On The Lips Of Others

Author : Patrick Thomas Hajovsky
ISBN : 9781477307243
Genre : History
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An interdisciplinary study investigating how the name and portrait of Moteuczoma (a.k.a. Moctezuma/Montezuma) II were represented in Aztec monuments and colonial manuscripts and how the concept of fame operated in the Aztec world.
Category: History

A Seal Upon The Lips Of Unitarians Trinitarians And All Others Who Refuse To Acknowledge The Sole Divinity Of Jesus Christ Containing Illustrations Of Passages In The Four Evangelists And The Apocalypse In Proof That Jesus Christ Is The Supreme And Only God To Which Is Prefixed The Interview Extraordinary Or A Dialogue Between The Author And Athanasius Arius Socinus And Dr Piestley

Author : Robert HINDMARSH
ISBN : BL:A0019947136
Genre :
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The Rattling Of The Chains

Author : Errol D. Alexander
ISBN : 9781503528390
Genre : History
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This is a thoroughly enjoyable and lucidly written book. The author provides an accurately reconstructed history of his family from an African slave trader named Jasinto in the eighteenth century to the year 2013. Also a series of lessons on doing genealogical research is supplied in the appendixes. It is a riveting and a must read for those who study the African American experience and the history of slavery in America.
Category: History

Are The Lips A Grave

Author : Lynne Huffer
ISBN : 9780231535779
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Lynne Huffer's ambitious inquiry redresses the rift between feminist and queer theory, traversing the space of a new, post-moral sexual ethics that includes pleasure, desire, connection, and betrayal. She begins by balancing queer theorists' politics of sexual freedoms with a moralizing feminist politics that views sexuality as harm. Drawing on the best insights from both traditions, she builds an ethics centered on eros, following Michel Foucault's ethics as a practice of freedom and Luce Irigaray's lyrical articulation of an ethics of sexual difference. Through this theoretical lens, Huffer examines everyday experiences of ethical connection and failure connected to sex, including queer sexual practices, sodomy laws, interracial love, pornography, and work-life balance. Her approach complicates sexual identities while challenging the epistemological foundations of subjectivity. She rethinks ethics "beyond good and evil" without underestimating, as some queer theorists have done, the persistence of what Foucault calls the "catastrophe" of morality. Elaborating a thinking-feeling ethics of the other, Huffer encourages contemporary intellectuals to reshape sexual morality from within, defining an ethical space that is both poetically suggestive and politically relevant, both conceptually daring and grounded in common sexual experience.
Category: Literary Criticism

Forsaking All Others

Author : Lavyrle Spencer
ISBN : 9781101214718
Genre : Fiction
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Bestselling author LaVyrle Spencer presents one of her most beloved stories—about a woman who must look past the surface to see true beauty within… Allison Scott has her mind on her career. As an up-and-coming photographer, she has neither the time nor the inclination for an affair—especially since her last attempt at love with a handsome model shattered her dreams of rising to the top with a partner by her side. Now, Allison is determined to stay detached from the beautiful men she must photograph every day. But Rick Lang, who only models to pay the bills, can see through Allison’s aloofness to the aching heart beneath. And while it’s clear that Allison isn’t about to let him in without a fight, Rick knows that he’s the right man to be trusted with the gift of her love… From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Fiction

Harming Others

Author : Casey Finch
ISBN : 9780820332680
Genre : Poetry
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Arranged in three parts, Harming Others moves from a mock heroic voice in The Empire Poems to a more intimate voice in The Damaged Poems, one that speaks to friends on their birthdays, wedding days, ordinary days. The book culminates in The Forbidden Poems--a retelling of the stories of the Old and New Testaments, a reshaping of religion and history in the present. --University of Georgia Press.
Category: Poetry

The Lives Of Others

Author : Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
ISBN : 9781782270751
Genre : Performing Arts
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1984. East Germany. Captain Gerd Wiesler, a loyal member of the secret police, is assigned to spy on the playwright Georg Dreyman. The flat is bugged, and Wiesler begins to listen in to the daily - and nightly -activities of the playwright and his actress-girlfriend. But when he discovers that the surveillance has been instigated by the Minister of Culture's desire for Dreyman's girlfriend, rather than the playwright's political views, Wiesler begins to question his own loyalties. As he continues to listen in, he finds himself becoming increasingly absorbed in the couple's lives, and the gap between his professional duty and personal integrity starts to widen. This hugely influential film by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, whose screenplay is published in English for the first time, is as relevant - or even more so - now, in the wake of Edward Snowden and the WikiLeaks revelations, as it was when it won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. With a foreword by John le Carré. Further contents: Introduction by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck; 'Appassionata: The Idea for the Film', by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck'; an essay by Sebastian Koch ('Georg Dreyman'); an interview with Ulrich Mühe, by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck; 'Wiesler's Change of Heart', an essay by Manfred Wilke; full film cast and crew credits
Category: Performing Arts

God Between Their Lips

Author : Kathryn Bond Stockton
ISBN : 0804723443
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Connecting the cultural domains of religion, sex, and work, this book encompasses aspects of feminist theory, post-structuralist materialisms, Victorian thought, and two prominent 19th-century women's novels (Charlotte Brontë's Villette and George Eliot's Middlemarch)—to understand desire between women as a form of "spiritual materialism."
Category: Literary Criticism