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Meine Zeit Mit Sheila

Author : Torey L. Hayden
ISBN : 344230606X
Genre :
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Die Therapeutin und Pädagogin berichtet über das weitere Schicksal der 14jährigen Sheila, die sie als 6jährige mehrere Monate betreut hat.

Just One Child

Author : Susan Greenhalgh
ISBN : 0520253388
Genre : History
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"This is a seminal contribution to policy making as a subject of anthropological study. But to say only this would obscure the often gripping and intricate story of Chinese expert politics, where rocket scientists seized the initiative in defining historic demographic policy. Only a master ethnographer like Greenhalgh could capture it all."--George Marcus, author of Ethnography through Thick and Thin "China's 'one child' policy is often dismissed in the West as the misguided work of an alien civilization with fundamentally flawed conceptions of human rights. Greenhalgh shows how, on the contrary, it was scientific aspirations and a thirst for high-tech rationality, imported from the military to the civilian sphere, that co-produced this particular excess of planning in the post-Mao era. This is not just a devastating critique of Chinese population policy, but a thought-provoking look at the dark side of the politics of science."--Sheila Jasanoff, Harvard University "'One child.' With those two words, China launched one of the largest political, biological, and social upheavals of modern times. In a remarkably researched and thoughtful book, Susan Greenhalgh approaches this decades-long struggle armed with political science, anthropology, and science studies. The result is a book to be reckoned with in all these disciplines."--Peter L. Galison, Harvard University "This is a superb work of scholarship, fundamentally altering our knowledge of one of the most important policies ever made in the People's Republic of China, and the ways we go about knowing China. First, it is by far the most detailed study of the origins of one of the most controversial, significant, wide-ranging, and as the study makes clear, least understood decisions of the post-Mao China political system. China's one-child family policy is rarely treated with detachment, and its origins have been obscured. This book is likely to be the definitive study on their origins. Second, the mode of analysis-an ethnography of elite decision-making combined with the science studies literature and elements of theories popular in anthropology and critical studies yields insights political scientists were not likely to have come up when employing the tools of their discipline. The book thus becomes an important case for the use of such modes of analysis in and of themselves, and opens new possibilities in how policy studies in China might be done. Third, beyond the specifics of how the one-child policy came into being and the mode of analysis, the book provides broader contributions on the nature of policy-making, agenda setting, uses of rhetoric, and how elements of the political culture affect the political system in China. The overall book is exemplary in all respects."--David Bachman, University of Washington
Category: History

One Child

Author : John Apley
ISBN : 0521442753
Genre : Medical
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'The Cartesian split of human creatures into "psyche" and "soma" has had a profoundly bad influence on the medical care of children.' In fact the concept of psychosomatic disease as a separate entirely false one, there being on illness that does not in some way affect behaviour, and no behaviour which is not in some way mediated by physiological factors. However, the subtleties of our understanding of child illness have gone much further than simply unmasking this false dichotomy. This book will now unveil the parts played by other features of the broader environment - the family, stress, socioeconomic factors - and other predicaments, including that of loving and being loved. To understand the child within these wider terms, the professionals involved in helping the child and the parents must in some way be given a new perspective, a broader view. One Child provides this perspective, stepping outside conventional presentations into the more exciting possibilities of reassessing the influences and rôles of the disease itself and the environment in which it arises. This represents challenge and will inevitably cause controversy, which should itself push the perspectives further.
Category: Medical

One Child Many Worlds

Author : Eve Gregory
ISBN : 9781351655767
Genre : Education
File Size : 22.63 MB
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Originally published in 1997. By drawing on the experiences of children aged 3 to 8 attending schools in Britain, Germany, Iceland, Australia and the USA, the authors of these eleven case studies provide insights into what it means for young children to enter a new language and culture in school. They look at the scope of out-of-school language and learning practices (the role of care givers, siblings and community language classes) and go on to look at the ways in which the teacher can act as mediator of a new language and culture in school. This book helps teachers develop culturally responsive teaching programmes based on an awareness of the knowledge children bring from home and the community. The book will be of interest to early years and primary school teachers working in multilingual classrooms and students.
Category: Education

One Child At A Time

Author : Pat Johnson
ISBN : 9781571104342
Genre : Education
File Size : 38.41 MB
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A literacy specialist and consultant outlines a four-step process to to help teachers focus on specific behaviors and needs and design targeted instruction to assist a wide range of learners.
Category: Education

One Child

Author : Sarah Conly
ISBN : 9780190203436
Genre : Conservation of natural resources
File Size : 22.89 MB
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Sarah Conly argues that at present we do not have the right to have more than one child. We do not need to have more than one to live a good life, and having more than one when we are at risk of depleting our environmental resources is simply too dangerous to others.
Category: Conservation of natural resources

One Child

Author : Mei Fong
ISBN : 9781780748467
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 43.85 MB
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Since 1979, China's one-child policy has exercised unprecedented control over the reproductive habits of more than a billion people. Now the Chinese economy is on the verge of becoming the largest in the world. But will it get there or is this colossal experiment in social engineering about to bring everything crumbling down? Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Mei Fong goes to China in search of the real cost of this divisive policy for the families affected by it. The one-child policy leaves behind a dystopian legacy of second children ignored by the state, only children caring for ageing parents and grandparents, and villages filled with ineligible bachelors as a result of a massive gender imbalance. Just as it lifted millions out of poverty at the end of the twentieth century, it has now condemned generations to economic and societal turmoil. Drawing on a decade spent documenting the repercussions of the one-child policy on every sector of Chinese society, Fong makes a bleak prognosis, the effects of which will be felt across the globe.
Category: Political Science

Accepting Population Control

Author : Cecilia Nathansen Milwertz
ISBN : 0700704574
Genre : Health & Fitness
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The success in urban areas of China's one-child policy has been hailed by demographers hoping to apply it elsewhere, and condemned by human rights activists. This book examines the subject, and traces the policy back to Confucian traditions.
Category: Health & Fitness

From One Child To Two

Author : Judy Dunn
ISBN : 0449906450
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 50.9 MB
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A guide for parents offers advice on managing a second pregnancy and birth, scheduling to meet everyone's needs, and dealing with sibling rivalry and parental burnout
Category: Family & Relationships