Mycenaean Pottery

Author : Penelope A. Mountjoy
ISBN : UOM:39015032589908
Genre : Social Science
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The aim of this handbook is to make Mycenaen pottery more accessible to the general reader by presenting a brief description, and placing it against its archaeological and historical background. Mountjoy expands on the illustrations from her 1986 guide Mycenean Decorated Pottery to include material from different areas of Greece, allowing an examination of the exchange and trade of Mycenean pottery. Particular emphasis is made to the definition of ceramic phases, for although imprecise, changes in pottery style are the best chronological measure for the Aegean Bronze Age.
Category: Social Science

The Philistines And Other Sea Peoples In Text And Archaeology

Author : Ann E. Killebrew
ISBN : 9781589837218
Genre : Religion
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The search for the biblical Philistines, one of ancient Israel’s most storied enemies, has long intrigued both scholars and the public. Archaeological and textual evidence examined in its broader eastern Mediterranean context reveals that the Philistines, well-known from biblical and extrabiblical texts, together with other related groups of “Sea Peoples,” played a transformative role in the development of new ethnic groups and polities that emerged from the ruins of the Late Bronze Age empires. The essays in this book, representing recent research in the fields of archaeology, Bible, and history, reassess the origins, identity, material culture, and impact of the Philistines and other Sea Peoples on the Iron Age cultures and peoples of the eastern Mediterranean. The contributors are Matthew J. Adams, Michal Artzy, Tristan J. Barako, David Ben-Shlomo, Mario Benzi, Margaret E. Cohen, Anat Cohen-Weinberger, Trude Dothan, Elizabeth French, Marie-Henriette Gates, Hermann Genz, Ayelet Gilboa, Maria Iacovou, Ann E. Killebrew, Sabine Laemmel, Gunnar Lehmann, Aren M. Maeir, Amihai Mazar, Linda Meiberg, Penelope A. Mountjoy, Hermann Michael Niemann, Jeremy B. Rutter, Ilan Sharon, Susan Sherratt, Neil Asher Silberman, and Itamar Singer.
Category: Religion

Ke Ra Me Ja

Author : Dimitri Nakassis
ISBN : 9781623033576
Genre : History
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The title of this volume, ke-ra-me-ja in Linear B, was chosen because it means ñpotterî (????????, from Greek ???????, ñpotterÍs clayî) and combines two major strands of Cynthia ShelmerdineÍs scholarship: Mycenaean ceramics and Linear B texts. It thereby signals her pioneering use of archaeological and textual data in a sophisticated and integrated way. The intellectual content of the essays demonstrate not only that her research has had wide-ranging influence, but also that it is a model of scholarship to be emulated.
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Author : Claude Brügger
ISBN : 9783110224962
Genre : History
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Bridge Of The Untiring Sea

Author : Elizabeth Gebhard
ISBN : 9781621390251
Genre : History
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Pindar’s metaphor of the Isthmus as a bridge spanning two seas encapsulates the essence of the place and gives a fitting title for this volume of essays on the history and archaeology of the area. The Isthmus, best known for the panhellenic sanctuary of Poseidon, attracted travelers both before and after Pausanias’s visit in the 2nd century A.D., but only toward the end of the 19th century were the ruins investigated and, after another half century, finally systematically excavated. More recently, archaeologists have surveyed the territory beyond the sanctuary, compiling evidence for a varied picture of activity on the wider Isthmus and the eastern Corinthia. The 17 essays in this book celebrate 55 years of research on the Isthmus and provide a comprehensive overview of the state of our knowledge. Topics include an early Mycenaean habitation site at Kyras Vrysi; the settlement at Kalamianos; the Archaic Temple of Poseidon; domestic architecture of the Rachi settlement; dining vessels from the Sanctuary of Poseidon; the Temple Deposit at Isthmia and the dating of Archaic and early Classical Greek coins; terracotta figurines from the Sanctuary of Poseidon; the Chigi Painter; arms from the age of Philip and Alexander at Broneer’s West Foundation on the road to Corinth; new sculptures from the Isthmian Palaimonion; an inscribed herm from the Gymnasium-Bath complex of Corinth; Roman baths at Isthmia and sanctuary baths in Greece; Roman buildings east of the Temple of Poseidon; patterns of settlement and land use on the Roman Isthmus; epigraphy, liturgy, and Imperial policy on the Justinianic Isthmus; and circular lamps in the Late Antique Peloponnese.
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Ayia Sotira

Author : R. Angus K. Smith
ISBN : 9781623034207
Genre : History
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This volume is the final publication of the results of excavation of six Mycenaean chamber tombs in the Late Bronze Age cemetery of Ayia Sotira within the Nemea Valley of the Argolid region of Greece.The work presented includes artifactual and ecofactual remains such as pottery, jewelry, figurines, metal objects, human skeletons, and botanical remains. The book is richly illustrated with maps, plans, drawings, photos, and tables of data.
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The Oxford Handbook Of The Bronze Age Aegean

Author : Eric H. Cline
ISBN : 9780199873609
Genre : History
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The Oxford Handbook of the Bronze Age Aegean provides a comprehensive overview of our current understanding of the Bronze Age Aegean (ca. 3000-1000 BC) and describes the most important debates and discussions within the discipline. Presented in four separate sections within the Handbook, the sixty-six commissioned articles cover topics ranging from chronological and geographical to thematic to site-specific. The volume will be indispensable for scholars and advanced students alike.
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Baubefunde Und Stratigraphie Der Unterburg Und Des Nordwestlichen Stadtgebiets Kampagnen 1976 Bis 1983

Author : Tobias Mühlenbruch
ISBN : 3895008494
Genre : History
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English summary: The excavations by Klaus Kilian in the Lower Citadel of Tiryns between 1976 and 1983 brought to light one of the most important settlements of the Mycenaean postpalatial period (LH III C). In this study the stratigraphy and architecture of the Lower Citadel from LH III C Early (middle) to LH III C Late are presented, additionally the stratigraphy and architecture of Kilian's campaigns in the Lower Town-Northwest. Included is a comprehensive study regarding Tiryns in the context of the settlements of the 12th and 11th century BC in the eastern Mediterranean. German description: Die Ausgrabungen unter Klaus Kilian in der Unterburg von Tiryns zwischen 1976 und 1983 erbrachten einen der wichtigsten Siedlungsbefunde der mykenischen Nachpalastzeit (SH III C). In dieser Arbeit werden die Ausgrabungen Kilians sowie die Befunde aus den Phasen SH III C Fruh (Mitte) bis SH III C Spat vorgestellt. Es schliesst sich eine umfassende Auswertung an, innerhalb derer Tiryns in den Kontext der Siedlungen des 12. und 11. Jahrhunderts v. Chr. im Ostmittelmeerraum gestellt wird.
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Author : Sigrid Deger-Jalkotzy
ISBN : UOM:39015078229856
Genre : Bronze Age
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