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From Out Of The Shadows

Author : Vicki L. Ruiz
ISBN : 0199705453
Genre : History
File Size : 62.16 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From Out of the Shadows was the first full study of Mexican-American women in the twentieth century. Beginning with the first wave of Mexican women crossing the border early in the century, historian Vicki L. Ruiz reveals the struggles they have faced and the communities they have built. In a narrative enhanced by interviews and personal stories, she shows how from labor camps, boxcar settlements, and urban barrios, Mexican women nurtured families, worked for wages, built extended networks, and participated in community associations--efforts that helped Mexican Americans find their own place in America. She also narrates the tensions that arose between generations, as the parents tried to rein in young daughters eager to adopt American ways. Finally, the book highlights the various forms of political protest initiated by Mexican-American women, including civil rights activity and protests against the war in Vietnam. For this new edition of From Out of the Shadows, Ruiz has written an afterword that continues the story of the Mexicana experience in the United States, as well as outlines new additions to the growing field of Latina history.
Category: History

Out Of The Shadows

Author : Patrick Carnes
ISBN : 1568386214
Genre : Self-Help
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Out of the Shadows Third Edition
Category: Self-Help

Out Of The Shadows

Author : Nina Byers
ISBN : 9780521821971
Genre : Science
File Size : 44.97 MB
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Authoritative 2006 description of pioneering women who made important contributions to physics from the twentieth century.
Category: Science

Out Of The Shadows

Author : Patricia Fernández-Kelly
ISBN : 0271027509
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 83.67 MB
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Since the beginning of scholarly writing about the informal economy in the mid-1970s, the debate has evolved from addressing survival strategies of the poor to considering the implications for national development and the global economy. Simultaneously, research on informal politics has ranged from neighborhood clientelism to contentious social movements basing their claims on a variety of social identities in their quest for social justice. Despite related empirical and theoretical concerns, these research traditions have seldom engaged in dialogue with one another. Out of the Shadows brings leading scholars of the informal economy and informal politics together to address how globalization has influenced local efforts to resolve political and economic needs&—and how these seemingly separate issues are indeed deeply related. In addition to the editors, contributors are Javier Auyero, Miguel Angel Centeno, Sylvia Chant, Robert Gay, Mercedes Gonz&ález de la Rocha, Jos&é Itzigsohn, Alejandro Portes, and Juan Manuel Ram&írez S&áiz.
Category: Political Science

Out Of The Shadows

Author : Frida Forsgren
ISBN : 8283140590
Genre : American literature
File Size : 71.6 MB
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This volume brings women's contribution to Beat literature, art, and their milieu out of the shadows, expanding the "Beat canon" to include and discuss works and persons which are frequently overlooked. By opening up the borders of scholarly discourse and letting new voices, images, and discussions enter, a fuller picture of Beat culture in America can be seen. Out of the Shadows: Beat Women Are Not Beaten Women presents the newest research on the female beats in literature, art, and culture, discussing pioneer figures such as Hettie Jones, Ruth Weiss, Joan Haverty Kerouac, Diane di Prima, Joyce Johnson, Carolyn Cassady, and Jay DeFeo, as well as even lesser known writers and artists, such as Jane Bowles, Bernice Bing, and Elisabeth Von Vogt. (Series: Portal Academic) [Subject: Women's Studies, US Studies, Literary Criticism, Art, Cultural Studies]
Category: American literature

Out From The Shadows

Author : Dr. Bill Effler
ISBN : 9781490860756
Genre : Religion
File Size : 65.5 MB
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The beach has always been a safe place for me where the concerns of life all but disappear. One late afternoon I was walking directly into the sun. I barely noticed its final descent toward the horizon. As I glanced back, I caught my shadow. It seemed so big; my heart was imprisoned by an imperfect replica, an emotional stalker—seen only as I turned away from the sun’s radiance. It was then I realized when I walk facing the “Light” I will see no shadow. Only a life lived “out from the shadow” will experience the grandeur of God; the Accuser’s maligning voice will be stilled. That day I came to grasp that the “shadow” of a person’s past is not how God sees any of His children. “Dr. Effler writes with clarity, biblical expertise, personal counseling experience, and a passion for each minister to succeed in Christ. This book will change your life in a marvelous way.” –Bill Leonard, PhD, BCCC, BCCTR, Center for Ministerial Care and Director, Church of God International Headquarters “Out From the Shadows creates a therapeutic approach to the creation account found in Genesis. This material resonates with the substance abuse community by identifying possible areas of brokenness often overlooked. Boldly discussing sin rather than symptomology, Out From the Shadows cogently dissects root issues throughout the counseling process. Although primarily intended for pastoral counselors, this information can be utilized in a wide array of counseling venues.” –Austin Davis LPC-S Clinical Director at Stonegate Center
Category: Religion

Out Of The Shadows

Author : Melanie Mitchell
ISBN : 9781460323526
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29.33 MB
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A WORLD AWAY She never imagined she'd have the courage to leave everything behind and travel to Africa. Then, touched by tragedy, Leslie Carpenter finds herself devastated and alone. The health clinic in rural Kenya needs her expertise and gives her a reason to live again. Because she knows she'll never love again. Leslie didn't count on being dependent on a man like Ben Murphy, the rugged bush pilot who shuttles her between villages. Ben scares her. She can see that he's in a dangerous line of work, with no respect for the law. Despite that, she also knows he's a good man. She really wants to trust him, to believe in a future together. Except learning his secrets may put her life at risk….
Category: Fiction

Out Of The Shadows

Author : Sara London
ISBN : 9781491825167
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 56.81 MB
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Out of the Shadows was written as I was going through a transformation in my life; one from being un-healthy, un-happy, and overweight to now being happy, healthy and confident. While writing Out of the Shadows I became a new woman, strong, powerful and more assure of me. I found freedom from losing weight and eating healthy. I want others to know that yes transformations can be painful but when you come out the other side they are very uplifting and fulfilling.
Category: Self-Help

Out Of The Shadows

Author : Gene D. Phillips
ISBN : 9780810881891
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 46.50 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Out of the Shadows explores the most celebrated examples of film noir such as Laura, The Maltese Falcon, and Sunset Boulevard but also offers new insight into underrated films that deserve reconsideration, including Spellbound, A Double Life, Anatomy of a Murder, and others.
Category: Performing Arts