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Mr Lean Buys And Transforms A Manufacturing Company

Author : Greg Lane
ISBN : 9781439815175
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 28.99 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This is the true story of how, armed with only Lean improvement methodologies, a specially trained Toyota Lean expert purchased a business he knew nothing about, applied Lean techniques, and succeeded in doubling sales and increasing profitability, before he finally sold the thriving business. With humility and humor, the author recounts his successes and failures, introduces his key employees and their struggles with change, and provides motivation and simple ideas for all readers looking to improve their businesses. He captures key points highlighted in text boxes and includes illustrative photos and examples of Lean tools at work. This story dispels the fallacy that Lean management does not achieve excellent results in high variation companies and job shops. Toyota’s OSKKK methodology is introduced to understand processes and guide a Lean transformation on the shop floor and in the office.
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Culturally On Plan

Author : Greg Lane
ISBN : 0615731597
Genre :
File Size : 77.69 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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CEO surveys indicate two-thirds of organizations fail to sustain improvements, likely because behaviors do not change, the methodology reveled in this book succeeds in creating the self-awareness necessary to sustain behavioral (i.e. cultural) changes. Not based on opinions or theories, instead developed through experimentation.Revealed are practical and successful ways to align behaviors that sustain improvements, from an author who has transformed his own business as well as others in 32 countries. "This is a book to be used." D. Hines, NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORPORATION "Whatever your business, manufacturing or service, if you want to do better this is an essential guidebook." T. Quick, Chair, Defence Materials Technology Centre, Australia "This book gives the reader a solid approach to move ahead & I am eager to try some of the ideas with my team." G. Angelov, Director WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION "is a masterful indictment on how a methodical and yet subtle awareness of an individual's culture, and influence this could have on their decision-making, can readily facilitate solid and profitable strategic objective alignment" G.Cole, Director Asia M-I SWACO - A SCHLUMBERGER COMPANY "It jumps the level of changing behaviors." A. Valdez, LA-Z-BOY Corporation Culturally On Plan shares a proven and successful method to lead practical change in achieving strategic objectives. It is based on recognizing patterns in human change (for example, its always the other-guy that must change) and utilizing simple self-awareness techniques to create the desire to undertake pragmatic and proven steps in aligning individual's traits and behaviors to those necessary in achieving the strategic targets. Not only will does this book clearly provide a practical & successful method to lead organizational change, but on a personal level you will also realize pragmatic non-biased ways to explore and improve your own personal traits. (note: the CEO's behavior only affects 2 of 5 categories of personality, therefore the leadership team must change) 3 underlying philosophies help keep the book centered on reality: 1.The other guy syndrome: It's always the other guy's traits that need to change. 2.People don't resist change as much as they resist BEING CHANGED 3.People's mindset (beliefs & values) have a profound influence on their decision-making. This new method in reaching strategic objectives is therefore centered on creating individual awareness of traits and behaviors and letting the various leaders compare those privately or publically to the desired traits (in reaching the objectives) and developing a Cultural Transformation Plan that reaches the level of practical and proven actions that help in changing traits. This awareness comes in the form of various individual self-assessments in the areas of behaviors, traits and decision-making abilities, to name a few. The main steps that have led to success: 1.Properly deploying the strategic objectives 2.Evolving a Cultural Transformation Plan - Assessing the desired traits and behaviors vital in supporting the strategy - Creating awareness of leadership's current traits and behaviors - Identifying opportunities & practical actions to align differences between the desired and current behaviors The book begins by exploring why two-thirds of continuous improvement transformations in the U.S. fail to sustain their results (according to CEO surveys). It then explains how the method can be practically applied resulting in successfully reaching objectives and accomplishing cultural change. Consideration is given to: Intuitive versus Analytic Thinking, Leading without Power, Creating a Learning Organization, and Leading instead of Managing, etc.

