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Ordinary Affects

Author : Kathleen Stewart
ISBN : 0822341077
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 90.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Ordinary Affects is a singular argument for attention to the affective dimensions of everyday life and the potential that animates the ordinary. Known for her focus on the poetics and politics of language and landscape, the anthropologist Kathleen Stewart ponders how ordinary impacts create the subject as a capacity to affect and be affected. In a series of brief vignettes combining storytelling, close ethnographic detail, and critical analysis, Stewart relates the intensities and banalities of common experiences and strange encounters, half-spied scenes and the lingering resonance of passing events. While most of the instances rendered are from Stewart’s own life, she writes in the third person in order to reflect on how intimate experiences of emotion, the body, other people, and time inextricably link us to the outside world. Stewart refrains from positing an overarching system—whether it’s called globalization or neoliberalism or capitalism—to describe the ways that economic, political, and social forces shape individual lives. Instead, she begins with the disparate, fragmented, and seemingly inconsequential experiences of everyday life to bring attention to the ordinary as an integral site of cultural politics. Ordinary affect, she insists, is registered in its particularities, yet it connects people and creates common experiences that shape public feeling. Through this anecdotal history—one that poetically ponders the extremes of the ordinary and portrays the dense network of social and personal connections that constitute a life—Stewart asserts the necessity of attending to the fleeting and changeable aspects of existence in order to recognize the complex personal and social dynamics of the political world.
Category: Social Science

Afterword Materialities Care Ordinary Affects Power And Politics

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1032162629
Genre :
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Abstract: In this paper I explore how the papers in this volume offer ways of thinking about materialities of care in terms of political ecologies, including hierarchies of value as well as assemblages, in which strategic agendas are made present in everyday practices, with profound and ordinary affects, as well as effects. I show how power can work through the association of multiple and heterogeneous materials and social processes to create 'thresholds', as spaces through which people must pass in order to be included as patients, and which circulate specific imaginaries over what counts as an appropriate need. I go on to suggest how some material practices are made mundane and immaterial, that is inconsequential, so that by drawing attention to their importance in how care is done (or not done) the papers help disrupt the commonplace production and reproduction of the 'neglected things' (Puig de la Bellacasa2012 ) of healthcare environments, and by so doing help reimagine what is important for occasions to actually be caring. I then shift to thinking about a sensibility, one that is highly valued in this collection of articles, that helps illuminate different imaginaries of care to those that dominate healthcare environments, an approach that I have called elsewhere 'relational extension', and in the example I offer here show how shifts in extension as a form of motility disrupts stabilities and their reproduction, to accomplish different forms of world‐making.

Religious Affects

Author : Donovan O. Schaefer
ISBN : 9780822374909
Genre : Religion
File Size : 82.85 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In Religious Affects Donovan O. Schaefer challenges the notion that religion is inextricably linked to language and belief, proposing instead that it is primarily driven by affects. Drawing on affect theory, evolutionary biology, and poststructuralist theory, Schaefer builds on the recent materialist shift in religious studies to relocate religious practices in the affective realm—an insight that helps us better understand how religion is lived in conjunction with systems of power. To demonstrate religion's animality and how it works affectively, Schaefer turns to a series of case studies, including the documentary Jesus Camp and contemporary American Islamophobia. Placing affect theory in conversation with post-Darwinian evolutionary theory, Schaefer explores the extent to which nonhuman animals have the capacity to practice religion, linking human forms of religion and power through a new analysis of the chimpanzee waterfall dance as observed by Jane Goodall. In this compelling case for the use of affect theory in religious studies, Schaefer provides a new model for mapping relations between religion, politics, species, globalization, secularism, race, and ethics.
Category: Religion

Geography And Memory

Author : Owain Jones
ISBN : 9781137284075
Genre : Science
File Size : 36.54 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This collection shifts the focus from collective memory to individual memory, by incorporating new performative approaches to identity, place and becoming. Drawing upon cultural geography, the book provides an accessible framework to approach key aspects of memory, remembering, archives, commemoration and forgetting in modern societies.
Category: Science

