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On The Causes Of Economic Growth

Author : Carlos Sabillon
ISBN : 9780875865904
Genre : Business & Economics
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In a sweeping review of economic history, the author presents the salient facts of booms and slowdowns in the major economies of the world, in 50-year intervals and demonstrates the weakness of orthodox theories. The only factor that consistently causes growth, he shows, is centralized support for manufacturing, which spurs the creation of new technologies, which lead to wealth creation. Since the earliest of times, human beings have endeavored to uncover the causes of prosperity. Step by step, Sabillon tests the principal theories on the causes of economic growth against the facts of history. Here, economic statistics of the world are presented in a rationalized format that allows for comparison across countries and through time, with a challenge to those who study them to determine, with an open mind, what the statistics show and what are the trends -- beyond cherished theories that suit various political purposes. Tested against the historical data, textbook ideas and theories consistently come up short. Such analyses are highly troubling because they reveal an absence of correlation between theory and reality. The data, statistics illustrating the development of the world economy during the last several centuries, were extracted from economic, history and economic history books, from publications of the World Bank, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, the United Nations specialized agencies, research institutes and country statistical publications, and other books and journals. Analyzing the data over geography and time, Sabillon concludes that contrary to contemporary wisdom, left to market forces alone the economy will not and does not flourish. Only decisive intervention in support of manufacturing and technological advancement can provide growth. This systematic review of history and test of accepted dogma challenges economic theorists to consider one part of the equation of economic policy that has been wiped off the blackboard in today s politically-correct debates.
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The Causes Of Economic Growth

Author : Rick Szostak
ISBN : 3540922822
Genre : Business & Economics
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What are the causes of economic growth? As billions of people still live in poverty, this is perhaps the most important question in human science. It is also a very complex one, as rates of economic growth are influenced by a multitude of economic as well as political, geographical and sociological factors. This books attempts to advance a nuanced understanding of the process of economic growth by synthesizing the insights of several social science disciplines. Different theories and methods employed by economists and other social scientists to study the causes of economic growth are analyzed and it is shown how and why those insights should be integrated by applying best-practice techniques of interdisciplinary analysis. Scholars and practitioners are thus provided with a wide array of potential strategies for encouraging growth as well as guidance on how these strategies may interact.
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Sharp Instrument A Stab At Identifying The Causes Of Economic Growth

Author : Reda Cherif
ISBN : 9781484358092
Genre : Business & Economics
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We shed new light on the determinants of growth by tackling the blunt and weak instrument problems in the empirical growth literature. As an instrument for each endogenous variable, we propose average values of the same variable in neighboring countries. This method has the advantage of producing variable-specific and time-varying—namely, “sharp”—and strong instruments. We find that export sophistication is the only robust determinant of growth among standard growth determinants such as human capital, trade, financial development, and institutions. Our results suggest that other growth determinants may be important to the extent they help improve export sophistication.
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Economic Growth And Distribution

Author : Neri Salvadori
ISBN : 1781008213
Genre : Business & Economics
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Economic Growth and Distribution isolates and compares the logical structures and methodological underpinnings underlying the relationship between economic growth and distribution. It carries out an in-depth analysis of a wide range of issues connected with growth theory considered from different theoretical perspectives. Its uniqueness is derived from the original contributions by a number of scholars of different persuasions; some within the mainstream and others from Keynesian-Kaleckian-Sraffian positions. The book deals with a wide variety of research topics concerning economic growth and distribution, such as the transition from the epoch of Malthusian stagnation to the contemporary era of modern economic growth; comparisons among the classical tradition, modern theory, and heterodox models; problems of policy; dynamics and business cycles; the role on institutions.
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Economic Growth And Development

Author : Matthew McCartney
ISBN : 9781137290311
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 62.80 MB
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This wide-ranging text introduces the causes of economic growth and stagnation across countries. It combines consideration of proximate causes as well as systemic factors, and provides the historical context and theoretical background to aid understanding of international disparities.
Category: Political Science

Long Run Economic Development In Latin America In A Comparative Perspective

Author : André A. Hofman
ISBN : 9211213371
Genre : Economic development
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This paper describes trends in economic growth and it's causes in several Latin American countries in the 20th century. This paper stresses that the proximate causes of economic growth are not independent of the ultimate causes of growth. Proximate causes of economic growth are those areas of causality where models and quantification is possible. Ultimate causes of economic growth are much more difficult to quantify. The paper concludes with a description of some of the most important characteristics of economic development in the region.
Category: Economic development

Introduction To Modern Economic Growth

Author : Daron Acemoglu
ISBN : 9781400835775
Genre : Business & Economics
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Introduction to Modern Economic Growth is a groundbreaking text from one of today's leading economists. Daron Acemoglu gives graduate students not only the tools to analyze growth and related macroeconomic problems, but also the broad perspective needed to apply those tools to the big-picture questions of growth and divergence. And he introduces the economic and mathematical foundations of modern growth theory and macroeconomics in a rigorous but easy to follow manner. After covering the necessary background on dynamic general equilibrium and dynamic optimization, the book presents the basic workhorse models of growth and takes students to the frontier areas of growth theory, including models of human capital, endogenous technological change, technology transfer, international trade, economic development, and political economy. The book integrates these theories with data and shows how theoretical approaches can lead to better perspectives on the fundamental causes of economic growth and the wealth of nations. Innovative and authoritative, this book is likely to shape how economic growth is taught and learned for years to come. Introduces all the foundations for understanding economic growth and dynamic macroeconomic analysis Focuses on the big-picture questions of economic growth Provides mathematical foundations Presents dynamic general equilibrium Covers models such as basic Solow, neoclassical growth, and overlapping generations, as well as models of endogenous technology and international linkages Addresses frontier research areas such as international linkages, international trade, political economy, and economic development and structural change An accompanying Student Solutions Manual containing the answers to selected exercises is available (978-0-691-14163-3/$24.95). See: http://press.princeton.edu/titles/8970.html. For Professors only: To access a complete solutions manual online, email us at: [email protected]
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Uneven Economic Development

Author : Jose Antonio Ocampo
ISBN : 184813195X
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26.88 MB
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Inequality in the world is high and rising. The problem of global uneven development is central to, and inseparable from, the international development agenda. This book examines the causes and implications of international economic divergences. It also reviews economic growth and structural change patterns since the 1960s
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Crime In Europe

Author : Horst Entorf
ISBN : 3540423265
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 21.41 MB
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The generous social welfare system in Europe is one of the most important differences between Europe and the US. Defenders of the European welfare state argue that it improves social cohesion and prevents crime. Others argue that the "invisible hand" in the US economy is equally powerful in reducing unemployment and preventing crime. This book takes this trade-off as a starting point and contributes to a better interdisciplinary understanding of the interactions between crime, economic performance and social exclusion. In doing so, it evaluates the existing economic and criminological research and provides innovative empirical investigations on the basis of international panel data sets from different levels of regional aggregation.
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