Made To Order Lean

Author : Greg Lane
ISBN : 1563273624
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22.74 MB
Format : PDF
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Toyota Production System methods have rendered remarkable results in high-volume manufacturing plants, but they have not been fully understood and correctly applied in high-mix, low-volume environments. While lean principles do apply, the implementation methods and tools must be adapted and alternate methods embraced in a low-volume environment. This volume is specifically geared for manufacturers that have hundreds to thousands of active part numbers with few or no ongoing forecasted volumes, and for job shops that build only to order. The primary focus is eliminating non-value-added activities and instituting improvements on the most repetitive jobs, a strategy that gives you more time to produce your low-volume work or one-offs. About the author: Greg Lane is a faculty member of the Lean Enterprise Institute and an advisor to the Instituto de Lean Management in Spain. During his time with Toyota, he was one of a handful of candidates selected for a one-year training program conducted by the company’s masters. He became certified as a Toyota Production System (TPS) Key Person and continued his work with Toyota, training others in TPS. He has been highly active in working on implementing lean around the world, supporting large and small companies alike. In 1998, he began to focus his lean endeavors on meeting the specific needs of high-mix, low-volume enterprises. During his time as an independent consultant, Greg purchased and operated his own manufacturing company, which specialized in fast turnaround on high-mix, low-volume parts. Greg used TPS to grow the business and nearly double its sales. Greg and his associates have experience not only at adapting the methods contained in this book, but also in applying other tools that are too numerous to detail here. They can be reached for further support with your lean transformation via email: [email protected]
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Applied Lean Business Transformation

Author : Dennis P. Hobbs
ISBN : 9781932159790
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 73.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This volume presents a holistic business improvement strategy that targets the right resources and implementation methodologies to the right opportunities that many firms are missing. It shows how to integrate kaizen, lean and six sigma into an improvement initiative across the entire company.
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Toyota By Toyota

Author : Samuel Obara
ISBN : 9781439880753
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 41.6 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Written by former Toyota associates, Toyota By Toyota: Reflections from the Inside Leaders on the Techniques That Revolutionized the Industry focuses on the purpose of Lean methodologies, techniques, and principles. It compiles more than a century of combined experience from management-level employees who supply little-known insights about the Toyota Production System (TPS)—featuring many who worked directly with Taiichi Ohno. The book illustrates experiences at Toyota locations around the world, including the United States, Brazil, Venezuela, Europe, and Japan. Associates from various divisions, including sales, training, logistics, manufacturing, and human resources, provide diverse points of view regarding the application of the Lean principles discussed. In each chapter, TPS experts: Share their story about when and how they learned the specific Lean technique, methodology, or concept Describe the Lean technique, along with its benefits and pitfalls Supply helpful implementation tips A common thread that weaves these stories together is that each contributor had to learn their lessons the hard way. Although there is no magical, painless way to learn Lean, the authors hope that by sharing their experiences and struggles, you can avoid having to struggle through the same lessons. Readers will benefit from seeing the various approaches used to teach, as well as the unique way these authors translate that learning to the reader.
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Relentless Improvement

Author : Bill Trudell
ISBN : 9781466554313
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 61.2 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Tracing the author’s decades-long continuous improvement journey, Relentless Improvement: True Stories of Lean Transformations walks readers through vivid shop floor experiences to convey a genuine feel for the environments in which Lean Six Sigma transformations occur. Recounting numerous Lean Six Sigma transformations, it illustrates the spectrum of successful operational tactics. The story starts just outside Detroit, Michigan in the 1970s when the auto industry was booming, and most people in the area worked in the car factories, or in one of the component factories that supplied the Big Three. The complexity and detail of the projects grow chapter by chapter. The book begins by explaining how to manage Lean basics such as applying 5S, shortening product cycle times, and creating standard work. It then progresses to factory Lean Six Sigma transformations. Providing implementation guidance geared to functions on the operational level, the book: Presents stories based on the author’s interactions with company leaders and shop-floor employees in the midst of great change Illustrates real-world plant politics and manufacturing situations using compelling stories Highlights valuable lessons learned at the end of each chapter Using an engaging story format, the book recounts the author’s career experiences to provide you with a real-world understanding of how to use Lean tools. The stories in the book illustrate everything from standard work and takt time to Kaizen events and Total Productive Maintenance. The text also includes accounts of "front end" or administrative processes such as product development and materials handling.
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Lean Production For The Small Company

