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Author : Nwana, Pita
ISBN : 9781940729176
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 73.35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Omenụkọ (real name: Igwegbe Odum) whose home in Okigwe, Eastern Nigeria, was a popular spot for field trips by students in schools and colleges, as well as a favourite attraction for tourists in the decades before and after the Nigerian Independence in 1960. Generations of Igbo children began their reading in Igbo with Omenụkọ, and those who did not have the opportunity to go to school still read Omenụkọ in their homes or at adult education centers. Omenụkọ was a legendary figure and his 'sayings' became part of the Igbo speech repertoire that young adults were expected to acquire. Omenụkọ, a classic in Igbo Literature, written by Pita Nwana and published in 1933 by Longman, Green & Co, Ltd, London, is in this translation made accessible to a global audience. Emenyonu utilizes his mastery of both languages (Igbo and English) to faithfully present to his audience a complete rendition of Omenụkọ as originally written. The timeless significance of this novel as a progenitor of the Igbo language novel is again underscored.
Category: Fiction

Emerging Perspectives On Chinua Achebe

Author : Ernest Emenyo̲nu
ISBN : 0865438765
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 64.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Chinua Achebe, a literary icon of the 20th century, is widely regarded as Africa's best novelist to date, and one of the world's greatest. The essays in this book provide global perspectives of Achebe as an artist with a proper sense of history and an imaginative writer with an inviolable sense of cultural mission and political commitment. Omenka is the first of a two volume celebration of this modern African literary tradition, which owes much of its origin to Achebe's landmark classic novel, Things Fall Apart, the most widely read African novel.
Category: Literary Criticism

African Literature In The Twentieth Century

Author : O. R. Dathorne
ISBN : 9780816607693
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 80.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Explores intellectual currents in African prose and verse from sung or chanted lines to modern writings
Category: Literary Criticism

The Eucharist As Orik Ns

Author : Damian Ọnwụegbuchulam Eze
ISBN : 3631578830
Genre : Religion
File Size : 37.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this book the author, relying on the research he carried out in Igboland, Nigeria, leads us to see the action of God's grace already active in the Igbo religious culture called Omenala Ndigbo before the coming of Christian missionaries and how these cultural values have prepared the people to receive the Gospel. But, as he points out, these cultural values on which the Christian message ought to have been built from the beginning were grossly misunderstood and neglected. The Igbo people are now mainly Christians. But because the Gospel has not yet become their culture, some of them have double allegiance to the doctrines of the Church and to the practices of Omenala Ndigbo. The author opines that to build the Catholic Church in Igboland on a solid foundation, the Eucharist must take the central place - since the Eucharist makes the Church and is the source and summit of the life of the Church. Thus the work, which uses the analytical and hermeneutical method known as inculturation, is on Eucharistic Ecclesiology from an Igbo perspective and will be useful for the Church, both at the local and universal levels for self-understanding and renewal, ecumenism, dialogue and mission.
Category: Religion

Encyclopedia Of African Literature

Author : Simon Gikandi
ISBN : 9781134582235
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 49.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The most comprehensive reference work on African literature to date, this book covers all the key historical and cultural issues in the field. The Encyclopedia contains over 600 entries covering criticism and theory, African literature's development as a field of scholarship, and studies of established and lesser-known writers and their texts. While the greatest proportion of literary work in Africa has been a product of the twentieth century, the Encyclopedia also covers the literature back to the earliest eras of story-telling and oral transmission, making this a unique and valuable resource for those studying social sciences as well as humanities. This work includes cross-references, suggestions for further reading, and a comprehensive index.
Category: Literary Criticism

Omenuko Ou Le Repentir D Un Marchand D Esclaves

Author : Pita Nwana
ISBN : 9782811104535
Genre : Igbo (African people)
File Size : 42.73 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Nwosu Nwana (c. 1881 - 5 sept. 1968), qui prit au baptême le prénom de Pita (Pierre), est né à Arondizuogu dans l'Etat d'lmo, au sud-est du Nigeria, en pays igbo. Son père était fermier. Pita, l'aîné de cinq garçons, aimait le travail manuel et se mit comme apprenti chez un commerçant. II se convertit plus tard au protestantisme et se distingua bientôt par son audace dans la contestation de la religion traditionnelle. Quelque cinq ans après son mariage, il quitta Arondizuogu pour Uzuakoli, où il eut cinq enfants. Là, il servit la mission et le collège méthodistes comme menuisier-charpentier mais aussi comme interprète et prédicateur laïc de 1921 à 1951. A sa retraite, le 30 juin 1951, il revint dans son village pour s'y consacrer à sa ferme, et participer un moment au conseil municipal et au tribunal coutumier. II mourut de fièvre le 5 septembre 1968, pendant la guerre du Biafra. On retrouve dans son unique ouvrage, Ornenuko, plusieurs traits autobiographiques tirés de son expérience de commerçant, de ses démêlés avec l'administration coloniale et de ses audacieuses entreprises en forêt. Si le style de l'ouvrage est proche de la tradition orale, le sujet, lui, est bien de son temps. A une époque où un réseau déjà dense de routes commerciales reliait villes et marchés, le portrait-robot de l'lgbo moyen brossé par l'auteur, est celui d'un commerçant habile et peu scrupuleux, spécialisé dans l'import-export, habitué des voyages et adepte de l'émigration. Ce roman, le premier écrit en langue igbo, se déroule dans un décor profondément marqué par l'esclavage.
Category: Igbo (African people)