Murder In Amsterdam

Author : Ian Buruma
ISBN : 9781782395652
Genre : History
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It was an emblematic crime: on a November day in Amsterdam, an angry young Muslim man shot and killed the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, iconic European provocateur, for making a movie with the anti-Islam politician Ayaan Hersi Ali. After shooting van Gogh, Mohammed Bouyeri calmly stood over the body and cut his throat with a curved machete. The murder horrified quiet, complacent Holland - a country that prides itself on being a bastion of tolerance - and sent shock waves around the world. In Murder in Amsterdam, Ian Buruma describes what he found when he returned to his native country to try and make sense of van Gogh's death. The result is Buruma's masterpiece: a brave and rigorous study of conflict in our time, with the intimacy and control of a true-crime page-turner.
Category: History

New Old World

Author : Pallavi Aiyar
ISBN : 9781466883901
Genre : Political Science
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After several years documenting the rise of China, award-winning Indian journalist Pallavi Aiyar moved to Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union, to discover a Europe plagued by a financial crisis, and unsure of its place in a world where new Asian challengers are eroding its old and comfortable certainties. With a lively mix of memoir, reportage and analysis, Aiyar takes the reader on a romp across the continent, meeting workaholic Indian diamond merchants in Antwerp, upstart Chinese wine barons in Bordeaux, Sikh farmhands in the Italian countryside, and Indian engineers running offshore energy turbines in Belgium. In the Europe of today everything is in flux, as she discovers through conversations with Muslim immigrants struggling to define their identities, the austere bosses of Germany's world-beating companies, and bewildered Eurocrats struggling to keep the European Union from splitting apart. Examining the diverse challenges the continent faces today—among them, bloated welfare states, the accommodation of Islam, the European ambitions of Indian and Chinese entrepreneurs, and ancient intra-cultural fissures — New Old World offers a panoramic look at Europe's first-world crisis from a unique Asian perspective.
Category: Political Science

Classical Literature On Screen

Author : Martin M. Winkler
ISBN : 9781107191280
Genre : History
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This book examines different affinities between major classical authors and great filmmakers alongside representations of ancient myth and history in popular cinema.
Category: History

Balancing Your Life

Author : James G S Clawson
ISBN : 9789814338479
Genre :
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The balance between work and family life is the single most commonly mentioned issue among senior executives worldwide. This book provides a framework for analyzing immediate and long-term balance. Using case studies of how twelve or more executives in various industries have handled the challenge, readers are invited throughout the volume to compare their current structures with those of the subjects in the cases presented.Contents: The Symphony of LifeAdult Life and Career StagesThe Nature of Success: What Do You Want?A Week in the Life of an Investment Banking Intern "(C Nelson)"The Golden Boy "(H Shahrasebi)"The Life and Career of a Japanese Executive "(T Iwakuni)"The Life and Career of a Free Spirit "(D D Fisher)"The Life and Career of a Tenured Professor "(E James)"The Life and Career of a High Tech Entrepreneur "(D Dubinsky)"The Life and Career of a Senior Consultant "(W Shill)"The Life and Career of a Senior Executive Officer "(T Curren)"The Wife of a Senior Executive Officer "(J M Curren)"The Life and Career of a Company President "(J Woods)"The Life and Career of a Divisional Chief Executive Officer "(B Johnson)"The Life and Career of a Chief Executive Officer "(J H Clawson)" Readership: Business students; managers, human resource personnel and employees of mid-sized corporations and organizations; individuals struggling with work/life balance and/or dissatisfied with their work experience; general population.

Rethinking Secularism

Author : Craig Calhoun
ISBN : 9780199911301
Genre : Social Science
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This collection of essays presents groundbreaking work from an interdisciplinary group of leading theorists and scholars representing the fields of history, philosophy, political science, sociology, and anthropology. The volume will introduce readers to some of the most compelling new conceptual and theoretical understandings of secularism and the secular, while also examining socio-political trends involving the relationship between the religious and the secular from a variety of locations across the globe. In recent decades, the public has become increasingly aware of the important role religious commitments play in the cultural, social, and political dynamics of domestic and world affairs. This so called ''resurgence'' of religion in the public sphere has elicited a wide array of responses, including vehement opposition to the very idea that religious reasons should ever have a right to expression in public political debate. The current global landscape forces scholars to reconsider not only once predominant understandings of secularization, but also the definition and implications of secular assumptions and secularist positions. The notion that there is no singular secularism, but rather a range of multiple secularisms, is one of many emerging efforts to reconceptualize the meanings of religion and the secular. Rethinking Secularism surveys these efforts and helps to reframe discussions of religion in the social sciences by drawing attention to the central issue of how ''the secular'' is constituted and understood. It provides valuable insight into how new understandings of secularism and religion shape analytic perspectives in the social sciences, politics, and international affairs.
Category: Social Science

Redeeming The Enlightenement

Author : Bruce Ward
ISBN : 9780802807618
Genre : Religion
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"In this book, Bruce K. Ward reexamines four of the moral imperatives or "liberal virtues" associated with the Enlightenment - equality, authenticity, tolerance, and compassion - and argues that they are, in fact, based on Christian moral ideals. In the current debate surrounding post-Enlightenment secular humanism, Ward contends that we should seek not to reject or reclaim the Enlightenment, but to redeem it." "Ward's study largely engages three key modern thinkers - Rousseau, Nietzsche, and Dostoevsky - yet also includes such other notables as Kant, Locke, Heidegger, Tolstoy, Kafka, Rene Girard, Charles Taylor, and Martha Nussbaum. The result is a lively and provocative forum for reconsidering and creatively receiving what is most valuable in Enlightenment thought." --Book Jacket.
Category: Religion


Author : David Simon
ISBN : 3453676351
Genre :
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Federalism And The Constitution Of Canada

Author : David E. Smith
ISBN : NWU:35556041225061
Genre : Political Science
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The Canadian system of federalism divides the power to govern between the central federal parliament and the provincial and territorial legislative assemblies. In what can be seen as a double federation, power is also divided culturally, between English and French Canada. The divisions of power and responsibility, however, have not remained static since 1867. The federal language regime (1969), for example, reconfigured cultural federalism, generating constitutional tension as governments sought to make institutions more representative of the country's diversity. In Federalism and the Constitution of Canada, award-winning author David E. Smith examines a series of royal commission and task force inquiries, a succession of federal-provincial conferences, and the competing and controversial terms of the Constitution Act of 1982 in order to evaluate both the popular and governmental understanding of federalism. In the process, Smith uncovers the reasons constitutional agreement has historically proved difficult to reach and argues that Canadian federalism 'in practice' has been more successful at accommodating foundational change than may be immediately apparent.
Category: Political Science

L Gendes Licht

Author : Thomas Worm
ISBN : 377762120X
Genre : Electric lighting
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Wirtschaftliche, gesundheitliche, soziale und die Lebensqualität betreffende Effekte der Energiesparlampe werden kritisch untersucht.
Category: Electric lighting

Mein Iran

Author : Shirin Ebadi
ISBN : 9783492975438
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Seit Jahrzehnten setzt sich Shirin Ebadi für Menschenrechte und eine Reform der iranischen Gesellschaft ein. In »Mein Iran« erzählt die Friedensnobelpreisträgerin von den frühen Jahren ihres politischen Engagements, ihrer Zeit als Richterin, den Demütigungen und Schikanen durch die islamische Revolution bis hin zu ihrer Verhaftung und ihrem dennoch fortwährenden Kampf. Ein beeindruckendes Zeugnis politischen Muts und ein tiefer Einblick in die Strukturen eines gespaltenen Landes.
Category: Biography & Autobiography