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Nuclear Physics And Gamma Ray Sources For Nuclear Security And Nonproliferation

Author : Takehito Hayakawa
ISBN : 9789814635462
Genre : Science
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Nuclear nonproliferation is a critical global issue. A key technological challenge to ensuring nuclear nonproliferation and security is the detection of long-lived radioisotopes and fissionable nuclides in a non-destructive manner. This technological challenge requires new methods for detecting relevant nuclides and the development of new quantum-beam sources. For example, one new method that has been proposed and studied is nuclear resonance fluorescence with energy-tunable, monochromatic gamma-rays generated by Compton scattering of laser photons with electrons. The development of new methods requires the help of researchers from a wide range of fields, such as nuclear physics, accelerator physics, laser physics, etc. Furthermore, any new method must be compatible with the requirements of administrators and nuclear-material inspectors. Contents:PrefaceOral Presentations:Nuclear Science and Applications with the Next Generation of High-Power Lasers and Brilliant Low-Energy Gamma Beams at ELI-NP (S Gales)New Non-Intrusive Inspection Technologies for Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation (R J Ledoux)Development of Gamma-Ray Nondestructive Detection and Assay Systems for Nuclear Safeguards and Security at JAEA (R Hajima)Photonuclear Reaction Studies at HIγS: Developing the Science of Remote Detection of Nuclear Materials (C R Howell)Dipole Strength Around the Particle Threshold (D Savran)Resonant Photonuclear Reactions for Neutrino Nuclear Responses and Nuclear Isotope Detections (H Ejiri)Non-Destructive Testing for Control of Radioactive Waste Package (S Plumeri and F Carrel)Development of First Responders Equipment at RN Incident Sites (K Tsuchiya et al.)Compact Short-Pulsed Electron Linac Based Neutron Sources for Precise Nuclear Material Analysis (M Uesaka et al.)Laser-Driven Plasma Deceleration of Electron Beams for Compact Photon Sources (J-L Vay et al.)Advanced Laser-Compton Gamma-Ray Sources for Nuclear Materials Detection, Assay and Imaging (C P J Barty)Compact Gamma-Beam Source for Nuclear Security Technologies (P Gladkikh and J Urakawa)Developments of Optical Resonators and Optical Recirculators for Compton X/γ Ray Machines (A Martens)Low-Lying “Pygmy” Dipole Resonances and Strength Functions (V Werner et al.)NRF-Based NDA of Nuclear Material Using Monochromatic γ-Ray Beam (T Shizuma et al.)Improving the Assay of 239Pu in Spent and Melted Fuel Using the Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence Integral Resonance Transmission Method (C T Angell et al.)Laser Compton Scattering Gamma-Ray Beam Source at NewSUBARU Storage Ring (S Miyamoto et al.)Energy Calibration of Electron and Gamma-Ray Beams at NewSUBARU-GACKO (T Shima and H Utsunomiya)A Paradigm for the Nondestructive Assay of Spent Fuel Assemblies and Similar Large Objects, with Emphasis on the Role of Photon-Based Techniques (A M Bolind)Medium Modification of α Cluster Size in 6Li (T Yamagata et al.)Noninvasive Reactor Imaging Using Cosmic-Ray Muons (H Miyadera et al.)Compton Radiation for Nuclear Waste Management and Transmutation (E Bulyak and J Urakawa)Compact Intense Neutron Generators Based on Inertial Electrostatic Confinement of D-D Fusion Plasmas (K Masuda et al.)NRF Based Nondestructive Inspection System for SNM by Using Laser-Compton-Backscattering Gamma-Rays (H Ohgaki et al.)Development of Measurement Methods for Detection of Special Nuclear Materials Using D-D Pulsed Neutron Source (T Misawa et al.)SOFIA, a Next-Generation Facility for Fission Yields Measurements and Fission Study. First Results and Perspectives (L Audouin et al.)Present Status of Nuclear Data for Nuclear Nonproliferation (M Igashira)Development of the Experimental Photo-Nuclear Reaction Database in Hokkaido University (A Makinaga)Laser-Compton Scattering Photon Beams and Other Gamma-Ray Sources: Project for Coherent Gamma-Ray Source on Basis of Femtosecond Laser at ILC MSU (V G Nedorezov and A B Savelév)Laser Driven Ion Acceleration Study in JAEA (K Kondo)Status of New JENDL Photonuclear Data File (K Kosako et al.)Nuclear Research with Eγ≤15 MeV Photons (C Rangacharyulu)IRIDE: Interdisciplinary Research Infrastructure Based on Dual Electron Linac and Laser (M Ferrario)Poster Presentations:A Study of the Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence Reaction Yield Dependence on the Target Thickness of 208PB (H Negm et al.)Photodisintegration Reactions with Linear Polarized γ-Ray Beam (T Hayakawa et al.)Test Experiment of γ-Ray Diffraction for Crystal Monochromators (S Matsuba et al.)Overview of Laser Compton-scattered Photon Source at the cERL (R Nagai et al.)Development of a High-Brightness and High-Current Electron Gun for High-Flux γ-Ray Generation (N Nishimori et al.)Design of ERL Spoke Cavity for Non-Destructive Assay Research (M Sawamura et al.)Measurements of Cosmic-Ray Muon-Capture X-Rays and Its Application to Nuclear Material Detection (Y Shimbara et al.)Active Neutron-Based Interrogation System with D-D Neutron Source for Detection of Special Nuclear Materials (Y Takahashi et al.)Closing Summary:Summary Comments: Nuclear Physics and Gamma-Ray Sources for Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation (C P J Barty) Readership: Researchers and professionals in the field of nuclear physics. Keywords:Nuclear Nonproliferation;Long-lived Radioisotopes;Fissionable Nuclides;Compton Scarttering;Monochromatic Gamma-rays;Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence;Nuclear Physics
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Let S Find Ads In Magazines

