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The Wings Of The Sphinx

Author : Andrea Camilleri
ISBN : 9780330540544
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 31.65 MB
Format : PDF
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The Wings of the Sphinx is the eleventh book in the wickedly funny Inspector Montalbano series by Italian author, Andrea Camilleri. Things are not going well for Inspector Montalbano. His long-distance relationship with Livia is on the rocks, he feels himself getting even older and he's growing tired of the violence in his job. Then the dead body of a young woman is found in an illegal dump, with half her face missing. Her identity at first unknown; a tattoo of a sphinx moth on her left shoulder links her with three other girls bearing the same mark, all recent Russian immigrants to Italy. Victims of an underworld sex trade, these girls have been rescued from the Mafia night-club circuit by a Catholic charity organization. The problem is, the other girls can't help Montalbano with his enquiries. They are all missing. As his investigations progresses, it seems that not everyone wants Montalbano to discover what really lies behind the organization's charitable façade. And not only does Montalbano have a case to solve, he has a demanding stomach to feed, and he must save his foundering relationship with Livia . . . The Wings of the Sphinx is followed by the twelfth gripping mystery, The Track of Sand.
Category: Fiction

Blue Butterfly Angel Wings

Author : Willa van Gent
ISBN : 1467023698
Genre : Humor
File Size : 68.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If we live each day just as it is, a whole world in one day, then we discover infinite subtleties, signs, symbols. Who do we bump into on the street, what we eat, how is the weather. If we listen carefully, there is a melody being played, quietly in the background. This collection of words tries to capture those melodies, to find the sway in our daily comings and goings.
Category: Humor

The Butterfly House

Author : Marcia Preston
ISBN : 9781408951262
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 47.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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“I was fifteen when my mother finally told me the truth about my father. She didn’t mean to. She meant to keep it a secret forever. If she’d succeeded, it might have saved us all. ”
Category: Fiction

Sealed With A Kiss

Author : Loree Lough
ISBN : 9781603746571
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75.21 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Jet-setting bachelor Ethan Burke had no desire to become a father—especially to his best friends’ eleven-year-old daughter, Molly. The shock of losing her parents in a tragic auto accident causes Molly to withdraw into a world of silence, and a frustrated Ethan finally takes his goddaughter to see a Christian counselor named Hope Majors. Will Hope be able to reach the grieving girl—and her heartbroken new dad, as well—despite the haunting tragedies of her own past?
Category: Fiction

Tales I Have Woven

Author : Elenita Belgica
ISBN : 9781479752072
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 54.6 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Tales I Have Woven is a collection of short stories that spin around the colorful fabric of life. The common threads of love, search for meaning, human choices, family values, tradition, change, environment, destiny and lifes purpose are intricately contrived into a tapestry that blends into one. In The Stone House, Mr. So lived his life following the family values of honor and responsibility. He took care of his fathers textile company and of his aging mother. Polistico was the respected tenor in a little village until the day of a big wedding in the story of Polistico. In Chrysalis the quiet town of Anao woke up hearing a bellowing voice of a strange creature. It was a historical town that whispered and was heard. And in Amapola, the fields of poppies in the valley made people leave and move. It was the restless need to chase and venture towards something that followed them. As the lives of these characters unfold, Elenita unveils her keen observation in the dynamic power of human sentiments, of love, compassion, purpose, and communal spirit. Tales I Have Woven is a propitious literary debut.
Category: Fiction

