Olmec Archaeology And Early Mesoamerica

Author : Christopher Pool
ISBN : 9780521783125
Genre : History
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Olmec Archaeology and Early Mesoamerica offers the most thorough and up-to-date book-length treatment of Olmec society and culture available.
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Das Alte Mexiko

Author : Ulrike Peters
ISBN : 9783843805179
Genre : History
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Die Hochkulturen der Azteken und Maya sind die bekanntesten des Alten Mexiko. Weniger bekannt, aber nicht weniger interessant sind die anderen Kulturen, die es außerdem seit dem ersten Jahrtausend v. Chr. gab: Olmeken, Teotihuacán, Monte Albán und die Kulturen der Zapoteken, Mixteken, El Tajín und die Totonaken oder Tula und die Tolteken. Ihre Städte, Tempel und Kunstwerke stellen heute nur noch einen schwachen Abglanz einer einzigartigen indianischen Vergangenheit dar. Die hochentwickelten Schriftund Kalendersysteme waren die ersten in Amerika, Teotihuacán war die erste Metropole Amerikas. Der vorliegende Band gibt einen Überblick über die Vielfalt der indianischen Hochkulturen Mexikos unter der Berücksichtigung der neuesten Forschungsergebnisse. Gleichzeitig wird aber auch aufgezeigt, wie die Präsenz der indianischen Tradition die Geschichte Mexikos von der spanischen Eroberung 1521 bis heute prägt und es für den Touristen zu einem der faszinierendsten Länder der Welt macht.
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Cosmology Calendars And Horizon Based Astronomy In Ancient Mesoamerica

Author : Anne S. Dowd
ISBN : 9781607323792
Genre : Social Science
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Cosmology, Calendars, and Horizon-Based Astronomy in Ancient Mesoamerica is an interdisciplinary tour de force that establishes the critical role astronomy played in the religious and civic lives of the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica. Providing extraordinary examples of how Precolumbian peoples merged ideas about the cosmos with those concerning calendar and astronomy, the volume showcases the value of detailed examinations of astronomical data for understanding ancient cultures. The volume is divided into three sections: investigations into Mesoamerican horizon-based astronomy, the cosmological principles expressed in Mesoamerican religious imagery and rituals related to astronomy, and the aspects of Mesoamerican calendars related to archaeoastronomy. It also provides cutting-edge research on diverse topics such as records of calendar and horizon-based astronomical observation (like the Dresden and Borgia codices), iconography of burial assemblages, architectural alignment studies, urban planning, and counting or measuring devices. Contributors—who are among the most respected in their fields— explore new dimensions in Mesoamerican timekeeping and skywatching in the Olmec, Maya, Teotihuacano, Zapotec, and Aztec cultures. It will be of great interest to students and scholars of anthropology, archaeology, art history, and astronomy.
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The Early Olmec And Mesoamerica

Author : Jeffrey P. Blomster
ISBN : 9781316943069
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The Early Formative Olmec are central in a wide variety of debates regarding the development of Mesoamerican societies. A fundamental issue in Olmec archaeology is the nature of interregional interaction among contemporaneous societies and the possible Olmec role in it. Previous debates have often not been informed by recent research and data, often relying on materials lacking archaeological context. In order to approach these issues from new perspectives, this book introduces readers to the full spectrum of the material culture of the Olmec and their contemporaries, relying primarily on archaeological data, much of which has not been previously published. For the first time, using a standard lexicon to consider the nature of the interaction among Early Formative societies, the authors, experts in diverse regions of Mesoamerican art and archaeology, provide carefully considered contrasts and comparisons that advance the understanding of the Early Formative origins of social complexity in Mesoamerica.
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The Oxford Handbook Of Mesoamerican Archaeology

Author : Deborah L. Nichols
ISBN : 9780199996346
Genre : Social Science
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The Oxford Handbook of Mesoamerican Archaeology provides a current and comprehensive guide to the recent and on-going archaeology of Mesoamerica. Though the emphasis is on prehispanic societies, this Handbook also includes coverage of important new work by archaeologists on the Colonial and Republican periods. Unique among recent works, the text brings together in a single volume article-length regional syntheses and topical overviews written by active scholars in the field of Mesoamerican archaeology. The first section of the Handbook provides an overview of recent history and trends of Mesoamerica and articles on national archaeology programs and practice in Central America and Mexico written by archaeologists from these countries. These are followed by regional syntheses organized by time period, beginning with early hunter-gatherer societies and the first farmers of Mesoamerica and concluding with a discussion of the Spanish Conquest and frontiers and peripheries of Mesoamerica. Topical and comparative articles comprise the remainder of Handbook. They cover important dimensions of prehispanic societies--from ecology, economy, and environment to social and political relations--and discuss significant methodological contributions, such as geo-chemical source studies, as well as new theories and diverse theoretical perspectives. The Handbook concludes with a section on the archaeology of the Spanish conquest and the Colonial and Republican periods to connect the prehispanic, proto-historic, and historic periods. This volume will be a must-read for students and professional archaeologists, as well as other scholars including historians, art historians, geographers, and ethnographers with an interest in Mesoamerica.
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Early Mesoamerican Social Transformations

Author : Richard G. Lesure
ISBN : 9780520268999
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"Data and interpretations generated from the Soconusco are critical but often fail to inform larger debates in Mesoamerica as frequently as they should. This book remedies that situation; it will be of interest to all Mesoamericanists who work on the Archaic and Formative periods."--Jeffrey P. Blomster, editor of After Monte Alban: Transformation and Negotiation in Oaxaca, Mexico "This volume will be crucial to our understanding of the origins of civilization in Mesoamerica. Its interpretations are innovative and present a wealth of new research on an early time period from a very important region. Its importance cannot be underestimated."--Terry G. Powis, Department of Anthropology, Kennesaw State University
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La Arquitectura Precolombina En Mesoam Rica

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105131251972
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Major work on the Pre-Columbian architecture in Mesoamerica in a continuation of the work by noted Mexican archaeologist Ignacio Marquina (b. México, 1913), who for many decades was the key reference on the topic. This new publication enriches Marquina's research with new and spectacular discoveries and updated archaeological and anthropological knowledge. Coordinated by M. Teresa Uriarte, the book analyses the historical and artistic problems of the origin of Pre-Columbian architecture, its development and influence in contemporary Mexican architecture. The first chapters examine the constructive techniques and the following chapters address the historic evolution of the different cultural zones of Mesoamerica. With texts by many experts this beautifully illustrated edition includes spectacular color plates, plans and drawings.
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