Coming To Our Senses

Author : Dierdra Reber
ISBN : 9780231540902
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 40.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Coming to Our Senses positions affect, or feeling, as our new cultural compass, ordering the parameters and possibilities of what can be known. From Facebook "likes" to Coca-Cola "loves," from "emotional intelligence" in business to "emotional contagion" in social media, affect has displaced reason as the primary catalyst of global culture. Through examples of feeling in the books, film, music, advertising, cultural criticism, and political discourse of the United States and Latin America, Reber shows how affect encourages the public to "reason" on the strength of sentiment alone. Well-being, represented by happiness and health, and ill-being, embodied by unhappiness and disease, form the two poles of our social judgment, whether in affirmation or critique. We must then reenvision contemporary politics as operating at the level of the feeling body, so we can better understand the physiological and epistemological conditions affirming our cultural status quo and contestatory strategies for emancipation.
Category: Philosophy

Engaging Affects Thinking Feelings

Author : Susan Driver
ISBN : 9781443895590
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 34.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The thought-provoking essays brought together in Engaging Affects, Thinking Feelings: Social, Political and Artistic Practices balance critical thinking with creative opportunities to imagine new possibilities. With an international breadth that crosses continents and an interdisciplinary orientation that connects diverse scholarly fields, this collection is ambitious in its scope. At the same time, the essays focus on the small details, embodied traces, and intimate spaces of experience often overlooked or devalued within dominant discourses. Exploring diverse issues and methodologies, the contributions here share a willingness to pay close attention to vulnerable subjects that challenge readers to think beyond the rational and binary limits of academic knowledge. As such, the authors simultaneously engage readers’ intellects and emotions as they write passionately about subjects ranging from war, food, sexuality, geography, social media, poetry, photography, and philosophy. The result is a text that offers diverse ways of mobilizing an array of affect theories in relation to specific sites of interpretation, activism, and creativity.
Category: Social Science

Der Rosie Effekt

Author : Graeme Simsion
ISBN : 9783104032207
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 68.5 MB
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Nach dem Mega- Bestseller ›Das Rosie-Projekt‹ geht es weiter! In Graeme Simsions romantischer Komödie ›Der Rosie-Effekt‹ entdeckt Don Tillman, unser Traummann der Herzen, die Liebe in der Ehe. O Baby! Für Don, den unwahrscheinlichsten romantischen Helden, den es je gab, geht’s nach dem Happy-End geht’s erst richtig los. Don Tillmans »Ehefrau-Projekt« hat geklappt. Er lebt mit Rosie in New York. Und Rosie ist schwanger. Don will natürlich der brillanteste werdende Vater aller Zeiten sein, stürzt sich in die Forschung und entwickelt einen wissenschaftlich exakten Schwangerschafts-Zeitplan für Rosie. Aber seine ungewöhnlichen Recherchemethoden führen erstmal dazu, dass er verhaftet wird. Was Rosie auf keinen Fall erfahren darf, um ihre Beziehung nicht zu belasten. Also muss Don improvisieren, seinen Freund Gene einspannen und Lydia, die Sozialarbeiterin, davon überzeugen, dass er ein Superdad sein wird. Bei alledem übersieht er fast das Wichtigste: seine Liebe zu Rosie und die Gefahr, sie genau dann zu verlieren, wenn sie ihn am meisten braucht.
Category: Fiction

Das Licht Der Letzten Tage

Author : Emily St. John Mandel
ISBN : 9783492971478
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 77.26 MB
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Niemand konnte ahnen, wie zerbrechlich unsere Welt ist. Ein Wimpernschlag, und sie ging unter. Doch selbst jetzt, während das Licht der letzten Tage langsam schwindet, geben die Überlebenden nicht auf. Sie haben nicht vergessen, wie wunderschön die Welt war. Sie vermissen all das, was einst so wundervoll und selbstverständlich war, und sie weigern sich zu akzeptieren, dass alles für immer verloren sein soll. Auf ihrem Weg werden sie von Hoffnung geleitet – und Zuversicht. Denn selbst das schwächste Licht erhellt die Dunkelheit. Immer.
Category: Fiction

Keywords In Youth Studies

Author : Nancy Lesko
ISBN : 9781136651564
Genre : Education
File Size : 50.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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As a unique blend of reference guide, conceptual dictionary, and critical assessment, Keywords in Youth Studies presents and historicizes the "state of the field."
Category: Education

Digital Cultures And The Politics Of Emotion

Author : Athina Karatzogianni
ISBN : 9780230391345
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 57.90 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Fifteen thought-provoking essays engage in an innovative dialogue between cultural studies of affect, feelings and emotions, and digital cultures, new media and technology. The volume provides a fascinating dialogue that cuts across disciplines, media platforms and geographic and linguistic boundaries.
Category: Social Science