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On The Way To Emmaus

Author : Jacques Doukhan
ISBN : 1936716437
Genre : Religion
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The discussion about messianic prophecies is therefore an important one. It hits at the very origins of Christianity and takes us to the very heart of the early Jewish- Christian controversy.
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Prophecy Unfulfilled

Author : Wayne Talbot
ISBN : 9781984501660
Genre : Religion
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Prophecy Unfulfilled represents a continuation of the author’s quest for the truth of God, by firstly uncovering the untruths that he had been taught during his formative years as a Catholic. Earlier works focused on the claimed new (replacement) covenant, the rejection of the Sabbath, and the rejection of Torah. Using the rules of evidence as in a court of law, this study seeks to evaluate the claimed messianic prophecy fulfillment by Jesus, some two thousand years ago. The first part of the book discusses the nature of evidence and how the rules regarding written evidence vary significantly from those of oral evidence, the latter being used most often by biblical scholars and Christian apologists. The first step is to authenticate the extant documents by examining the chain of custody and, thus, establish authority. Next is to authenticate the attributed authorship of the writings, to determine whether the authors were firsthand witnesses of the events they described, or whether their narratives are hearsay, with or without corroboration. Where little verbal agreement is found, this is circumstantial evidence of separate traditions developing the resultant theology. The study proceeds by examining every verse in the NKJV (New King James Version) of the New Testament that is annotated as being in fulfillment of prophecy, comparing the wording against both the NKJV Old Testament and an English translation of the Hebrew scriptures. Where significant variations exist, the author seeks an understanding from New Testament scholars, whom he frequently quotes. The eschatological temper of the early church is given due consideration, especially concerning the expectations of the Jews regarding the mission of the Messiah. Finally, the accomplishments of Jesus, as enshrined in Christian creeds, is compared with what is spoken of by the prophets. The author’s conclusion is encapsulated in the book’s title.
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Once A Christian

Author : Wayne Talbot
ISBN : 9781543402179
Genre : Religion
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You worship what you do not know; we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews. But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth (John 4:2224). Jesus spoke these words to a Samaritan woman, but the author believes that they should be directed to Christians of all denominations. Jesus preceded these words by stating that the hour is coming when you will, neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem, worship the Father. Central to the prophecies is a return to Jerusalem from where the Father will be worshipped forever. Why would Jesus contradict the Father? Contradictions such as these were largely responsible for the author doubting the authenticity of the texts, or if the texts are authentic, then one must doubt the claims of Jesus being the prophesied Messiah. There were two key issues that the author sought to resolve separately: (1) Does Christianity truly follow the footsteps of Jesus of Nazareth, or did Rome invent its own Jesus, a man who never was? and (2) Was Jesus the prophesied Jewish mashiach of the kingly line of David? Other contentious issues would resolve from those two. Resulting from wide-ranging research, the author concluded that neither Christian precept was true. Believing in God and walking away from Christianity was his only choice.
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Secrets Of Revelation

Author : Jacques Doukhan
ISBN : 0828016453
Genre : Religion
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The author, an Adventist scholar of Jewish heritage, mines the OT to uncover new meaning in the battle of Armaggedon and the millennium. He ties the symbolism of the book to the sanctuary service of ancient Israel and argues that the prophecies of Revelation foretell the eventual discrediting of secularism, the resurgence of conservative religion, and a final coalition of the two movements in the climatic events before the second coming of Christ.
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Finding Jesus In The Old Testament

Author : David Limbaugh
ISBN : 9781621574507
Genre : Religion
File Size : 77.62 MB
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A New York Times Bestseller! In Finding Jesus in the Old Testament, David Limbaugh unlocks the mysteries of the Old Testament and reveals hints of Jesus Christ's arrival through all thirty-nine Old Testament books. The key to the secrets of the Old Testament, Limbaugh argues, is the crucial New Testament encounter between the risen Jesus and two travelers on the road to Emmaus. With that key, and with Limbaugh as a deft guide, readers of Finding Jesus in the Old Testament will come to a startling new understanding of the Old Testament as a clear and powerful heralding of Jesus Christ's arrival. Limbaugh takes readers on a revealing journey from Genesis through Malachi, demonstrating that a consistent message courses through every one of the Old Testament's thirty-nine books: the power, wonder, and everlasting love of Jesus Christ. Previously published under the title The Emmaus Code.
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Christ In All The Scriptures

Author : A.M. Hodgkin
ISBN : 9781518321658
Genre : Religion
File Size : 87.9 MB
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Skyros Publishing is dedicated to reproducing the finest books ever written and letting readers of all ages experience a classic for the first time or revisit a past favorite. Christ in All the Scriptures is a popular Christian book written by A.M. Hodgkin.In the book Hodgkin points out all the places to find Christ in order to help Christians gain a better understanding of His impact on our lives.
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Author : Benjamin Greenberg
ISBN : 1544643357
Genre :
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In Prophecies, the Emmaus Encounter, Jesus explains Jesus. Here is found the scriptures Jesus pointed out to his two, relatively unknown, disciples, but unrevealed in Luke's account of the Emmaus walk. Here, the reader spends Resurrection Day hearing the prophecies of Jesus's death and resurrection.

The Popular Bible Prophecy Commentary

Author : Tim F. LaHaye
ISBN : 9780736916905
Genre : Religion
File Size : 79.7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Offering clear and informative explanations from notable prophecy experts, a user-friendly guide sheds light on a wide range of issues in Bible prophecy, including the signs preceding Jesus's Second Coming; Daniel's prophecies about the Antichrist, Tribulation, and the world's kingdoms; and the interpretation of the book of Revelation.
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Hebrew For Theologians

Author : Jacques Doukhan
ISBN : UOM:39015029073163
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 72.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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It has been said that the teaching of biblical Hebrew as a "dead language" has killed it a second time. Shaking traditional views, this book sets the "sacred language"within the life and dynamics of Hebrew thinkingoa method that makes learning Hebrew easy, exciting, and theologically relevant. Doukhan uses both deductive and inductive methods in order to make his case. The book contains original mnemonic devices and tables, and a brief summary of Hebrew grammar and vocabulary at the end of the book."
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All The Messianic Prophecies Of The Bible

Author : Herbert Lockyer
ISBN : 0310280915
Genre : Religion
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A compendium of all the prophecies in Scripture concerning the promised Messiah. Dr. Lockyer's discussion is divided into two sections, "Specific Messianic Prophecies" and Symbolic Messianic Prophecies" Biblical studies.
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