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Optical Properties Of Mixed Crystals

Author : R.J. Elliott
ISBN : 9780444598257
Genre : Science
File Size : 53.59 MB
Format : PDF
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``Optical Properties of Mixed Crystals'' is concerned with the description of optical processes in substitutionally disordered semiconductors and insulators which can be basically described through their elementary excitations. Two of the chapters relate to the phonon response including the effect of side bands on electron transitions. Two relate to electronic spectra, one on photoelectron spectroscopy and the other on excitons. A further chapter deals with magnons in magnetic crystals and a final chapter is related to fluctuations and band edge effects. Each chapter deals with a specific class of excitation, but the book makes it clear that the fundamental structure of the excitation spectra, including band formation, band tailing and localisation is common to every type of excitation. The volume shows how some basic concepts and ideas can be widely applied to bring coherence and understanding to a diverse area of solid state physics. It therefore provides an up-to-date summary of the experimental and theoretical situation in an important and rapidly developing field and brings together for the first time a discussion of the many different types of spectra which appear in mixed crystals.
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Isotope Low Dimensional Structures

Author : Vladimir G. Plekhanov
ISBN : 9783642286131
Genre : Science
File Size : 64.96 MB
Format : PDF
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This Briefs volume describes the properties and structure of elementary excitations in isotope low-dimensional structures. Without assuming prior knowledge of quantum physics, the present book provides the basic knowledge needed to understand the recent developments in the sub-disciplines of nanoscience isotopetronics, novel device concepts and materials for nanotechnology. It is the first and comprehensive interdisciplinary account of the newly developed scientific discipline isotopetronics.
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Quantum Tunnelling In Condensed Media

Author : Yu. Kagan
ISBN : 9780444600479
Genre : Science
File Size : 45.84 MB
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The essays in this book deal with of the problem of quantum tunnelling and related behavior of a microscopic or macroscopic system, which interacts strongly with an "environment" - this being some form of condensed matter. The "system" in question need not be physically distinct from its environment, but could, for example, be one particular degree of freedom on which attention is focussed, as in the case of the Josephson junction studied in several of the papers. This general problem has been studied in many hundreds, if not thousands, of articles in the literature, in contexts as diverse as biophysics and quantum cosmology. The editors have grouped together papers which are representative of the main trends in this area in the last fifteen years or so and sufficiently related in general spirit and terminology that common themes can be discerned. The contributions are primarily theoretical, but the comparison with experiment is discussed wherever possible.
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The Dielectric Function Of Condensed Systems

Author : L.V. Keldysh
ISBN : 9780444600530
Genre : Science
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Much progress has been made in the understanding of the general properties of the dielectric function and in the calculation of this quantity for many classes of media. This volume gathers together the considerable information available and presents a detailed overview of the present status of the theory of electromagnetic response functions, whilst simultaneously covering a wide range of problems in its application to condensed matter physics. The following subjects are covered: - the dielectric function of the homogeneous electron gas, of crystalline systems, and of inhomogeneous matter; - electromagnetic fluctuations and molecular forces in condensed matter; - electrodynamics of superlattices.
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Hopping Transport In Solids

Author : M. Pollak
ISBN : 9780444600813
Genre : Science
File Size : 85.58 MB
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The hopping process, which differs substantially from conventional transport processes in crystals, is the central process in the transport phenomena discussed in this book. Throughout the book the term ``hopping'' is defined as the inelastic tunneling transfer of an electron between two localized electronic states centered at different locations. Such processes do not occur in conventional electronic transport in solids, since localized states are not compatible with the translational symmetry of crystals. The rapid growth of interest in hopping transport has followed in the footsteps of the development of physics of disordered systems during the last three decades. The intense interest in disordered solids can be attributed to the technological potential of the new noncrystalline materials, as well as to new fundamental problems discovered in solid state physics when a crystal is no longer translationally symmetric. In the last decade hopping systems such as organic polymers, biological materials, many oxide glasses, mesoscopic systems, and the new high-temperature superconducting materials in their normal state have attracted much interest. New phenomena investigated recently include interference and coherent scattering in variable range hopping conduction, mesoscopic effects, relaxation processes and thermo-electric power, and thermal conductivity caused by hopping transport. This volume presents the reader with a thorough overview of these recent developments, written by leading experts in the various fields.
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Soviet Physics

Author :
ISBN : CHI:38693262
Genre : American periodicals
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Information Sources In Physics

Author : Dennis F. Shaw
ISBN : 1857390121
Genre : Reference
File Size : 84.71 MB
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"...THE STANDARD WORK ON THE LITERATURE OF PHYSICS FOR BOTH THE LIBRARIAN & THE PHYSICIST FOR SOME CONSIDERABLE TIME TO COME."-- LIBRARY REVIEW. "...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL PHYSICS COLLECTIONS AT THE COLLEGE LEVEL & ABOVE."--CHOICE. "ORDER YOUR COPY NOW. A FIRST-CLASS SOURCE OF PHYSICS INFORMATION. A FIRST-CLASS SERIES."-- REFERENCE REVIEW. Librarians, information scientists & graduate students will find this thoroughly revised & updated edition an essential research aid. Contents range from atomic nuclear information & electronics, to patent literature & the history of physics. Each chapter is written by a specialist in the subject field, with contributors chosen from the US, Europe, & Australasia.
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Physics Uspekhi

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015059055114
Genre : Physics
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Helium Three

Author : W. P. Halperin
ISBN : UVA:X001855842
Genre : Science
File Size : 48.7 MB
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Introducing the subject of superfluid helium three and polarized liquid helium three, this book is devoted to modern problems in many body physics specific to the quantum fluid helium three. Relationships between properties of helium three and topics in other fields are established including superconductivity, non-linear dynamics, acoustics, and magnetically polarized quantum systems. Among the chapters in this collection one finds valuable reference material and original research not published elsewhere. Advanced research topics are presented in a pedagogical manner, in considerable depth, and with appropriate introductory material sufficiently general to be suitable to the non-specialist.
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Nonlinear Surface Electromagnetic Phenomena

Author : H. E. Ponath
ISBN : UVA:X002022258
Genre : Science
File Size : 52.73 MB
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In recent years the physics of electromagnetic surface phenomena has developed rapidly, evolving into technologies for communications and industry, such as fiber and integrated optics. The variety of phenomena based on electromagnetism at surfaces is rich and this book was written with the aim of summarizing the available knowledge in selected areas of the field. The book contains reviews written by solid state and optical physicists on the nonlinear interaction of electromagnetic waves at and with surfaces and films. Both the physical phenomena and some potential applications are dealt with. Included are discussions of nonlinear wave mixing on films and surfaces, second harmonic generation in waveguides and at surfaces, nonlinear waves guided by dielectric and semiconductor surfaces and films, surface gratings formed by high energy laser beams, and reflection and transmission switching of strong beams onto nonlinear surfaces. Chapters on light scattering from surface excitations and magnetic order-disorder and orientational phase transitions complete this essential contribution to the modern optics literature.
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