Pflegeprobleme Intensivmedizin

Author : George A. McGuire
ISBN : 9783642784446
Genre : Medical
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Schnell und gezielt finden Sie hier praxisgerechte Anleitungen für die Pflege auf Intensivstationen. Übersichtliche Pflegepläne enthalten von der Indikation bis zu den Komplikationen die häufigsten Pflegehandlungen, ergänzt durch medizinisches Hintergrundwissen. Damit ist das Buch gleichzeitig Checkliste und Handbuch der wichtigsten Themen - ideal für Ihre Fort- und Weiterbildung oder für neue Mitarbeiter.
Category: Medical

Leid Und Schmerz

Author : Giovanni Maio
ISBN : 9783495808139
Genre : Philosophy
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Schmerz und Leid sind allgegenwärtige Erfahrungen. Sie zermürben das physische und psychische Wohlbefinden, stören soziale Beziehungen, gefährden die gesamte Existenz der leidenden Person. Heute werden Erwartungen der Schmerz- und Leidenslinderung vor allem an die Medizin gerichtet. Dabei wirft dieser Trend zu einer Fokussierung auf einen rein medizinisch-technischen Umgang mit Schmerz und Leiden Fragen auf: Können alle Formen von Leiderfahrung vom physischen Schmerz über psychische Traumata bis hin zu existentieller Verzweiflung angemessen mit medizinischen Mitteln behandelt werden? Wie kann im medizinischen Kontext mit der Frage nach dem Sinn von Schmerz und Leid umgegangen werden? Welche Bedeutung hat dabei der gesellschaftliche Umgang mit Schmerz und Leiden? Welche Rolle spielen diese Erfahrungen für unser Verständnis eines guten Lebens bzw. eines guten Sterbens?
Category: Philosophy

Oxford Handbook Of Synesthesia

Author : Julia Simner
ISBN : 9780191663437
Genre : Psychology
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Synesthesia is a fascinating phenomenon which has captured the imagination of scientists and artists alike. This inherited condition gives rise to a kind of 'merging of the senses', and so for those who experience it, everyday activities like reading or listening to music trigger extraordinary impressions of colours, tastes, smells, shapes and other sensations. Synesthesia research also informs us about normal sensation because all people experience cross-sensory mappings to an implicit degree. Synesthesia has a considerably broad appeal, and in recent decades the field has experienced a resurgence of interest. These advances have painted a detailed story about the development, genetics, psychology, history, aesthetics and neuroscience of synesthesia, and provide a contemporary source of study for a new generation of scholars. The Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia brings together this broad body of knowledge into one definitive state-of-the-art handbook. It includes a large number of concisely written chapters, under broader headings, which tackle questions about the origins of synesthesia, its neurological basis, its links with language and numbers, attention and perception, and with 'normal' sensory and linguistic processing. It asks questions about synesthesia's role in language evolution, and presents both contemporary and historical overviews of the field. It shows synaesthesia's costs and benefits (e.g., in creativity, memory, imagery) and describes how synaesthesia can provide inspiration for artists and designers. The book ends with a series of perspectives on synesthesia, including a first-hand account, and philosophical viewpoints which show how synaesthesia poses unique questions about sensation, consciousness and the nature of reality.
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Genre : Angiography
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Oxford Handbook Of Cardiology

Author : Punit Ramrakha
ISBN : 9780191629983
Genre : Medical
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Cardiovascular disease remains the major cause of morbidity and mortality throughout developed countries and is also rapidly increasing in developing countries. Cardiovascular medicine and the specialty of cardiology continue to expand, and the remit of the cardiologist is forever broader with the development of new sub-specialties. The Oxford Handbook of Cardiology provides a comprehensive but concise guide to all modern cardiological practice with anemphasis on practical clinical management in many different contexts. This second edition addresses all the key advances made in the field since the previous edition, including interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, and pharmacology. It expands the remit to medical students and the more junior doctor whileretaining the level of detail required by more senior practitioners within the field.
Category: Medical

The Oxford Handbook Of Music Psychology

Author : Susan Hallam
ISBN : 9780191034466
Genre : Psychology
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The 2nd edition of the Oxford Handbook of Music Psychology updates the original landmark text and provides a comprehensive review of the latest developments in this fast growing area of research. Covering both experimental and theoretical perspectives, each of the 11 sections is edited by an internationally recognised authority in the area. The first ten parts present chapters that focus on specific areas of music psychology: the origins and functions of music; music perception, responses to music; music and the brain; musical development; learning musical skills; musical performance; composition and improvisation; the role of music in everyday life; and music therapy. In each part authors critically review the literature, highlight current issues and explore possibilities for the future. The final part examines how, in recent years, the study of music psychology has broadened to include a range of other disciplines. It considers the way that research has developed in relation to technological advances, and points the direction for further development in the field. With contributions from internationally recognised experts across 55 chapters, it is an essential resource for students and researchers in psychology and musicology.
Category: Psychology