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No Starling

Author : Nance Van Winckel
ISBN : 9780295987361
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 54.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Unpredictable, wry, always provocative, displaying a sure and startling command of images and ideas, Nance Van Winckel's poems make every gesture of language count. She is the author of four books of poetry and three collections of short stories.
Category: Poetry

Pacific Walkers

Author : Nance Van Winckel
ISBN : 9780295805689
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 62.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Nance Van Winckel's wry, provocative slant on the world and her command of images and ideas enliven these stunning poems. Presented in two parts, Pacific Walkers first gives imagined voice to anonymous dead individuals, entries in the John Doe network of the Spokane County Medical Examiner's Records. The focus then shifts to named but now-forgotten individuals in a discarded early-1900s photo album purchased in a secondhand store. We encounter figures devoid of history but enduring among us as lockered remains, and figures who come with histories--first names and dates, and faces preserved in photographs--but who no longer belong to anyone. Watch the trailer:
Category: Poetry


Author : Nance Van Winckel
ISBN : 9780806150291
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 69.74 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Lynette is recuperating from botched Lasik surgery. Her eyesight is damaged, but as she “looks” back on the events of her past, she realizes she may not have seen them correctly when she was actually living them. Her husband’s death . . . was it a suicide? The bones unearthed on her uncle’s Montana ranch—are they of a steer? a mastodon? a dinosaur? Her beloved cousin Jessie—did she slip into addiction, and if so, where did the addict life take her? The dots of Lynette’s past are blurry, but she tries to focus and connect them and to feel her way toward a more accurate vision of the person she has been and may become. Lynette and her two cousins, Jessie and Buster, narrate the linked short stories that make up Boneland. Their fathers, brothers, grew up on the ranch in Montana, a place rich in dinosaur fossils that gives the book its title. Continuing an enormous task begun two generations back, one of the uncles is still reconstructing a fossil in the old hay shed. The cousins, meanwhile, carry on the family tradition of reconstructing the mysteries of the past. All three have trouble defining and maintaining their identities. And only they understand the idiosyncrasies of their family—which Nance Van Winckel treats as a character in this ingeniously linked collection of stories. The family is a creature reconstructed from the slippery events of everyone’s past. Fate is sudden and powerful in the life of this clan. A baby is dropped, a family drowned, a tsunami in Thailand changes the course of an already troubled life. Van Winckel releases time from strict adherence to chronology to reveal surprising correspondences. With shifting points of view and distinctive voices, these linked stories, in the hands of a master of the genre, capture the mutability of human experience and the meandering plot lines that make up our lives.
Category: Fiction

Lichen Songs

Author : George Venn
ISBN : 1947465031
Genre : American poetry
File Size : 56.53 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: American poetry

The Warmth Of Other Suns

Author : Isabel Wilkerson
ISBN : 9780679763888
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 60.23 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Presents an epic history that covers the period from the end of World War I through the 1970s, chronicling the decades-long migration of African Americans from the South to the North and West through the stories of three individuals and their families.
Category: Social Science

Partly Fallen

Author : Deborah Akers
ISBN : 0989579913
Genre : American poetry
File Size : 63.17 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Poetry. The poems in Deborah Akers' PARTLY FALLEN reside quietly, yet not quite in peace. They summon a natural world that is unsentimental yet bound to the dearly flawed human arc. These spare lyrics reach for the essence of what we know as sensory beings, and perhaps what we can dream beyond the senses. Reading PARTLY FALLEN, the reader walks a narrow yet deeply rendered path into the world's broken heart. "In PARTLY FALLEN, each poem is an act of divining—a deeply lyric dowsing for what is elemental. With taut and resonant metaphors, Deborah Akers calls us to see the world beneath surfaces, a world wherein a rainbow is a 'spectral bruise,' wherein a 'ragged crow / appears newly spat / from an earth god's maw.' Richly and subtly musical, Akers' work brings us compelling messages from our own depths. Each poem reveals the poet's fierce willingness to delve. Each offers us the chance to accompany her as she plunges 'into original substance.'"—Paulann Petersen, Oregon Poet Laureate Emerita "Deborah Akers' PARTLY FALLEN is a superbly realized, significant book, a worthy addition to Airlie Press's fine series. 'entering the dense / family-silence of trees / my steps arouse / wings, which wake...'/ 'the flock rises / pulsing like an organ gone / adrift from its body...' Again and again, PARTLY FALLEN vividly evokes moments of experience in which discord prevails, and again and again the poems evoke a return to harmony. 'all too soon you will breach / the ocean's embrace / face your journey's / blank horizon // but tonight you drift / in the black waves / fallen stars / wrecked and drowsing / lit with the soft remnants / of radiance.'"—Ralph Salisbury, Pulitzer nominee, C.E.S. Wood Award Recipient, Winner Riverteeth Book Prize, Rockefeller Bellagio Award, two time Oregon Book Award Finalist "In Deborah Akers' PARTLY FALLEN, being open to the world is a constant prayer as she celebrates the persistence of nature in an imperfect world. These poems will gently lead you to a quiet but inspired place where salmon live 'a solitary life' until they are called home, a murmuration of starlings rising above the Astoria bridge pulses like a giant heart, and even stale sunflower seeds tossed out to feed common sparrows signal intimations of Wordsworthian transcendence."—Barbara Drake, author of Morning Light, Peace at Heart, Driving One Hundred, and other works of prose and poetry
Category: American poetry

