Not Always So

Author : Shunryu Suzuki
ISBN : 9780060957544
Genre : Religion
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Practising the true spirit of Zen. Not Always So is based on Shunryu Suzuki's lectures and is framed in his own inimitable, allusive, paradoxical style, rich with unexpected and off–centre insights. Suzuki knew he was dying at the time of the lectures, which gives his thoughts an urgency and focus even sharper than in the earlier book. In Not Always So Suzuki once again voices Zen in everyday language with the vigour, sensitivity, and buoyancy of a true friend. Here is support and nourishment. Here is a mother and father lending a hand, but letting you find your own way. Here is guidance which empowers your freedom (or way–seeking mind), rather than pinning you down to directions and techniques. Here is teaching which encourages you to touch and know your true heart and to express yourself fully, teaching which is not teaching from outside, but a voice arising in your own being.
Category: Religion

Zen Geist Anf Nger Geist

Author : Shunryu Suzuki
ISBN : 9783899019353
Genre : Religion
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Was wir "Ich" nennen, ist nur eine Schwingtür, die sich bewegt, wenn wir einatmen und ausatmen. Shunryu Suzuki Zen-Geist Anfänger-Geist", der moderne Klassiker des Zen von Shunryu Suzuki, vermittelt die Essenz des Zen und die Grundlagen der Zenpraxis. Die Frage nach dem eigenen Geist oder Sein ist "Zen-Geist". Und mit der Suche nach dem eigenen Geist beginnt die Zen-Praxis, der "Anfänger-Geist". Shunryu Suzuki, einer der bedeutendsten Zen-Meister des 20. Jahrhunderts, lehrt die zentrale Botschaft des Zen: jeden Augenblick offen und neu zu erleben, frei von Gewohnheiten und Vorstellungen.
Category: Religion

Und Wo Ist Das Problem

Author : Bruno M. Schleeger
ISBN : 9783744836777
Genre : Psychology
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»Wenn Sie etwas über Zen wissen, dann wird es mir vielleicht möglich sein, Ihnen etwas über Gestalttherapie zu vermitteln.« So antwortete Fritz Perls, der Mitbegründer der Gestalttherapie, auf die Frage, was es mit dieser auf sich habe. Der Gestalttherapeut Bruno M. Schleeger, geboren 1948, praktiziert Buddhismus seit 50 Jahren.
Category: Psychology

Buddha Und Freud Pr Senz Und Einsicht

Author : Gerald Weischede
ISBN : 9783525402504
Genre : Philosophy
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English summary: Despite the prevalent notion that Buddhism and psychoanalysis are contradictory currents with fundamentally different views of the world, both of these two approaches concentrate on understanding and relieving human suffering. Upon closer inspection, a number of important similarities are revealed. In this volume the psychoanalyst Ralf Zwiebel and the Zen Master Gerald Weischede hold a dialogue about their respective work models and the basic understanding of self and world behind them. They ask how the two systems can learn from each. Their conclusion is: psychoanalysis can profit from the cultivated presence practiced in Buddhism, and Buddhism can benefit from the reflections psychoanalysis makes about a person's life history. German description: Trotz der vorherrschenden Einschatzung, dass Buddhismus und Psychoanalyse eher kontrare Stromungen mit ganz unterschiedlicher Weltauffassung seien, stellen sie doch beide das menschliche Leiden und Wege der Uberwindung in ihren Fokus. Beide Ansatze zeigen bei genauer Betrachtung wesentliche Gemeinsamkeiten. Der Psychoanalytiker Ralf Zwiebel und der Zen-Meister Gerald Weischede treten in einen integrierenden Dialog uber ihre individuellen Arbeitsmodelle, die als grundlegende Annahmen von Selbst und Welt verstanden werden. Sie fragen detailliert nach den wechselseitig befruchtenden Lernmoglichkeiten beider Systeme. Ihr Fazit ist, dass die Psychoanalyse sehr von der Praxis der im Buddhismus kultivierten Prasenz, der Buddhismus sehr von der Praxis der lebensgeschichtlich gepragten Reflexion der Psychoanalyse profitieren kann.
Category: Philosophy

Within The Eyes Of Buddha 100 Days Of Zen Inspired Poetry

Author : Aaron Joy
ISBN : 9780557023653
Genre : Poetry
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This is a collection of 100 poems covering the first 100 days of Zen meditation practice in the confines of a countryside Buddhist temple. These are not poems of enlightenment and peace or worldly observations. These are poems of struggle and discomfort. These are not poems of book learning and priestly discussions, but of simple observations sitting in meditation, eating in silence and cleaning the hallways. These are poems of celebration of a new world that any Buddhist practitioner will enjoy reading. Also, throughout the book are photos of Buddhist and Shinto temples in Japan. Neither the poems or photos are previously published.
Category: Poetry

