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Die Out Of Body Experience

Author : Christian Häusler
ISBN : 9783656032960
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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2011 im Fachbereich Psychologie - Klinische u. Gesundheitspsychologie, Psychopathologie, Otto-von-Guericke-Universitat Magdeburg (Neuropsychologie), Veranstaltung: Seminar Klinische Psychologie und Neuropsychologie II SS 2011, Sprache: Deutsch, Anmerkungen: Die Note war zum Zeitpunkt des Uploads noch nicht bekannt., Abstract: Autoskopische Phanomene haben die Menschheit seit jeher fasziniert und sind vielfaltig in Mythologie und Folklore eingegangen (Sheils, 1978; Todd & Dewhurst, 1955). Der Begriff Autoskopie stammt aus dem Altgriechischen und bedeutet "sich selbst sehen" (Anzellotti et al., 2011; Mishara, 2010). Es handelt sich um das illusorisch-visuelle Erleben, ein Abbild des eigenen Korpers im extrakorporalenRaum wahrzunehmen. Zum einen kann dies bei der autoskopischen Halluzination (AH) und bei der Heautoskopie (HAS) aus einer korperinternen Perspektive der Fall sein. Zum anderen bei der ausserkorperlichen Erfahrung, auch Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) genannt, aus einer korperexternen Perspektive (Mishara, 2010). Der erste medizinische Bericht uber Autoskopie lasst sich auf Wigan (1844), die erstmalige Verwendung des Begriffs "Autoskopie" auf Fere (1891) zuruckfuhren. Obwohl auch gesunde Menschen autoskopische Phanomene erleben, gilt neben verschiedenen psychiatrischen und neurologischen Storungen Epilepsie als ihre Hauptursache (Blanke & Arzy, 2005; Dening & Berrios, 1994; Dewhurst, 1954). Nach Jahrzehnten sparlichen Interesses ist aktuell eine Renaissance empirischer Forschung mit Fokus auf die OBE zu beobachten (Metzinger, 2009). Wahrend einer OBE scheint eine Person wach zu sein und ihren Korper und die Welt von einem Ort auyerhalb des eigenen Korpers wahrzunehmen (Blanke, Landis, Spinelli & Seeck, 2004). Sie stellt daher die empfundene raumliche Einheit zwischen Korper und Selbst, unserem Ich, und damit die Erfahrung eines realen Ich, das sich im eigenen Korper be det und Zentrum des bewussten Erlebens ist, in Frage (Blanke &"

Out Of Body Experiences

Author : Robert Peterson
ISBN : 9781571746993
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Throughout history, people have reported spiritual experiences that we now identify as out-of-body experiences or OBEs. In recent times, modern researchers like Robert Monroe have pioneered the scientific study and practice of OBEs. Increasingly, people are remembering spontaneous OBEs, especially from early childhood. Also, OBEs are a typical feature of near-death experiences and have been described as beautiful, painless, and ecstatic. This is the comprehensive manual for inducing out of body experiences and managing the experience. Peterson not only explores the stages of his own development, but also concludes each chapter with a specific exercise that takes you to the next level. From wiggling out of your body for the first time (the author did a back flip his first time) to traveling through other realms and dealing with your "encounters,", this is one of the most practical, step-by-step guides to OBEs available. He clearly demonstrates how this consciousness-expanding experience is accessible to anyone willing to make the leap into the great beyond. This is the ultimate manual on how to leave home alone....
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Demystifying The Out Of Body Experience

Author : Luis Minero
ISBN : 9780738736990
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Master the skills of leaving the body using logic and reason. Improve self-understanding and achieve personal growth with over a dozen exit techniques. With well-ordered, rational explanations, Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience describes how and why OBEs work. This is a groundbreaking guide for using OBEs to understand your place in the worlds that exist beyond our daily lives. Meet spiritual guides, loved ones who have crossed over, and even other out-of-body travelers who want to help you understand who you are and why you are here. Learn communication techniques and memory aids to get the most out of each experience, in addition to tips for creating a program of OBE mastery. Contrary to popular belief, many people have come back from “the other side” and shared their experiences. And now, you can be part of this life-changing exploration. Perfect for beginners and experienced seekers who want to learn about the non-physical planes in a non-mystical context and want to evolve the condition of their soul. This practical workbook for spiritual transformation is based on the research of the International Academy of Consciousness.
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Author : David Black
ISBN : UOM:49015000646464
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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The Out Of Body Experience

