Parenting By Developmental Design

Author : Vivian L. Houk
ISBN : 9781621891376
Genre : Religion
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In this book, Vivian Houk acknowledges that parenting is really hard work. There is no getting around that. It just is! While many books have been written about all major areas of development, she brings light to what may be the least understood and most confusing area of parenting today: the spiritual lives of their children. Parenting by Developmental Design was written for interested and engaged parents who need affirmation and want to know more about the pathway of spiritual formation for their children. For those who don't know how to begin, it offers hope and encouragement. "God has given us some amazing and powerful tools," writes Houk, "which are useful and effective in providing direction for those of us who suffer from the fear of failure or incompetence. We have the gift of imagination; the use of symbol, ritual, and celebration; and the tools for calming fears and healing wounds. And above all, the gift of the Holy Spirit. You are not alone or incapable." Anyone who values the stories of both the adult and child who walk with God will find this book enjoyable, engaging, and challenging.
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Parenting By The Spirit

Author : Kathie Walters
ISBN : 0962955949
Genre : Child rearing
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Author : Cheryl Reames
ISBN : 0687778689
Genre : Religion
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The focus of this small-group resource is on helping parents of children and / or youth to find support in sharing problems with their ideas for parenting their children, and to develop principals and skills for parenting.
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Parenting By The Book

Author : John Rosemond
ISBN : 9781476718712
Genre : Religion
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A syndicated columnist and family psychologist outlines scripture-based principles for parents that recommend respect for others over self-esteem tactics, recommending a leadership approach to disciplinary methods that draws on traditional belief systems. 50,000 first printing.
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Spiritual Parenting

Author : C. H. Spurgeon
ISBN : 9781603745413
Genre : Religion
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Your child is worth all the time, money, heartaches, and effort because your child can make a difference in this world. From the depths of his God-given wisdom, Charles Spurgeon shows how you can establish a secure, nurturing, Christ-centered home in which to grow strong, healthy, happy families. Here is encouragement and advice to parents on guiding the spiritual development of children from infancy through young adulthood.
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Parenting For Everyone

Author : Simon Soloveychik
ISBN : 9781604817041
Genre :
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On New Year's Eve 1985 a 17 year old girl killed her classmate. Her motive was simple: she needed money to buy a dress. The gilrl was adjudicated. But there was one simple human question left: How could she? You can follow along as the author of Parenting For Everyone makes his own investigation into the murder. He finds unique moral answers on why someone can kill another person. His approach is focused on understanding of the nature of healthy human development. He discovers secrets of raising good and morally intelligent children for which parents can feel confident that everything will be alright with their children. Parenting For Everyone is three comprehensive books in one. You will find 17 open chapters out of 245 at "In a world such as ours, where so many of our freedoms are quietly pulled out from under us, and where we have certainly long lost our inner freedom of thought, along comes a very encouraging book: Parenting for Everyone. The effort Aigul Aubanova and Victor Dull have put forth in translating the work of legendary Russian educator Simon Soloveychik feels like a breath of fresh air ready to invigorate every serious teacher and parent." Regina B. Jensen, Ph.D., Editor: Space of Love Magazine

Help For Parents Maximized Parenting 112 Solutions To The Parenting Problems Of Today

Author : Francis Edo Olotu
ISBN : 9781622875450
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 77.31 MB
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Effective parenting is about raising well-adjusted children who are assets to society; Maximized Parenting is a book which promotes effective parenting through equipping parents with the knowledge that fosters proper foundation for parenting. According to Partnership for 21st Century Skills [2006] and American Management Association's [AMA] 2010 Survey, many employers believe that higher education is failing in its role to adequately develop needed skills in students. Parents with the help of this book can bridge the knowledge gap between what higher education provides and what the employment industry requires. The book is for parents who consider parenting as one of their most important responsibilities in life. One of the greatest assets a child could have is dutiful parents from whom he/she learns the act of parenting. Parents without this privilege are large in number and to them parenting is a dark continent which they find difficult to navigate. This book is written to inform, inspire and impart knowledge about parenting in the 21st century. The book would enable parents interact with their children in a way that would motivate them to be outstanding persons in life. In this information age, you cannot limit your child to how you were brought up or what you know because he/she was born in another era. The gamut of issues covered in this book will equip you to bring up your child to be successful in life. Issues treated in this book will help you know healthy parenting methods that are best for your child The book contains a very broad mix of issues a parent would encounter at every stage of a child's life. It is written from the perspective that a parent's job is for life and as such parents need help to sustain their long term commitment to their children. Issues covered include character building, instilling moral values into children, basic life skills at every stage of life, sexuality education and handling children with special needs. While the information in this book is specifically for parents, the information would be useful to fathers' groups, men's groups, women's groups, grandparents, extended family members and childcare providers that have opportunities to relate to children. Research now and again has shown that a family is more important to a child's school success than how much money the family makes or how much education the parents have. No parent who has read this book should ever ask "How can I make my child a success in life." The social commentator Michael Novak wrote on the importance of family, "One unforgettable law has been learned through all the disasters and injustices of the last thousand years: if things go well with the family, life is worth living; when the family falters, life falls apart". The goal of Maximized Parenting is to fill the knowledge gap in you that will make you a better parent as well as an inspiration to other parents of the 21st century. Choose to be an intentional parent who will put in the needed time, energy and efforts to raise successful children. Know that expensive toys and vacations are a poor substitute for the valuable time you need to spend with your children. Refuse to outsource your parenting duties to care givers and boarding schools and you will be a stakeholder in the next generations through your children who will pass on your legacies. Remember, when a parent dies, one thing that cannot be buried with him/her is his/her impact on the lives of his/her children, those things become a living memorial in his/her children.
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The 7 Principles Of Faith Based Parenting

Author : La Shawn B. Wells, CLC, JD
ISBN : 9781491741764
Genre : Self-Help
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Author La Shawn Wells and his wife Toi raised three girls who stayed out of trouble, earned athletic scholarships, and are now well-adjusted young women. In The 7 Principles of Faith-Based Parenting, Wells describes the tools he and his wife used to help his daughters achieve success, including the family’s unshakable faith in God. Focusing on the practical application of spiritual belief, Wells offers tips to help make faith work for you. He helps you: • Seek the truth and base your life on it • Understand who you are by knowing your family history and traditions • Be family-oriented • Be selective about your friends • Change what you need to by removing bad habits • Not fear failure while working toward success • Always be yourself, but also see yourself as others see you Based on real-life challenges that everyday people face, the principles provide insight into Wells’s upbringing and shows how he pushed through some of his generational barriers to raise successful children.
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Parenting Mentally Ill Children Faith Caring Support And Surviving The System

Author : Craig Winston LeCroy
ISBN : 9780313358692
Genre : Family & Relationships
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This in-depth exploration uses individual portraits to show what parents face as they love and care for their mentally ill children and cope with how the mental health system has failed them. • More than 40 in-depth interviews giving parents the opportunity to tell their stories about caring for a child with a mental disorder • An extensive bibliography of relevant material
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