Osho Zen Tarot

Author : Osho
ISBN : 0312117337
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Tarot game based on the Zen teachings of Osho.
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Osho Zen Tarot

Author :
ISBN : 0752216384
Genre : Tarot
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Osho Zen Tarot

Author : Ma Deva Padma
ISBN : 3908644380
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Tarot Osho Zen Osho Zen Tarot

Author : Osho
ISBN : 8484451763
Genre : Education
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Con más de 13 ediciones, se ha convertido en un clásico del tarot. Las imágenes de estas cartas son totalmente contemporáneas, con un fascinante diseño que resulta ideal incluso parael usuario más inexperto; y el libro ayuda interpretar y comprender las imágenes gracias a su lenguaje simple y directo.
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What Are The Colors Of Your Life

Author : Osho,
ISBN : 1938755413
Genre : Games & Activities
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This coloring book features 77 mystical images originally created by Deva Padma for the OSHO Zen Tarot-The Transcendental Game of Zen, which became a bestseller in the tarot world and made these images famous in the world of meditation. We are not only coloring these images but encouraged to reflect on the colors we give to our lives -- to all aspects, not only the 'easy' and 'positive' aspects represented here by images such as 'Playfulness', 'Courage', 'Celebration', 'Creativity and others. We also learn how to literally and metaphorically find colors for aspects we might not value so much, such as the images representing 'Aloneness', 'Guilt', 'The Burden', 'Stress', 'Exhaustion', 'Sorrow' and more. Adding our own colors to all of these aspects thus becomes an invaluable enrichment to our understanding of ourselves and who we are. Those aspects we like or value as 'positive' become more individualized, and the aspects that we label negative, we learn to integrate and to recognize as experiences and expressions of ourselves that have their own place, their own lessons to teach us.
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Die Trant Ten Von Panem

Author : The Harvard Lampoon
ISBN : 9783641094119
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
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Die ultimative Parodie auf Suzanne Collins’ Weltbestseller »Die Tribute von Panem« Nordamerika existiert — allerdings in etwas veränderter Form. An die Stelle einer demokratisch gewählten Volksvertretung ist ein grausames, totalitäres System getreten, aber wenigstens ist dort alles gut organisiert. Jedes Jahr veranstaltet die Regierung ein lustiges Turnier an der frischen Luft, bei dem nur einer der Kandidaten überleben wird. Man kommt zwar ins Fernsehen, wenn man mitmacht, aber wer würde schon freiwillig an einer Veranstaltung teilnehmen, deren Ende man mit fast hundertprozentiger Wahrscheinlichkeit nicht erlebt? So blöd kann doch keiner sein, oder? Kantkiss Neverclean schon ...
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Messages From The Heart

Author : Sharon Halliday
ISBN : 9781504308434
Genre : Self-Help
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We all seek the same things: financial security and freedom, meaningful work, harmonious relationships, and good health and wellbeing. But even more, we especially seek inner peace, fulfilment, and happiness. Yet whether these things are tangible or intangible, material or spiritual, attaining them can nevertheless be a challenge. Where can we find those “aha” moments that show us our possibilities and potentials and help us embrace that which we seek? In Messages from the Heart, author and angel intuitive Sharon Halliday answers thirty-nine of your life questions, and she addresses all these topics and more. Originally appearing as “Ask Sharon” columns in her local newspaper, this collection of real-life questions from real people provides answers inspired by some of the best self-help principles and philosophies from around the globe— which Sharon herself has tried and tested. Sharon also draws from her angel and oracle cards as well as from her Reiki expertise to channel meaningful, poignant, yet gentle advice—advice with the potential to change lives. Whether you’ve never picked up a self-help book before or are an avid fan, and whether you live in country Australia or metropolitan New York City, Sharon Halliday’s quirky little book of positivity might just hold the answers you’re looking for. "Sharon’s writing is a gift—wise, insightful, often funny, illuminating and transformative." — Alex Kingsmill, as seen on The Today Show and Founder of Upstairs Coaching
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Pictures From The Heart

Author : Sandra A. Thomson
ISBN : 9781429964692
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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For hundreds of years, people have turned to the tarot for guidance and focus in seeking answers to life's questions. While millions use the Tarot regularly, much of its history, lore, and symbolism remain obscure--making it difficult for the user to get the deepest possible reading. Also, with hundreds of different decks available, drawing on several major traditions, finding the right deck--the one that the Tarot user will find most sympathetic to their needs, desires, and usage--can become an arduous task. Pictures from the Heart provides hundreds of entries detailing the symbolism of the Tarot, contrasting the various decks on the market, as well as issues, figures, and topics of interest to the Tarot user. For both the experienced and the neophyte user, this tarot dictionary is a long-awaited and essential resource.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Vom Gl Ck Des Strebens

Author : Chris Guillebeau
ISBN : 9783864702679
Genre : Self-Help
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Und jedem Streben wohnt ein Glück inne ... Zu Fuß quer durch die USA wandern oder so viele Vogelarten wie möglich beobachten - das sind nur zwei Beispiele für ungewöhnliche Herausforderungen, denen sich ganz gewöhnliche Menschen gestellt haben. Chris Guillebeau beschreibt, wie das Streben nach selbst gesteckten Zielen Sinn und Glück in das eigene Leben bringt. Chris Guillebeau hat sein Projekt, alle Länder dieser Erde zu bereisen, umgesetzt. Und er hat erkannt: Nicht das Ziel an sich ist am wichtigsten, sondern der Weg dorthin. Nach etwas streben, planen, äußere und innere Hürden überwinden - all dies macht uns oft glücklicher und lässt uns innerlich mehr wachsen als das Erreichen des Ziels selbst. Zahlreiche inspirierende Beispiele sowie praktische Ratschläge weisen dem Leser den Weg: So findet er seine ganz persönliche Herausforderung, so geht er sie an und verleiht damit seinem Leben mehr Bedeutung.
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