Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth

Author : R. Buckminster Fuller
Genre : Architecture
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One of Fuller’s most popular works, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, is a brilliant synthesis of his world view. In this very accessible volume, Fuller investigates the great challenges facing humanity. How will humanity survive? How does automation influence individualization? How can we utilize our resources more effectively to realize our potential to end poverty in this generation? He questions the concept of specialization, calls for a design revolution of innovation, and offers advice on how to guide “spaceship earth” toward a sustainable future. Description by Lars Muller Publishers, courtesy of The Estate of Buckminster Fuller
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Author : Richard Buckminster Fuller
ISBN : 3922367151
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Your Private Sky

Author : Richard Buckminster Fuller
ISBN : 3907044959
Genre : Aufsatzsammlung - Fuller, Richard Buckminster - Architektur
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Dieses Buch ergAnzt den Band "Your Private Sky: Design als Kunst einer Wissenschaft" und gibt einen authentischen Einblick in die Entwicklung der architektonischen, technischen und anthropologischen Konzepte Fullers. Dieser "Poet der Technologie" war als Ingenieur ein Dichter, als Designer ein Denker, als Forscher ein KA1/4nstler, dessen schriftlicher Nachlass einen enormen Umfang aufweist - darunter Texte von visionArer Bedeutung, von hoher Konsistenz, eindringlicher Sprachkraft und nicht zuletzt drAngender AktualitAt. "Bucky" war ein Navigator im wissenschaftlichen, kulturellen und sozialen Netzwerk - einer der grossen Beweger dieses Jahrhunderts. Einige Texte werden hier erstmals verAffentlicht: z.B. sein erstes programmatisches Manuskript "Lightful Houses" (1928), eine aufschlussreiche Vortragsmitschrift zum "Dymaxion House" (1929), sein Brief an Einstein (1944) oder das Konvolut "Noah's Ark II" (1951).
Category: Aufsatzsammlung - Fuller, Richard Buckminster - Architektur

Provisional Cities

Author : Renata Tyszczuk
ISBN : 9781317074045
Genre : Architecture
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This book considers the provisional nature of cities in relation to the Anthropocene – the proposed geological epoch of human-induced changes to the Earth system. It charts an environmental history of curfews, admonitions and alarms about dwelling on Earth. ‘Provisional cities’ are explored as exemplary sites for thinking about living in this unsettled time. Each chapter focuses on cities, settlements or proxy urbanisations, including past disaster zones, remote outposts in the present and future urban fossils. The book explores the dynamic, changing and contradictory relationship between architecture and the global environmental crisis and looks at how to re-position architectural and urban practice in relation to wider intellectual, environmental, political and cultural shifts. The book argues that these rounder and richer accounts can better equip humanity to think through questions of vulnerability, responsibility and opportunity that are presented by immense processes of planetary change. These are cautionary tales for the Anthropocene. Central to this project is the proposition that living with uncertainty requires that architecture is reframed as a provisional practice. This book would be beneficial to students and academics working in architecture, geography, planning and environmental humanities as well as professionals working to shape the future of cities.
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Seven Tools To Transform Genius Into Practical Power

Author : Adrian Sharon Windsor
ISBN : 9780595129881
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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The title, Seven Tools to Transform Genius into Practical Power, has as its subtitle, Create a Manual to Operate Your Life. The tools are derived from certain concepts that underlie the late R. Buckminster Fuller’s Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth in which the inventor explores the evolution of our “know how” and the metaphysical application of physical principles by which our Universe operates These seven tools empower the readers to move out of the rat race, into control over their lives; to be free from anxiety as they sustain and fulfill their intention; to enjoy abundance and tranquility. Dr. Windsor combines intuition and pragmatism as she inspires readers to hear and know their distinct calling, unique ability, directed purpose, their “inner genius”. Ralph Waldo Emerson defines this process in the concluding words of “Experience” as “the transformation of genius into practical power.” Dr. Windsor puts “old wine” in “new skin” as she combines literary knowledge with personal introspection and actual daily experience in the business world. She knows there tools activate “inner genius” because she has observed their effectiveness over the past decade with hundreds of students. Exercises at the ends of the chapters create a specific, self-discerning and directive operating manual. This is what Dr. Windsor promises each reader: If you choose to follow the complete path, you will: · Become a Great Pirate and take sovereignty over your life. · Let go of outmoded behavior patterns, Piano Tops. · Discard irrelevancies, Mistakes, and greet challenges proactively. · Use Leverage to do more with less. · Create Synergy in your families, your relationships, and your work. · Envision you Big Picture and take command of your navigational path. · Tap into your True Wealth and accept abundance. YOU WILL TRANSFORM YOUR GENIUS INTO PRACTICAL POWER!
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Your Private Sky

Author : Richard Buckminster Fuller
ISBN : 3907044886
Genre : Design
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Buckminster Fuller was one of the most revolutionary technological visionaries of this century. As an architect, engineer, entrepreneur, & poet, he was the quintessential American self-made man. But he was also an outsider, a technical expert with a poet's imagination who by the 1930s had already developed theories on environmental issues & anticipated the rapid globalization of our planet. Book documents & examines Fuller's theories, ideas, designs, & projects.
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Zuk Nfte

Author : Elke Seefried
ISBN : 9783110349122
Genre : History
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Zukunft avancierte in den westlichen Industriegesellschaften der 1950er bis 1970er Jahre zu einer zentralen wissenschaftlichen und politischen Kategorie. Im Zuge dessen formierte sich eine neue Wissenschaft - die Zukunftsforschung. Mit der preisgekrönten Studie von Elke Seefried liegt die erste Gesamtdarstellung zum Thema vor. Seefried zeigt, wie die "westliche" Zukunftsforschung aus dem Systemwettlauf des Kalten Krieges und der Überzeugung gerann, "Zukünfte" voraussagen und steuern zu können. Plastisch werden die Denkstile von Zukunftsforschern wie Daniel Bell, Herman Kahn oder Robert Jungk, transatlantische Netzwerke und die ambivalente Rolle der Zukunftsforschung in der politischen Planung herausgearbeitet. Einen Höhepunkt erreichte die Zukunftsforschung um 1970, als sie einen globalen Krisendiskurs um die "Grenzen des Wachstums" anfachte. Schließlich erklärt das Buch, warum die Zukunftsforschung im Lauf der 1970er Jahre selbst in eine Krise geriet. Elke Seefried wurde 2014 für diese Studie mit dem Carl-Erdmann-Preis des Verbandes der Historiker und Historikerinnen Deutschlands für herausragende Habilitationsschriften ausgezeichnet.
Category: History

Utopia Or Oblivion

Author : R. Buckminster Fuller
ISBN : 9783037781272
Genre : Architecture
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This comprehensive volume contains essays derived from lectures Buckminster Fuller gave all over the world during the 1960’s. Fuller’s thesis is that humanity has the opportunity to create a world where the needs of humanity are fully met.
Category: Architecture

Spaceship Earth In The Environmental Age 1960 1990

Author : Sabine Höhler
ISBN : 9781317317524
Genre : Science
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The idea of the earth as a vessel in space came of age in an era shaped by space travel and the Cold War. Höhler’s study brings together technology, science and ecology to explore the way this latter-day ark was invoked by politicians, environmentalists, cultural historians, writers of science fiction and many others across three decades.
Category: Science