Zen Brain Horizons

Author : James H. Austin
ISBN : 9780262027564
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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In Zen-Brain Horizons, James Austin draws on his decades of experience as a neurologist and Zen practitioner to clarify the benefits of meditative training. Austin integrates classical Buddhist literature with modern brain research, exploring the horizons of a living, neural Zen.When viewed in the light of today, the timeless wisdom of some Zen masters seems almost to have anticipated recent research in the neurosciences. The keen attentiveness and awareness that we cultivate during meditative practices becomes the leading edge of our subsequent mental processing. Austin explains how our covert, involuntary functions can make crucial contributions to the subtle ways we learn, intuit, and engage in creative activities. Austin begins by looking back at ancient Buddhist narratives. He then weaves together the major themes of self, attention, emotion, language, and insight. He goes on to examine Zen and psychology as cultural developments, including recent information about how a clear, calm awareness can change the meditating brain. He considers the pathways through which intuitions develop on their way to becoming realized, exploring the phenomena of the spontaneous color imagery that arises during meditation. Looking out even further into the future, Austin discusses the universal themes of creativity, happiness, openness, and selflessness. Along the way, he bows in homage to William James, explores "Buddhist Botany" and "Avian Zen," demonstrates why living Zen means much more than sitting quietly indoors on a cushion, and provides simplified advice that helps guide readers to the most important points.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Zen Is Right Here

Author : David Chadwick
ISBN : 0834821648
Genre : Religion
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Shunryu Suzuki’s extraordinary gift for conveying traditional Zen teachings using ordinary language is well known to the countless readers of Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. In Zen Is Right Here, his teachings are brought to life powerfully and directly through stories told about him by his students. These living encounters with Zen are poignant, direct, humorous, paradoxical, and enlightening; and their setting in real-life contexts makes them wonderfully accessible. Like the Buddha himself, Suzuki Roshi gave profound teachings that were skilfully expressed for each moment, person, and situation he encountered. He emphasized that while the ungraspable essence of Buddhism is constant, the expression of that essence is always changing. Each of the stories presented here is an example of this versatile and timeless quality, showing that the potential for attaining enlightenment exists right here, right now, in this very moment.
Category: Religion

Zen Women

Author : Grace Schireson
ISBN : 9780861714759
Genre : Philosophy
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This landmark presentation at last makes heard the centuries of Zen's female voices. Through exploring the teachings and history of Zen's female ancestors, from the time of the Buddha to ancient and modern female masters in China, Korea, and Japan, Grace Schireson offers us a view of a more balanced Dharma practice, one that is especially applicable to our complex lives, embedded as they are in webs of family relations and responsibilities, and the challenges of love and work. Part I of this book describes female practitioners as they are portrayed in the classic literature of "Patriarchs' Zen"--often as "tea-ladies," bit players in the drama of male students' enlightenments; as "iron maidens," tough-as-nails women always jousting with their male counterparts; or women who themselves become "macho masters," teaching the same Patriarchs' Zen as the men do. Part II of this book presents a different view--a view of how women Zen masters entered Zen practice and how they embodied and taught Zen uniquely as women. This section examines many urgent and illuminating questions about our Zen grandmothers: How did it affect them to be taught by men? What did they feel as they trying to fit into this male practice environment, and how did their Zen training help them with their feelings? How did their lives and relationships differ from that of their male teachers? How did they express the Dharma in their own way for other female students? How was their teaching consistently different from that of male ancestors? And then part III explores how women's practice provides flexible and pragmatic solutions to issues arising in contemporary Western Zen centers.
Category: Philosophy

Eleven Rings

Author : Phil Jackson
ISBN : 9781101617960
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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The inside story of one of basketball's most legendary and game-changing figures A New York Times bestseller During his storied career as head coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, Phil Jackson won more championships than any coach in the history of professional sports. Even more important, he succeeded in never wavering from coaching his way, from a place of deep values. Jackson was tagged as the “Zen master” half in jest by sportswriters, but the nickname speaks to an important truth: this is a coach who inspired, not goaded; who led by awakening and challenging the better angels of his players’ nature, not their egos, fear, or greed. This is the story of a preacher’s kid from North Dakota who grew up to be one of the most innovative leaders of our time. In his quest to reinvent himself, Jackson explored everything from humanistic psychology and Native American philosophy to Zen meditation. In the process, he developed a new approach to leadership based on freedom, authenticity, and selfless teamwork that turned the hypercompetitive world of professional sports on its head. In Eleven Rings, Jackson candidly describes how he: • Learned the secrets of mindfulness and team chemistry while playing for the champion New York Knicks in the 1970s • Managed Michael Jordan, the greatest player in the world, and got him to embrace selflessness, even if it meant losing a scoring title • Forged successful teams out of players of varying abilities by getting them to trust one another and perform in sync • Inspired Dennis Rodman and other “uncoachable” personalities to devote themselves to something larger than themselves • Transformed Kobe Bryant from a rebellious teenager into a mature leader of a championship team. Eleven times, Jackson led his teams to the ultimate goal: the NBA championship—six times with the Chicago Bulls and five times with the Los Angeles Lakers. We all know the legendary stars on those teams, or think we do. What Eleven Rings shows us, however, is that when it comes to the most important lessons, we don’t know very much at all. This book is full of revelations: about fascinating personalities and their drive to win; about the wellsprings of motivation and competition at the highest levels; and about what it takes to bring out the best in ourselves and others. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Sports & Recreation