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Nanoparticulate Materials

Author : Kathy Lu
ISBN : 9781118408957
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 21.38 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Serving as the only systematic and comprehensive treatment on the topic of nanoparticle-based materials, this book covers synthesis, characterization, assembly, shaping and sintering of all types of nanoparticles including metals, ceramics, and semiconductors. A single-authored work, it is suitable as a graduate-level text in nanomaterials courses.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Nanoparticulate Materials

Author : Rajiv K. Singh
ISBN : UOM:39015055205465
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 31.63 MB
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The MRS Symposium Proceeding series is an internationally recognised reference suitable for researchers and practitioners.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems

Author : Deepak Thassu
ISBN : 1420008447
Genre : Medical
File Size : 77.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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With the advent of analytical techniques and capabilities to measure particle sizes in nanometer ranges, there has been tremendous interest in the use of nanoparticles for more efficient methods of drug delivery. Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems addresses the scientific methodologies, formulation, processing, applications, recent trends, and emerging technologies in the research of nanoparticulate drug delivery systems (NPDDS). It extensively covers applications of NPDDS— including lipid nanoparticles for dermal applications; nanocarriers for the treatment of restenosis; and for ocular, central nervous system, and gastrointestinal applications. It also explores its use as an adjuvant for vaccine development. Supplying insight from international experts, this guide Discusses formulation for poorly soluble drugs Presents biological requirements for nanotherapeutic applications Demonstrates the role of nanobiotechnology in the development of nanomedicine Documents recent advances in nanoparticulate technology—including electrospining, formation of microcrystals, and production of liquid crystalline phases Examines the technology of metallic nanoparticles
Category: Medical

Nanostructure Control Of Materials

Author : R H J Hannink
ISBN : 9781845691189
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 71.9 MB
Format : PDF
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The ability to measure and manipulate matter on the nanometer level is making possible a new generation of materials with enhanced mechanical, optical, transport and magnetic properties. This important book summarises key developments in nanotechnology and their impact on the processing of metals, polymers, composites and ceramics. After a brief introduction, a number of chapters discuss the practical issues involved in the commercial production and use of nanomaterials. Other chapters review ways of nanoengineering steel, aluminium and titanium alloys. Elsewhere the book discusses the use of nanoengineered metal hydrides to store hydrogen as an energy source, and the development of nanopolymers for batteries and other energy storage devices. Other chapters discuss the use of nanotechnology to enhance the toughness of ceramics, the production of synthetic versions of natural materials such as bone, and the development of nanocomposites. Nanostructure control of materials is an ideal introduction to the ways nanotechnology is being used to create new materials for industry. It will be welcomed by R&D managers in such sectors as automotive engineering as well as academics working in this exciting area. Reviews key developments in nanotechnology and their impact on various materials Edited by leading experts in the field
Category: Technology & Engineering

Health And Environmental Safety Of Nanomaterials

Author : James Njuguna
ISBN : 9780857096678
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 43.79 MB
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Health and Environmental Safety of Nanomaterials addresses concerns about the impact of nanomaterials on the environment and human health, and examines the safety of specific nanomaterials. Understanding the unique chemical and physical properties of nanostructures has led to many developments in the applications of nanocomposite materials. While these materials have applications in a huge range of areas, their potential for toxicity must be thoroughly understood. Part one introduces the properties of nanomaterials, nanofillers, and nanocomposites, and questions whether they are more toxic than their bulk counterparts. Part two looks at the release and exposure of nanomaterials. The text covers sampling techniques and data analysis methods used to assess nanoparticle exposure, as well as protocols for testing the safety of polymer nanocomposites. It explains characterization techniques of airborne nanoparticles and life cycle assessment of engineered nanomaterials. Part three focuses on the safety of certain nanomaterials, including nanolayered silicates, carbon nanotubes, and metal oxides. In particular, it explores the potential ecotoxicological hazards associated with the different structures of carbon nanotubes and the safe recycling of inorganic and carbon nanoparticles. The final two chapters address the risks of nanomaterials in fire conditions: their thermal degradation, flammability, and toxicity in different fire scenarios. This is a scientific guide with technical background for professionals using nanomaterials in industry, scientists, academicians, research scholars, and polymer engineers. It also offers a deep understanding of the subject for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Introduces the properties of nanomaterials, nanofillers, and nanocomposites, and questions whether they are more toxic than their bulk counterparts Covers sampling techniques and data analysis methods used to assess nanoparticle exposure, as well as protocols for testing the safety of polymer nanocomposites Explores the potential ecotoxicological hazards associated with the different structures of carbon nanotubes and the safe recycling of inorganic and carbon nanoparticles
Category: Technology & Engineering

Optical Properties Of Nanoparticle Systems

Author : Michael Quinten
ISBN : 9783527633159
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 55.84 MB
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Filling the gap for a description of the optical properties of small particles with sizes less than 1000 nm and to provide a comprehensive overview on the spectral behavior of nanoparticulate matter, this is the most up-to-date reference on the optical physics of nanoparticle systems. The author, an expert in the field with both academic and industrial experience, concentrates on the linear optical properties, elastic light scattering and absorption of single nanoparticles and on reflectance and transmittance of nanoparticle matter.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Nanomedicine Design Of Particles Sensors Motors Implants Robots And Devices

Author : Mark J. Schulz
ISBN : 9781596932807
Genre : Nanomedicine
File Size : 85.85 MB
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Annotation This resource outlines the new tools that are becoming available in nanomedicine. The book presents an integrated set of perspectives that describe where advancements are now and where they should be headed to put nanomedicine devices into applications as quickly as possible
Category: Nanomedicine

Light Water Hydrogen

ISBN : 0387682384
Genre : Science
File Size : 74.68 MB
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This book covers the field of solar production of hydrogen by water photo-splitting (photoelectrolysis) using semiconductor photoanodes. The emphasis of the discussion is on the use of nanotechnology in the field. The theories behind photocatalysis and photoelectrochemical processes responsible for hydrogen production are given in detail. This provides a state-of-the-art review of the semiconductor materials and methods used for improving the efficiency of the processes. The book also gives an account of the techniques used for making the nanostructures.
Category: Science

Recent Advances In Nanoscience And Technology

Author : Sunil Kumar Bajpai
ISBN : 9781608050536
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 61.95 MB
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The present Ebook deals with various strategies that have frequently been followed to fabricate nanostructures of required size and shape, and with required functionalities to enable them to be used in a wide spectrum of industrial, biomedical and technological applications. This Ebook presents unique novel methodologies of synthesis of nanoparticles by various means.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Modern Concepts In Nanotechnology

Author : Shiv Kant Prasad
ISBN : 8183562965
Genre : Nanotechnology
File Size : 41.93 MB
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