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Nine Years Among The Indians 1870 1879

Author : Herman Lehmann
ISBN : 9780826326188
Genre : Social Science
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Here is a genuine Little Big Man story, with all the color, sweep, and tragedy of a classic American western. It is the tale of Herman Lehmann, a captive of the Apaches on the Southern Plains of Texas and New Mexico during the 1870s. Adopted by a war chief, he was trained to be a warrior and waged merciless war on Apache enemies, both Indian and Euro-American. After killing an Apache medicine man in self-defense, he fled to a lonely hermitage on the Southern Plains until he joined the Comanches. Against his will, Lehmann was returned to his family in 1879. The final chapters relate his difficult readjustment to Anglo life. Lehmann's unapologetic narrative is extraordinary for its warm embrace of Native Americans and stinging appraisal of Anglo society. Once started, the story of this remarkable man cannot be put down. Dale Giese's introduction provides a framework for interpreting the Lehmann narrative.
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Nine Years Among The Indians

Author : Herman Lehmann
ISBN : 1932801316
Genre : History
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Herman Lehmann may be the most famous person taken captive by Indians in Texas. Snatched from his family's home in Loyal Valley in May 1870, at about the age of twelve, he did not return home until he was a grown man, and then only under compulsion-he longed to return to his Comanche family. After his abduction, Lehmann spent his early years among the Apaches, learning their ways from his captor and tutor Carnoviste. He killed a powerful medicine man in an intra-Apache conflict, then fled into the wilderness, wandering alone until he decided to approach the Comanches for shelter. They took him into their band, and he gave them his loyalty, joining the extended family of famous chief Quanah Parker. During his years with the Indians, Lehmann participated in numerous raids and battles with settlers, other Indians, the U. S. army, and the Texas Rangers. Lehmann tells of these days in detail-sometimes in violent, bloody detail, and always without a note of remorse. He lived the life that the Indians had always lived, and as it had been complicated by the arrival of white strangers who drove the Indians from their lands. After the U. S. government returned Lehmann to his mother, it took some time for Lehmann to re-adapt to the ways of civilization, but he eventually regained his roots and became a respectable citizen. His younger brother Willie, who had been abducted with Herman, but escaped in less than ten days, was there to greet him and help him adapt to his new circumstance. Over time, Lehmann became a local celebrity, demonstrating his Indian skills to tourists, and dressing up in colorful native garb. He died in 1932 and is buried in Loyal Valley.
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Author : William Chebahtah
ISBN : 9780803210974
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Here is the oral history of the Apache warrior Chevato, who captured eleven-year-old Herman Lehmann from his Texas homestead in May 1870. Lehmann called him ?Bill Chiwat? and referred to him as both his captor and his friend. Chevato provides a Native American point of view on both the Apache and Comanche capture of children and specifics regarding the captivity of Lehmann known only to the Apache participants. Yet the capture of Lehmann was only one episode in Chevato?s life. ø Born in Mexico, Chevato was a Lipan Apache whose parents had been killed in a massacre by Mexican troops. He and his siblings fled across the Rio Grande and were taken in by the Mescalero Apaches of New Mexico. Chevato became a shaman and was responsible for introducing the Lipan form of the peyote ritual to both the Mescalero Apaches and later to the Comanches and the Kiowas. He went on to become one of the founders of the Native American Church in Oklahoma. ø The story of Chevato reveals important details regarding Lipan Apache shamanism and the origin and spread of the type of peyote rituals practiced today in the Native American community. This book also provides a rare glimpse into Lipan and Mescalero Apache life in the late nineteenth century, when the Lipans faced annihilation and the Mescaleros faced the reservation.
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The Captured

Author : Scott Zesch
ISBN : 1429910119
Genre : History
File Size : 41.94 MB
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On New Year's Day in 1870, ten-year-old Adolph Korn was kidnapped by an Apache raiding party. Traded to Comaches, he thrived in the rough, nomadic existence, quickly becoming one of the tribe's fiercest warriors. Forcibly returned to his parents after three years, Korn never adjusted to life in white society. He spent his last years in a cave, all but forgotten by his family. That is, until Scott Zesch stumbled over his own great-great-great uncle's grave. Determined to understand how such a "good boy" could have become Indianized so completely, Zesch travels across the west, digging through archives, speaking with Comanche elders, and tracking eight other child captives from the region with hauntingly similar experiences. With a historians rigor and a novelists eye, Zesch's The Captured paints a vivid portrait of life on the Texas frontier, offering a rare account of captivity. "A carefully written, well-researched contribution to Western history -- and to a promising new genre: the anthropology of the stolen." - Kirkus Reviews
Category: History