Author : Mike Elbert
ISBN : 9781466575851
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 40.2 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A hands-on guide to adapting Lean principles and the Toyota Production System to high-mix/low-volume environments, Lean Production for the Small Company uses charts, pictures, and easy-to-understand language to describe the methods needed to improve processes and eliminate waste. It walks readers through the correct order of implementation and describes problems and pitfalls along with time-tested solutions. Explaining how to incorporate existing systems into a Lean strategy, the book starts with the fundamentals and builds on them to describe the full range of tools and processes needed to implement Lean. It outlines how to design factories for Lean manufacturing and demonstrates how to remove variations within business and manufacturing processes to achieve a smooth continuous flow of product that delivers your product on time to customers. The tools, methods, and ideals discussed are applicable in any industry and all parts of your business—from manufacturing and sales to human resources. The text unveils new methods and tools that can help you reduce inventory, improve inventory turns, and facilitate raw material flow through the factory. It details how to use customer order demands to schedule the production floor, rather than using estimated production schedules. It also considers the accounting process and explains how to improve your cash-to-cash cycle time. Drawing on the author’s decades of experience transforming high-mix plants to Lean, the text brings together coverage of the tools and processes that have made Toyota so successful. All the chapters in this book, when implemented, will result in a culture change that will transform your company into a learning organization that continuously eliminates waste and improves its processes.
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Lean Transformation

Author : Bruce A. Henderson
ISBN : 1511657030
Genre : Industrial efficiency
File Size : 57.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Known worldwide in manufacturing among those striving to maximize productivity and create pull scheduling of production as "the yellow book," this is the premier how to book for companies going lean. Touted by experts everywhere as practical, down-to-earth, and easy to read, it warns of cultural issues that are certain to arise, and gives step by step instructions for making the transformation. It clearly explains such tools as continuous flow, value stream mapping, kanban, kaizen, six sigma, just-in-time (JIT), techniques for quick set-ups, and other pillars of the Toyota Production System. It's full of examples of value stream mapping, how kanban can resolve material supply issues, how kaizen brainstorming can result in startling improvements overnight, how just-in-me (JIT) frees mountains of money tied up in work-in-progress, why Six Sigma quality needs to be built in and not inspected in, how bottlenecks can be eliminated, kanban snafus spotted before they happen, and how instilling a championship mentality in cross-functional teams an lead to increased productivity and continuous improvement that doesn't stop after the initial kaizen event.
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Lean For The Long Term

Author : William H. Baker, Jr.
ISBN : 9781482257175
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 25.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The average tenure of a departing CEO has declined from approximately 10 years in 2000 to 8.1 years in 2012. Maintaining a customer-focused Lean strategy and continuous improvement culture can become a challenge when management changes often, unless it has become an institutionalized company-branded business management system for the company. Lean for the Long Term allows readers to benefit from the operating experience and research of the authors who have been deeply involved in leading Lean transformations that last in today’s ever-changing business landscape. It presents a Lean management system model that encompasses leadership, process, and growth as the model to drive business performance. The authors investigate the fragile nature of a Lean culture and the resulting effects on people and the company when the culture shifts. They illustrate the methods several companies have used to achieve successful Lean transformations that last and also offer guidance on how to build your own action plan based on the best practices outlined in the text. Until now, there have been few books to supply in-depth discussions on Lean as a strategy and management system. Filling this need, this book will help you to move toward a broader, more strategic use of Lean principles in your business. The book uses clear language to present insights on how company leaders and Lean practitioners can improve communication. After reading the book, you will better understand how your company operates, how to align your efforts, and how to decide what to do despite the complexity of day-to-day business operations.
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Going Lean

Author : Stephen A. RUFFA
ISBN : 0814410626
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 33.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Going Lean sets aside the notion that efficient operations and powerful innovations are only possible when business is steady and demand is growing. Instead, companies must learn that sudden shifts or unpredictable conditions need not undermine their results. Led by a new breed of companies –Toyota, Wal-Mart, and Southwest Airlines—a powerful, yet unexpected mindset is reshaping the rules for business competitiveness. By using Lean Dynamics TM—based on the now-famous Toyota Production System—companies everywhere can thrive in virtually any environment. In Going Lean, readers will learn how to:• become broadly effective in creating and sustaining value• set a critical foundation for achieving sustained excellence• identify sources of lag and create robust value streams that thrive in today’s dynamic conditions• describe the underlying techniques to maintain steady and predictable flow• create a system based on “pull,” or external demand that consistently introduces new innovation even during severe downturns• strive for perfection• deliver industry-leading returns
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