A Sting In The Tale

Author : Dave Goulson
ISBN : 9781250048387
Genre : Nature
File Size : 61.71 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF GREAT NATURE WRITERS SUCH AS E.O. WILSON AND CHARMING MEMOIRS LIKE GERALD DURRELL'S MY FAMILY AND OTHER ANIMALS, THIS FASCINATING BOOK WILL ALTER THE WAY WE THINK ABOUT BUMBLEBEES. Dave Goulson became obsessed with wildlife as a small boy growing up in rural Shropshire, starting with an increasingly exotic menagerie of pets. When his interest turned to the anatomical, there were even some ill-fated experiments with taxidermy. But bees are where Goulson's true passion lies—the humble bumblebee in particular. Once commonly found in the marshes of Kent, the English short-haired bumblebee went extinct in the United Kingdom, but by a twist of fate still exists in the wilds of New Zealand, the descendants of a few pairs shipped over in the nineteenth century. Dave Goulson's passionate quest to reintroduce it to its native land is one of the highlights of a book that includes original research into the habits of these mysterious creatures, history's relationship with the bumblebee, and advice on how to protect the bumblebee for future generations. One of the United Kingdom's most respected conservationists and the founder of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Goulson combines lighthearted tales of a child's growing passion for nature with a deep insight into the crucial importance of the bumblebee. He details the minutiae of life in the nest, sharing fascinating research into the effects intensive farming has had on our bee population and the potential dangers if we are to continue down this path.
Category: Nature

Timothy M Nugent A Collection Of Poems

Author : Timothy M. Nugent
ISBN : 9781477100868
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 79.36 MB
Format : PDF
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Angel, Angel whisper in my ear During my greatest discontent Whisper love endures Chase away the devils allures Angel, Angel whisper in my ear Tell me love lost will reappear Give me strength through the day Keep the Devils thoughts at bay Angel, Angel whisper in my ear Tell me God is always near In a world in disarray Help me to have a more charitable way Angel, Angel hear my plea In this you must agree Take my hand when I die Guide me towards my heavenly ties Angel, Angel dear Loneliness was what I feared Angel, Angel whisper in my ear
Category: Poetry

Complete Book Of Grade 3

Author : Thinking Kids
ISBN : 9781483813080
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 69.69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Reinforce your third grader's essential skills with the Complete Book of Grade 3. With the colorful lessons in this workbook, your child will strengthen skills that include reading comprehension, sentence types, contractions, and the order of operations. --The Complete Book series provides a dynamic way for students in prekindergarten to grade 4 to master essential skills. Each vivid workbook guides students through a variety of engaging activities in phonics, reading comprehension, math, and writing. Challenging concepts are presented in simple language with easy-to-understand examples, while stickers and full-color illustrations capture studentsÕ interest. The Complete Book series is a thorough, comprehensive guide to grade-level success.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

The Jodi Picoult Collection 3

Author : Jodi Picoult
ISBN : 9781476703886
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 61.7 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Vanishing Acts Delia Hopkins has led a charmed life. Raised in rural New Hampshire by her widowed father, Andrew, she now has a young daughter, a handsome fiancé, and her own search-and-rescue bloodhound, which she uses to find missing persons. But as Delia plans her wedding, she is plagued by flashbacks of a life she can't recall. And then a policeman knocks on her door, revealing a secret that changes the world as she knows it. The Tenth Circle Fourteen-year-old Trixie Stone is in love for the first time. She's also the light of her father, Daniel's life—a straight-A student; a pretty, popular freshman in high school; a girl who's always seen her father as a hero. That is, until her world is turned upside down with a single act of violence. Suddenly everything Trixie has believed about her family—and herself—seems to be a lie. Could the boyfriend who once made Trixie wild with happiness have been the one to end her childhood forever? She says that he is, and that is all it takes to make Daniel, a seemingly mild-mannered comic book artist with a secret tumultuous past he has hidden even from his family, venture to hell and back to protect his daughter. Nineteen Minutes Sterling is an ordinary New Hampshire town where nothing ever happens—until the day its complacency is shattered by an act of violence. Josie Cormier, the teenage daughter of the judge sitting on the case, should be the state’s best witness, but she can’t remember what happened before her very own eyes—or can she? As the trial progresses, fault lines between the high school and the adult community begin to show— destroying the closest of friendships and families.
Category: Fiction