Author : Mari Schuh
ISBN : 9781467796545
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Magazines have stories, pictures, and ads. Companies put ads in magazines to sell products. What do magazine ads look like? And what is their purpose? Readers will learn to identify and evaluate the advertisements they see in magazines. Accessible text and explanatory photos help students understand the role of advertising in their lives.
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Femtosecond Beam Science

Author : Mitsuru Uesaka
ISBN : 9781783261079
Genre : Science
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This book explores recent developments and advances in femtosecond beam science, making these more accessible through contributions from leaders in the field. Each contribution aims to make the particular area of femtosecond beam science accessible through explaining the particular field, reviewing recent advances worldwide, and featuring important results and possible future uses of femtosecond pulses in the field. Femtosecond beam science is expected to lead to the development of technology realizing dynamic microscopy, that is, the visualization of atomic motions, chemical reactions, protein dynamics and other microscopic dynamics. Advances have enabled the visualizations of phonons, thermal expansion and shock-wave propagation by advanced time-resolved X-ray diffraction, at a time resolution of 10 picoseconds. These achievements will extend to the development of femtosecond X-ray sources and fourth generation synchrotron light sources. Dynamic microscopy promises to be one of the most important issues in dynamic nanotechnology in the future. As a result, the overview of femtosecond beam science provided by this book will be useful. Contents: Femtosecond Beam GenerationDiagnosis and SynchronizationApplications Readership: Researchers, engineers, technicians, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Key Features:Provides a useful overview of femtosecond beam science which makes the subject accessible to readers with varying interest in the subjectKeywords:Femtosecond Beam;Magnetic Pulse Compression;Laser Plasma Acceleration;Femtosecond Electron Pulse Diagnosis;Synchronization;Pump-and-Probe Analysis;Pulse-Radiolysis;Time-Resolved X-Ray Diffraction
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Serber Says

Author : Robert Serber
ISBN : 997150376X
Genre : Science
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This book, a completely new and different version from the old 'Serber Says' published forty years ago, is intended for graduate students in the field of nuclear physics. Written with a pedagogical aim it emphasizes topics of basic interest not only in nuclear physics, but also other branches of physics such as atomic physics, solid state physics and nuclear engineering.
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Author : Colin Gee
ISBN : 1468149814
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Companion book to 'Opening Moves' containing biographies on all characters from Book#1 of the Red Gambit Series. Also now containing all maps from 'Opening Moves' plus relevant Orders of Battle.

201 Ideas For Growing Fruit And Veg

Author : Gardeners' World Magazine
ISBN : 9781849901420
Genre : Gardening
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There is nothing quite like home-grown produce. Whether it's a crisp apple, freshly picked on a summer's day, or a handful of hardy vegetables and herbs to keep you going through the winter months, the benefits of growing your own crops are endless. Which is why the experts at Gardeners' World magazine have compiled this collection of their most useful tips for making the most of your garden or allotment. Whether it's pointers on how to get started or expert hints for the seasoned gardener, 201 Ideas for Growing Fruit and Veg is packed with useful gardening know-how. From simple projects for growing veg in small plots, to inspired ideas for ensuring that your crops grow successfully year on year, you will find here a wealth of advice, all gathered from the years of gardening experience of the team at Britain's biggest-selling gardening magazine.
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Author : Francesca Taroni
ISBN : 2843231035
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Paparazzi (Photography) (French Edition) Hardcover by Francesca Taroni (Editor) Product Details Series: Photography Hardcover: 80 pages Publisher: Assouline (November 16, 1998) Language: French ISBN-10: 2843231035 ISBN-13: 978-2843231032 Product Dimensions: 8.6 x 6.1 x 0.3 inches Shipping Weight: 13.4 ounces
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Author : P. C. Evans
ISBN : UOM:39015073894514
Genre : Fiction
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This collection of short stories showcases 20th-century Dutch authors—including Hugo Claus, Harry Mulisch, and Gerard Reve—who are inadequately represented in translation. The range of styles, subject matter, and political argument among these writers makes for a startling reminder that Holland has been both a crossroads in Europe and an imperial power with entanglements from South Africa to the East and the West Indies to Shanghai. Claustrophobia, paranoia, power, and desire are the themes of many of these stories, and whether set at home or in exotic locales, they turn an eye to global events.
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Author : Robert Phillip Maddox
ISBN : 1563922436
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Reviews Of Accelerator Science And Technology

Author : Alex Chao
ISBN : 9789812835208
Genre : Science
File Size : 67.36 MB
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Particle accelerators are a major invention of the 20th century. In the last eight decades, they have evolved enormously and have fundamentally changed the way we live, think and work.Accelerators are the most powerful microscopes for viewing the tiniest inner structure of cells, genes, molecules, atoms and their constituents such as protons, neutrons, electrons, neutrinos and quarks. This opens up a whole new world for materials science, chemistry and molecular biology. Accelerators with megawatt beam power may ultimately solve a critical problem faced by our society, namely, the treatment of nuclear waste and the supply of an alternative type of energy.There are also tens of thousands of small accelerators all over the world. They are used every day for medical imaging, cancer therapy, radioisotope production, high-density chip-making, mass spectrometry, cargo x-ray/gamma-ray imaging, detection of explosives and illicit drugs, and weapons. This volume provides a comprehensive review of this driving and fascinating field.The poster (also available in 1118 x 406 mm size) which illustrates the history and development of particle accelerators from 1919 to the future can be purchased separately
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