Opening The Floodgates

Author : Kevin R. Johnson
ISBN : 9780814743096
Genre : Law
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Seeking to re-imagine the meaning and significance of the international border, Opening the Floodgates makes a case for eliminating the border as a legal construct that impedes the movement of people into this country. Open migration policies deserve fuller analysis, as evidenced by President Barack Obama’s pledge to make immigration reform a priority. Kevin R. Johnson offers an alternative vision of how U.S. borders might be reconfigured, grounded in moral, economic, and policy arguments for open borders. Importantly, liberalizing migration through an open borders policy would recognize that the enforcement of closed borders cannot stifle the strong, perhaps irresistible, economic, social, and political pressures that fuel international migration. Controversially, Johnson suggests that open borders are entirely consistent with efforts to prevent terrorism that have dominated immigration enforcement since the events of September 11, 2001. More liberal migration, he suggests, would allow for full attention to be paid to the true dangers to public safety and national security.
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Opening The Floodgates

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:37096758
Genre : Capital productivity
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Opening The Floodgates

Author : Catrina J. Sparkman
ISBN : 151522872X
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Book II of the Redemption Price Series She Survived Hurricane Katrina But Can She Survive Joshua? Bella makes it out New Orleans just moments after the levees broke. She escapes over the border into Texas, on a hot- wired school bus and back to the man she fled from five years ago, her infamous husband, former NBA superstar, Bad Boy Joshua Keys. Bella feels like she's running from one hurricane right into the crushing arms of the next, but these days Joshua Keys is living for the Lord. He looks the same, he smells the same, the intense emotions he ignites inside of Bella are definitely the same, but the old Bad Boy Joshua Keys is gone. After a night of passion and rekindled love, Joshua discovers Bella's shocking truth. Now the cat's out the bag and Bella's waiting for Hurricane Joshua to blow. In this modern day adaptation of the Biblical story of Hosea, can Bella can open her eyes long enough to see truth? She just might discover that the man who was once a hurricane has become a soft place to land after the storm.

Opening Heaven S Floodgates

Author : Jason M. Silverman
ISBN : 1611438942
Genre : Religion
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The narrative of Noah's flood in Genesis draws perennial interest from scholars and the general public. Too often, however, historical and exegetical studies of the text, the story's reception, and discussion of theological appropriation remain aloof from each other, if not at odds. This volume takes the influential nature of the flood story as an ideal opportunity to bring some of these methods into dialogue.
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Secrets Of Question Based Selling

Author : Thomas Freese
ISBN : 1402235224
Genre : Business & Economics
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Question Based Selling ( QBS®) is a commonsense approach to sales, based on the theory that "what" salespeople ask-and "how" they ask-is more important than anything they will ever say. This technique makes sense because in order to present solutions, you first must learn your customer's needs. How do you uncover a prospect's needs? By asking questions. But not just any questions. You must ask the right questions at the right time. And this book provides a step-by-step, easy-to-follow program that does just that. With this proven, hands-on guide, you will learn to: --Penetrate more accounts --Establish greater credibility --Generate more return calls --Prevent and handle objections --Motivate different types of buyers --Develop more internal champions --Close more sales...faster --And much, much more
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The China Threat

Author : Bill Gertz
ISBN : 9781621571155
Genre : Political Science
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The devastating terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and America's first domestic bio-terrorism mail attacks have shifted America's attention and resources to the immediate threat of international terrorism. But we shouldn't be fooled. Since the publication of the hardcover edition of The China Threat in November of 2000, one thing remains very much the same: the People's Republic of China is the most serious long-term national security challenge to the United States. In fact, after the events of September 11, the China threat should seem all the more real, for Communist China is one of the most important backers of states that support international terrorism. —From the new introduction by the author
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