Captured By The Indians

Author : Frederick Drimmer
ISBN : 9780486130736
Genre : History
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Astounding eyewitness accounts of Indian captivity by people who lived to tell the tale. Fifteen true adventures recount suffering and torture, bloody massacres, relentless pursuits, miraculous escapes, and adoption into Indian tribes.
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The Last Captive

Author : A. C. Greene
ISBN : UOM:39015001662306
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 61.73 MB
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The lives of Herman Lehmann, who was taken by the Indians as a boy from his Texas home & adopted by them; his career as an authentic wild warrior with the Apache & Comanche tribes; his subsequent restoration to the bosom of his family & the difficulties & confusions faced in adjusting his savage training to a civilized society; his experiences carrying him from the time of the scalping knife to the very threshold of our atomic age; together with verifying accounts by members of his family and others who shared some of those extraordinary & historical events.
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The Blue Tattoo

Author : Margot Mifflin
ISBN : 9780803211483
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 43.56 MB
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"Based on historical records, including the letters and diaries of Oatman's friends and relatives, The Blue Tattoo is the first book to examine her life from her childhood in Illinois including the massacre, her captivity, and her return to white society - to her later years as a wealthy banker's wife in Texas."--BOOK JACKET.
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The Firecracker Boys

Author : Dan O'Neill
ISBN : 9780465097524
Genre : History
File Size : 66.7 MB
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In 1958, Edward Teller, father of the H-bomb, unveiled his plan to detonate six nuclear bombs off the Alaskan coast to create a new harbor. However, the plan was blocked by a handful of Eskimos and biologists who succeeded in preventing massive nuclear devastation potentially far greater than that of the Chernobyl blast. The Firecracker Boys is a story of the U.S. government’s arrogance and deception, and the brave people who fought against it-launching America’s environmental movement. As one of Alaska’s most prominent authors, Dan O’Neill brings to these pages his love of Alaska’s landscape, his skill as a nature and science writer, and his determination to expose one of the most shocking chapters of the Nuclear Age.
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My Sixty Years On The Plains

Author : William Thomas Hamilton
ISBN : HARVARD:32044036509321
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 60.92 MB
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Empire Of The Summer Moon

Author : S. C. Gwynne
ISBN : 9781416597155
Genre : History
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In the tradition of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, a stunningly vivid historical account of the forty-year battle between Comanche Indians and white settlers for control of the American West, centering on Quanah, the greatest Comanche chief of them all. S.C. Gwynne’s Empire of the Summer Moon spans two astonishing stories. The first traces the rise and fall of the Comanches, the most powerful Indian tribe in American history. The second entails one of the most remarkable narratives ever to come out of the Old West: the epic saga of the pioneer woman Cynthia Ann Parker and her mixed-blood son Quanah, who became the last and greatest chief of the Comanches. Although readers may be more familiar with the tribal names Apache and Sioux, it was in fact the legendary fighting ability of the Comanches that determined just how and when the American West opened up. Comanche boys became adept bareback riders by age six; full Comanche braves were considered the best horsemen who ever rode. They were so masterful at war and so skillful with their arrows and lances that they stopped the northern drive of colonial Spain from Mexico and halted the French expansion westward from Louisiana. White settlers arriving in Texas from the eastern United States were surprised to find the frontier being rolled backward by Comanches incensed by the invasion of their tribal lands. So effective were the Comanches that they forced the creation of the Texas Rangers and account for the advent of the new weapon specifically designed to fight them: the six-gun. The war with the Comanches lasted four decades, in effect holding up the development of the new American nation. Gwynne’s exhilarating account delivers a sweeping narrative that encompasses Spanish colonialism, the Civil War, the destruction of the buffalo herds, and the arrival of the railroads—a historical feast for anyone interested in how the United States came into being. Against this backdrop Gwynne presents the compelling drama of Cynthia Ann Parker, a lovely nine-year-old girl with cornflower-blue eyes who was kidnapped by Comanches from the far Texas frontier in 1836. She grew to love her captors and became infamous as the "White Squaw" who refused to return until her tragic capture by Texas Rangers in 1860. More famous still was her son Quanah, a warrior who was never defeated and whose guerrilla wars in the Texas Panhandle made him a legend. S. C. Gwynne’s account of these events is meticulously researched, intellectually provocative, and, above all, thrillingly told. Empire of the Summer Moon announces him as a major new writer of American history.
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