Wild Civility

Author : David Biespiel
ISBN : 0295983515
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 38.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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David Biespiel's long poetic lines crackle with rhythmic energy and a jazzy, bittersweet richness of language. Rolling out across the page like darkly luminous highways, his innovative, nine-line "American sonnets" promise adventure, offering a variant on the sonnet form that is both lyric and dramatic and bringing his masterful formal inventiveness to free verse. "I've come to imagine the nine-line sonnet to be like one of those classic Thunderbirds," says Biespiel, "something distinctly American: wide, roomy, and with a robust engine." The vastly varied voices within the poems are united by a wonderfully limber diction. Using with revelatory precision the vocabularies of history, science, art, sport, philosophy, religion, literature, government, and domestic life, Biespiel has crafted a hip, melodic, elastic language that travels the registers of expression: lush and coarse, gaudy and austere, pliant and rigidly tough. The civility of the poems is the form; the wildness is the bristling energy of the language. Passionate, resilient, rich with wit and word play, these poems affirm David Biespiel's increasing stature as a poet of remarkable accomplishment and promise. David Biespielteaches English at Oregon State University and is Writer in Residence at The Attic in Portland, Oregon. His honors include a Stegner Fellowship in Poetry and the National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Literature. He is the author ofShattering Air. "Like microprocessors, the poems inWild Civilitydeliver an almost incalculable amount of information instantaneously. As a result, they demonstrate the pure and powerful recombinant energy of language that is the essence of lyric poetry." - Michael Collier, Bread Loaf Writers' Conference "Wild in its imaginative thrust, civil in its formal command, this glowing new sequence represents David Biespiel's best poetry to date." - Stanley Plumly
Category: Poetry


Author : Kathleen Flenniken
ISBN : 9780295805894
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 84.95 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The poems in Plume are nuclear-age songs of innocence and experience set in the "empty" desert West. Award-winning poet Kathleen Flenniken grew up in Richland, Washington, at the height of the Cold War, next door to the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, where "every father I knew disappeared to fuel the bomb," and worked at Hanford herself as a civil engineer and hydrologist. By the late 1980s, declassified documents revealed decades of environmental contamination and deception at the plutonium production facility, contradicting a lifetime of official assurances to workers and their families that their community was and always had been safe. At the same time, her childhood friend Carolyn's own father was dying of radiation-induced illness: "blood cells began to err one moment efficient the next / a few gone wrong stunned by exposure to radiation / as [he] milled uranium into slugs or swabbed down / train cars or reported to B Reactor for a quick run-in / run-out." Plume, written twenty years later, traces this American betrayal and explores the human capacity to hold truth at bay when it threatens one's fundamental identity. Flenniken observes her own resistance to facts: "one box contains my childhood / the other contains his death / if one is true / how can the other be true?" The book's personal story and its historical one converge with enriching interplay and wide technical variety, introducing characters that range from Carolyn and her father to Italian physicist Enrico Fermi and Manhattan Project health physicist Herbert Parker. As a child of "Atomic City," Kathleen Flenniken brings to this tragedy the knowing perspective of an insider coupled with the art of a precise, unflinching, gifted poet. Watch the book trailer:
Category: Poetry

Three Toed Gull

Author : Jesper Svenbro
ISBN : UOM:39015058243505
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 23.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Perhaps the most widely respected and read poet of his generation in Sweden, Jesper Svenbro makes his debut in the English-speaking world with this selection of poems drawn from his seven previous volumes and impeccably translated by John Matthias and Lars-Håkan Svensson. At times intellectual and erudite, at other times invoking intimacy and closely observed memories, Svenbro appears here at his most richly allusive, calling with consummate ease upon the myths of the Greeks, real and imaginary journeys in Lapland, the poetry of Sappho and T. S. Eliot, the plaints and joys of childhood, and the evocations of nature and of art. Whether in intricate formal innovations or flights of free verse, in the linguistic politics of "Stalin as Wolf" or the political linguistics of "A Critique of Pure Representation," Svenbro's work captures in its every nuance the transcendent possibilities of the poet's art.
Category: Poetry

The Heart Aroused

Author : David Whyte
ISBN : 0307423972
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 69.14 MB
Format : PDF
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In the middle of the road of my life I awoke in a dark wood where the true way was wholly lost -DANTE Like Dante, many of today's corporate workers find themselves lost in the day-to-day duties of their jobs. Our lives seem shaken by the events of September 11 and the seemingly endless examples of corporate scandal, it's become more difficult than ever to find meaning in the workplace. Has your work lost its meaning? Are you afraid of pursuing your dreams for fear of failing or--worse--getting fired? Do you yearn to find creativity, and even joy, in your job? In The Heart Aroused, David Whyte brings his unique perspective as poet and consultant to the workplace, showing readers how fulfilling work can be when they face their fears and follow their dreams. Going beneath the surface concerns about products and profits, organization and order, Whyte addresses the needs of the heart and soul, and the fears and desires that many workers keep hidden. Through the poetry of both classic and modern masters, Whyte helps readers find both professional and personal fulfillment. In Beowulf, Whyte uncovers the key to confronting office conflicts. Like the poem's courageous hero, readers will travel to the belly of the beast of a problem and emerge triumphantly with a solution. The poems of Pablo Neruda help on find inner silence even in the busiest, most confining office space. With T.S. Eliot as a guide, Whyte teaches readers to appreciate the need to open themselves up to possible failure--and as a result, probable success. At a time when corporations are calling on employees for more creativity, dedication, and adaptability, and workers are trying desperately to balance home and work, this revised edition of The Heart Aroused is the essential guide to reinvigorating the soul. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Business & Economics