Author : Anthony Peake
ISBN : 9781780280219
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Examines out-of-body experiences through case studies, interviews, and recent scientific developments, offering an alternative explanation of them and describing how they are connected to psychic phenomena such as lucid dreaming and remote viewing.
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Navigating The Out Of Body Experience

Author : Graham Nicholls
ISBN : 9780738731766
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 36.46 MB
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A Better Approach to Astral Projection Experience the insights and joys of astral projection with Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience—a personalized, accessible, science-based guide from a top authority in the field. Drawing on more than twenty years of study and countless OBEs that he has brought about in himself and others, Graham Nicholls shares proven techniques for leaving the body. Gain greater insight into your psychological makeup and strengths with a unique approach to self discovery. Learn to use your greater awareness to build a customized approach to projecting into the astral plane. Integrating his deep knowledge of self-hypnosis, breath work, virtual reality, quantum science, nutrition, and healing, Nicholls teaches you how to move past limiting beliefs and deepen your level of self-understanding so you can achieve your astral goals. Praise: “A fascinating review of out-of-body experiences in a detailed, yet easy-to-read style. Nicholls’ valuable contribution [provides] excellent and practical direction to help explore this phenomenon.”—Dr. Jeffrey Long, New York Times bestselling author of Evidence of the Afterlife “Navigating the Out of Body Experience stands out as one of the best. Graham Nicholls [demonstrates] a rare and welcome understanding among authors within this genre.”—Thomas Campbell, NASA Physicist and author of My Big TOE
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Seeing Myself

Author : Susan Blackmore
ISBN : 9781472137388
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 58.46 MB
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Essential reading for anyone seeking to understand their own mind and to find a spiritual path that is compatible with science As an impressionable young student, Susan Blackmore had an intense, dramatic and life-changing experience, seeming to leave her body and travel the world. With no rational explanation for her out-of-body experience (OBE) she turned to astral projection and the paranormal, but soon despaired of finding answers. Decades later, a Swiss neurosurgeon accidentally discovered the spot in the brain that can induce OBEs and everything changed; this crucial spot is part of the brain's self-system and when disturbed so is our experience of self. Blackmore leaped back into OBE research and at last began to unravel what had happened to her. Seeing Myself describes her long quest for answers through spirituality, religion, drugs, meditation, philosophy and neuroscience. Anyone can have an OBE, indeed 15 per cent of us have. Even more have experienced sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming and the creepy sense of an invisible presence. At last, with the advent of brain stimulation, fMRI scanning and virtual reality, all these phenomena are beginning to make sense. Long relegated to the very fringes of research, the new science of out-of-body experiences is now contributing to our understanding of consciousness and our very selves.
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Out Of Body Experiences

Author : Janet Lee Mitchell
ISBN : 0345341198
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 26.85 MB
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Explores the phenomenon of out-of-body experiences and discusses photographing astral bodies, the best and safest method for inducing out-of-body experiences, re-entering the body, fears that block the experience, and astral-body travel
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Astral Odyssey

Author : Carol Eby
ISBN : 812081830X
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File Size : 87.82 MB
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Astral travel-what is it and how does it fit in our lives? Eby explains the differences and similarities between astral projection, out-of-body experiences (OBEs), ordinary dreams, creative inspiration, mental projection, and clairvoyance. With OBEs defined and placed in the context of consciousness continuum, these various states of awareness can provide entryways to alternate realities. Astral Odyssey guides us through the pathways of consciousness that lead to the invisible worlds around us, giving step-by-step procedures on how to do actual, voluntary, conscious astral projection. But Eby does more than just teach astral travel--she provides instructions for attaining all the necessary states of consciousness, tells how each may be used to derive valuable benefits in daily life, such as improved psychological balance, solutions to problems, increased creativity, and enhanced powers of extrasensory perception. Included are never-before-published examples of OBEs and an OBE diary that describes, in vivid detail, the sights, sounds, sensations, and thoughts associated with actual visits to the astral plane. We discover that astral travel allows a new perspective of both the universe and the role that human experience plays in it. With this first-hand knowledge of the existence of nonphysical worlds and their entities, physical life can become more meaningful, creative, and joyful!

Amazing Out Of Body Experiences

Author : Carl R. Green
ISBN : 9780766056480
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Imagine you are floating freely through the sky. Suddenly, you look down and see your body lying far below. You are attached to it by a thin, silver cord. Is it a dream, or are you having an out-of-body experience (OBE)? People all over the world and throughout history claimed to have had an OBE. They claim to travel without fear for great distances or through walls. Do such astral voyages truly occur? Scientists say no, but many still believe in the paranormal. Examine the debate in this book for reluctant readers and decide for yourself.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction