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Oak Island And Its Lost Treasure

Author : Graham Harris
ISBN : 9781459502604
Genre : History
File Size : 82.83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Civil engineers Graham Harris and Les MacPhie have spent over a decade investigating the enigma of Nova Scotia's Oak Island. In this new edition of their book, they set out the previously unknown story of how complex and expensive engineering work was undertaken to create an elaborate flood tunnel on the island. Built to frustrate treasure seekers attempting to get at the valuables buried decades earlier at the bottom of the island's Money Pit, the tunnel has admirably served its purpose. It has ensured that all efforts up to now to recover the treasure have been unsuccessful. Oak Island poses two different challenges for treasure seekers. There is a deep mine shaft, at the bottom of which the treasure lies. The authors offer evidence that this treasure came from the wreck of a Spanish galleon in the seventeenth century. Even more mystifying than the mine shaft is the complex tunnel which links it to the ocean. Harris and MacPhie have determined that the project would have required a labour force of over 100 men to supplement a small force of experienced miners. The work would have taken almost two years to complete. In new chapters written for this edition, they present the evidence they have discovered in British military history records which shows who commanded this force, how it reached Nova Scotia, and when the work was carried out. The new facts and insights offered in this book are a startling and convincing addition to the history of Oak Island.
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Oak Island Secrets

Author : Mark Finnan
ISBN : 9780887804144
Genre : History
File Size : 73.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Updated with information on the results of recent high-tech underwater scans, Oak Island Secrets offers a complete and up-to-date account of Canada's most puzzling and intriguing historical and archaeological mystery. Since 1795, treasure hunters have pursued something they believe to be of immense value buried more than a hundred feet below the surface of Nova Scotia's Oak Island. Explorations and excavations have revealed an elaborately constructed system of shafts and water traps, underlining the amazing engineering skill apparently employed to protect the treasure. Mark Finnan interviewed all the key participants in the current search for the buried treasure, uncovering information that points to new directions and approaches that might finally reveal Oak Island's secrets.
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Oak Island

Author : Joann Hamilton-Barry
ISBN : 1771083425
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 20.66 MB
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Thrill seekers will love this true story of the mysterious Oak Island.
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Oak Island Obsession

Author : Lee Lamb
ISBN : 9781550028904
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 75.97 MB
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As Bob and Mildred Lee, they amazed audiences with their death-defying motorcycle act. In reality they were Bob and Mildred Restall, parents of three, who balanced their glamorous show-business career with a happy, stable home life. In October 1959, the Restalls embarked on the ultimate family adventure, as Bob led his family to the east coast of Canada to dig for the famous treasure of Oak Island. For nearly six years they lived without telephone, hydro, or running water while newspapers and magazines chronicled their attempts to solve the mystery of the Money Pit. On August 17, 1965, their quest ended in tragedy when four men died. This biography, compiled by their daughter, includes material written by each family member. Lyrical descriptions of nature, amusing anecdotes, details of the dig, and numerous photographs help to tell the story. This book is a must for Oak Island enthusiasts.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Oak Island Gold

Author : William S. Crooker
ISBN : 155109049X
Genre : History
File Size : 26.82 MB
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For over two centuries, the mysterious labyrinth of shafts and tunnels under Oak Island, a tiny island on Nova Scotia's South Shore, has been the scene of a frantic search by scores of treasure hunters from two continents. They believe that the shafts and intricate man-made flooding system hold the secret to a treasure of untold wealth. Although millions have been spent, bitter feuds have erupted, and men have died, the treasure has remained as elusive as the answers to who built the labyrinth, why and how it was constructed, and the nature of the treasure itself. Until now.In his second book on the Oak Island mystery, William Crooker meticulously sifts through the evidence unearthed by treasure hunters on the island, past and present. Then, armed with some starling new discoveries, he neatly fits the pieces together to offer a plausible solution to the baffling puzzle of Oak Island.
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Oak Island Mystery Solved

Author : Joy Steele
ISBN : 1772060089
Genre : Oak Island Treasure Site (N.S.)
File Size : 76.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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For more than two centuries, adventurers, thrill seekers and treasure hunters have tried to unlock the secret of Oak Island, investing millions of dollars, and costing at least six lives. And the obsession continues: a television series in the winter of 2014 and seasonal walking tours that include locations highlighted by the series. Theories and intrigue abound - a clandestine treasure trove? The resting place of some holy relic? A cache of priceless documents? The promise of treasure is a powerful compulsion - Oak Island story is embroiled with politics and treachery from its humble beginnings - and many have risked and lost entire fortunes, and in some cases their very lives, chasing these theories. The bald truth is that nobody actually knew, and every imaginable theory from the fantastic to the ridiculous was concocted to explain that unknown. To get at the real treasure of Oak Island it is necessary to dig deeply, but through the facts, not the legends, and Joy Steele's thorough investigation reveals a remarkable and credible truth vastly different than legend would have it.
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Oak Island

Author : James a McQuiston Fsasct
ISBN : 154124057X
Genre :
File Size : 53.92 MB
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Oak Island: Missing Links debunks the naysayers who insist on discounting the age old legend of Scottish sailors coming to Oak Island long before Christopher Columbus discovered America, proving that it could be done, easily and often, that there were many early links of Scotsmen to Nova Scotia, and that there were many links of these same Scots families to Knights Templar and Masonic legends. It also provides logical explanations for the Mi'kmaq First Nations' traditions of a man-god named Glooscap, and his brother Malsum, and also for an Italian tradition which includes the name Zichmini, and a land called Estotiland. Rather than the centuries of doubt these four names have cast on a voyage of Sir Henry Sinclair to Nova Scotia, in 1398, these new theories actually strongly support this voyage. Author James. A McQuiston is not only a Fellow with the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (est. 1780), but his Scottish family holds what is believed to be the premier Baronetcy of Nova Scotia dating back to 1625. These never-before explored theories shed some serious light on the subject of Oak Island, Nova Scotia.

Oak Island 1632

Author : James A. Mcquiston
ISBN : 197750504X
Genre :
File Size : 51.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Early in 2017, James A. McQuiston wrote a book entitled Oak Island Missing Links, exploring, in a logical, pragmatic fashion, the many mysteries that surround Oak Island, Nova Scotia. McQuiston was then asked to present his theories to the current treasure hunters on Oak Island, in person. He traveled there in early June 2017, having expanded his research dramatically for this special presentation. A few specific questions were asked of him, and so, upon his return home, he delved further into these areas. After presenting a few more answers and theories, McQuiston was encouraged to write a second book. In this case, the book would focus almost entirely on the evacuation of Scots settlers from Port Royal, Nova Scotia, in the year 1632, and why it might be believed that it was they who lost or purposely scuttled a ship in the man-made swamp of Oak Island, and buried other items in the so-called Money Pit. Many tantalizing bits of new information rose to the surface during the writing of Oak Island 1632 that lead to the distinct possibility that this year was, in fact, the very year the Money Pit was created.

The Lost Treasure Of The Knights Templar

Author : Steven Sora
ISBN : 9781594777660
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 66.59 MB
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A compelling argument that connects the lost treasure of the Knights Templar to the mysterious money pit on Oak Island, Nova Scotia, that has baffled treasure hunters for two centuries • Fascinating occult detective work linking the Cathars, the Scottish Masons, and Renne-le-Chateau to the elusive treasure pit on Oak Island • Draws on new evidence recently unearthed in Italy, France, and Scotland to provide a compelling solution to one of the world's most enduring mysteries When the Order of Knights Templar was ruthlessly dissolved in 1307 by King Philip the Fair of France it possessed immense wealth and political power, yet none of the treasure the Templars amassed has ever been found. Their treasure is rumored to contain artifacts of spiritual significance retrieved by the order during the Crusades, including the genealogies of David and Jesus and documents that trace these bloodlines into the royal bloodlines of Merovingian France. Placing a Scottish presence in the New World a century before Columbus, Steven Sora paints a credible scenario that has the Sinclair clan of Scotland transporting the wealth of the Templars--entrusted to them as the Masonic heirs of the order--to a remote island off the shores of present-day Nova Scotia. The mysterious money pit there is commonly believed to have been built before 1497 and has guarded its secret contents tenaciously despite two centuries of determined efforts to unearth it. All of these efforts (one even financed by American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt) have failed, thanks to an elaborate system of booby traps, false beaches, hidden drains, and other hazards of remarkable ingenuity and technological complexity.
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Author : Douglas Preston
ISBN : 0759525188
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 51.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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IN 1695, a notorious English pirate buried his bounty in a maze of booby-trapped tunnels on an island off the coast of Maine. In three hundred years, no one has breached this cursed and rocky fortress. Now a treasure hunter and his high-tech, million-dollar recovery team embark on the perfect operation to unlock the labyrinth's mysteries. First the computers fail. The then crewmen begin to die. The island has guarded its secrets for centuries, and it isn't letting them go--without a fight.
Category: Fiction