterisation (covering the fundamental characteristics of bulk solids (powders) and building an understanding of density, surface area, porosity, and flow), as well as particle-fluid interactions, gas-solid and liquid-solid systems, with applications in fluidization and pneumatic conveying. The last four chapters have an emphasis on the mechanics of particle and powder systems, including the mechanical behaviour of powder systems during storage and flow, contact mechanics of particles, discrete element methods for modelling particle systems, and finite element methods for analysing powder systems. This thorough guide is beneficial to undergraduates in chemical and other types of engineering, to chemical and process engineers in industry, and early stage researchers. It also provides a reference to experienced researchers on mathematical and mechanistic analysis of particulate systems, and on advanced computational methods. Provides a simple introduction to core topics in particle technology: characterisation of particles and powders: interaction between particles, gases and liquids; and some useful examples of gas-solid and liquid-solid systems Introduces the principles and applications of two useful computational approaches: discrete element modelling and finite element modelling Enables engineers to build their knowledge and skills and to enhance their mechanistic understanding of particulate systems
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Production Handling And Characterization Of Particulate Materials

Author : Henk G. Merkus
ISBN : 9783319209494
Genre : Science
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This edited volume presents most techniques and methods that have been developed by material scientists, chemists, chemical engineers and physicists for the commercial production of particulate materials, ranging from the millimeter to the nanometer scale. The scope includes the physical and chemical background, experimental optimization of equipment and procedures, as well as an outlook on future methods. The books addresses issues of industrial importance such as specifications, control parameter(s), control strategy, process models, energy consumption and discusses the various techniques in relation to potential applications. In addition to the production processes, all major unit operations and characterization methods are described in this book. It differs from other books which are devoted to a single technique or a single material. Contributors to this book are acknowledged experts in their field. The aim of the book is to facilitate comparison of the different unit operations leading to optimum equipment choices for the production, handling and storage of particulate materials. An advantage of this approach is that unit operations that are common in one field of application are made accessible to other fields. The overall focus is on industrial application and the book includes some concrete examples. The book is an essential resource for students or researchers who work in collaboration with manufacturing industries or who are planning to make the switch from academia to industry.
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Particle Size Analysis

Author : I. Claus Bernhardt
ISBN : 9789401112383
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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teacher Professor Ernst-Joachim Ivers to whom I still owe many insights 20 years after the end of his working life. This English edition is not an unedited translation of the German edition of 1990. The text has been substantially revised in some chapters, taking into account the literature published in the mean time. I wish to thank Dr.-Ing. H. Finken, Freiberg, who has prepared the translation from German into English with deep scientific understanding and in close contact with the author. I also wish to express my gratitude to Chapman & Hall for their support to this project without which the English edition could not have been published. Dr.-Ing. habil. C. Bernhardt Freiberg 1 Position, tasks and structure of particle size analysis Today the concept of particle size analysis is that of a special field of particle measurement technology, which in turn is part of particulate technology. This classification has developed over the last 20 years; it is the result of a scientific integration process taking place in many industrialized countries of the world. In recent years, the meaning and mutual connection of the related concepts as well as the tasks of the scientific disciplines designated by them have been the subject of intensive discussion which, however, has not led to a generally accepted terminology.
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Suspensions Of Colloidal Particles And Aggregates

Author : Frank Babick
ISBN : 9783319306636
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This book addresses the properties of particles in colloidal suspensions. It has a focus on particle aggregates and the dependency of their physical behaviour on morphological parameters. For this purpose, relevant theories and methodological tools are reviewed and applied to selected examples. The book is divided into four main chapters. The first of them introduces important measurement techniques for the determination of particle size and interfacial properties in colloidal suspensions. A further chapter is devoted to the physico-chemical properties of colloidal particles—highlighting the interfacial phenomena and the corresponding interactions between particles. The book’s central chapter examines the structure-property relations of colloidal aggregates. This comprises concepts to quantify size and structure of aggregates, models and numerical tools for calculating the (light) scattering and hydrodynamic properties of aggregates, and a discussion on van-der-Waals and double layer interactions between aggregates. It is illustrated how such knowledge may significantly enhance the characterisation of colloidal suspensions. The final part of the book refers to the information, ideas and concepts already presented in order to address technical aspects of the preparation of colloidal suspensions—in particular the performance of relevant dispersion techniques and the stability of colloidal suspensions.
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World Congress On Particle Technology 3

Author : Conference Proceedings
ISBN : 0852954018
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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A world conference held in this area every four years, with 1998 being the third. IChemE publishes the proceedings, and this time they are presented in CD-ROM format. Amongst the plenary contributors is Sir Harold Kroto on Buckminsterfullerenes.
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Introduction To Particle Technology

Author : Martin J. Rhodes
ISBN : 9781118681541
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 44.43 MB
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Particle technology is a term used to refer to the science and technology related to the handling and processing of particles and powders. The production of particulate materials, with controlled properties tailored to subsequent processing and applications, is of major interest to a wide range of industries, including chemical and process, food, pharmaceuticals, minerals and metals companies and the handling of particles in gas and liquid solutions is a key technological step in chemical engineering. This textbook provides an excellent introduction to particle technology with worked examples and exercises. Based on feedback from students and practitioners worldwide, it has been newly edited and contains new chapters on slurry transport, colloids and fine particles, size enlargement and the health effects of fine powders. Topics covered include: Characterization (Size Analysis) Processing (Granulation, Fluidization) Particle Formation (Granulation, Size Reduction) Storage and Transport (Hopper Design, Pneumatic Conveying, Standpipes, Slurry Flow) Separation (Filtration, Settling, Cyclones) Safety (Fire and Explosion Hazards, Health Hazards) Engineering the Properties of Particulate Systems (Colloids, Respirable Drugs, Slurry Rheology) This book is essential reading for undergraduate students of chemical engineering on particle technology courses. It is also valuable supplementary reading for students in other branches of engineering, applied chemistry, physics, pharmaceutics, mineral processing and metallurgy. Practitioners in industries in which powders are handled and processed may find it a useful starting point for gaining an understanding of the behavior of particles and powders. Review of the First Edition taken from High Temperatures - High pressures 1999 31 243 – 251 "..This is a modern textbook that presents clear-cut knowledge. It can be successfully used both for teaching particle technology at universities and for individual study of engineering problems in powder processing."
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