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Nature As Event

Author : Didier Debaise
ISBN : 9780822372424
Genre : Philosophy
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We have entered a new era of nature. What remains of the frontiers of modern thought that divided the living from the inert, subjectivity from objectivity, the apparent from the real, value from fact, and the human from the nonhuman? Can the great oppositions that presided over the modern invention of nature still claim any cogency? In Nature as Event, Didier Debaise shows how new narratives and cosmologies are necessary to rearticulate that which until now had been separated. Following William James and Alfred North Whitehead, Debaise presents a pluralistic approach to nature. What would happen if we attributed subjectivity and potential to all beings, human and nonhuman? Why should we not consider aesthetics and affect as the fabric that binds all existence? And what if the senses of importance and value were no longer understood to be exclusively limited to the human?
Category: Philosophy

Author : Homère
ISBN : 960256573X
Genre :
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Author : Plato
ISBN : 353424060X
Genre :
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Author : Aristophanes
ISBN : UCSC:32106009696821
Genre : Drama
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Aristophanes' "Esslesiazusae", written in the early 4th Century BC, marks a crossroads in his career. Post-dating the Peloponnesian War, it reflects a late change in his writing and a much changed society. This edition includes the complete text.
Category: Drama

Life And Thought Of Bernard Eugene Meland American Constructive Theologian 1899 1993

Author : W. Creighton Peden
ISBN : 9781443824781
Genre : Religion
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This book deals with Bernard Eugene Meland’s “life” (as presented in his unpublished intellectual autobiography) and “thought” as a constructive theologian who taught in the Divinity School of The University of Chicago (1945-64). When Meland was in the process of completing his doctoral studies at the University of Chicago, he came into close association with Henry Nelson Wieman who was joining the faculty. Meland took the first course Wieman offered in which they read William Ernest Hocking’s The Meaning of God in Human Experience (Part IV) and Whitehead’s Religion in the Making. He audited Wieman’s other courses. The philosophy of A. N. Whitehead played a large role in their relationship and theology. With the sudden death of G. B. Smith, Wieman became Meland’s doctoral advisor. After completing the doctoral program, Meland spent the next year at Marburg University in Germany studying with Rudolf Otto. He came away from this experience having discovered that the stimulus and lure in the language of the arts had become for him an alternative to the moral way of expressing value, sensibility, and fulfillment of human experience. He returned from Europe to begin teaching at Central College in Missouri and in 1936 joined the faculty at Pomona College in Claremont, California. His association with Wieman continued in the 1930s as they co-authored American Philosophies of Religion (1936). While teaching at Central College, Meland authored Modern Man’s Worship (1934), and at Pomona College published Write Your Own Ten Commandments (1938), and The Church and Adult Education (1939). In 1945, Meland joined Wieman at the Divinity School as Professor of Constructive Theology. Although Wieman soon retired, their connection continued throughout Wieman’s life. The Second World War had concluded and Meland was in a state of anguish and despair over the war and especially by the atomic bomb. In this troubled state of mind he published Seeds of Redemption (1947), America’s Spiritual Culture (1948), and The Reawakening of Christian Faith (1949). His next two publications were Higher Education and the Human Spirit (1953) and Faith and Culture (1955), with the latter considered by many as his most important work. While teaching at Chicago, Meland twice served twice as The Barrows Lectures in India. His lectures in 1957-58 were published as The Realities of Faith (1962). In 1963-64, he continued his theme of the relationship between faith and culture by focusing on the impact of secularization on modern cultures. These lectures were published as The Secularization of Modern Cultures (1966). His last book was Fallible Forms and Symbols (1977). In the first section of this book, Meland’s “thought” is considered under four headings: Metaphysical View, Method, Doctrine of God, and View of Religion, followed by an evauation. Section two is devoted to his “Later Writings,” followed by a conclusion.
Category: Religion

How In The World Does God Act

Author : Herb Gruning
ISBN : 0761816410
Genre : Religion
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As the title promises, this book investigates the philosophical treatments of the actions of God. Opening with a chapter tracing the history of the theme of divine activity, the author then pursues explanations of key concepts in chapters two and three, including deism, primary and secondary causation, double agency, and the causal joint. The work of Alfred North Whitehead is explored throughout chapters four and five. The rest of the book deals with how scientific theories affect the understanding of divine action. Both the large-scale and the small-scale world are examined, with sections ranging from natural laws to the chaos theory. In conclusion, Gruning plots different positions on a graph, in order to illuminate new relationships between each. A thorough treatment of the question of God's activity, How in the World Does God Act? will be of value to graduate level philosophy students, as well as scholars interested in the intersection between science and philosophy.
Category: Religion

Author : Jeff VanderMeer
ISBN : 9789600359831
Genre : Fiction
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Μια τετραμελής ομάδα –μια ψυχολόγος, μια βιολόγος, μια ανθρωπολόγος και μια χωρομέτρης– στέλνεται να εξερευνήσει την αποκλεισμένη, μυστηριώδη Περιοχή Χ (είναι η δωδέκατη αποστολή που αναλαμβάνει τούτη την εξερεύνηση). Εκεί, μες στην παρθένα ερημιά, όπου δεν απομένουν παρά μόνο τα χαλάσματα ενός εγκαταλειμμένου χωριού, τα τέσσερα μέλη βρίσκουν έναν μυστηριώδη πύργο βυθισμένο στη γη, που στους τοίχους του ξετυλίγεται μια παράξενη γραφή φτιαγμένη από μύκητες, και στην άλλη άκρη της Περιοχής Χ ένα φάρο με ίχνη, μέσα, ενός τρομερού μακελειού. Πατώντας στέρεα στη λογοτεχνία του Χ. Φ. Λάβκραφτ και του Τζ. Γκ. Μπάλαρντ, μα και στο Σολάρις, ίσως, του Στάνισλαβ Λεμ, και στην αίσθηση που δίνει μια ταινία όπως το Στάλκερ του Αντρέι Ταρκόφσκι, ο Τζεφ Βάντερμιερ στον Αφανισμό (βραβευμένο με το Βραβείο Nebula το 2014), το πρώτο μυθιστόρημα της Τριλογίας της Νότιας Ζώνης, πλάθει μια εφιαλτική και συνάμα μαγευτική μα εντελώς μοναδική ιστορία επιστημονικής φαντασίας, ένα από εκείνα τα σπάνια βιβλία που εντέλει, και παρά τις όποιες ομοιότητες και αναφορές, στέκουν μόνα τους, δίχως στην πραγματικότητα να έχουν όμοιό τους.
Category: Fiction

Understanding Religion And Science

Author : Michael Horace Barnes
ISBN : 9781441118165
Genre : Religion
File Size : 81.8 MB
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Fully comprehensive textbook covering the issues, methods and relations between religion and science throughout history and up To The modern day.
Category: Religion


Author : Joseph Grange
ISBN : 079143348X
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 83.92 MB
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Provides a set of normative measure sto assess the value of nature and proposes the new discipline of foundational ecology as a response to environmental crisis.
Category: Philosophy