More Utopia

Author : Thomas More
ISBN : 9781107128491
Genre : History
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A fully revised third edition of More's Utopia - one of the most influential texts in the western philosophical and literary tradition.
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Interpreting Thomas More S Utopia

Author : John C. Olin
ISBN : 0823212335
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The proceedings of a symposium commemorating the 450th anniversary of Thomas More's death and the 50th anniversary of his canonization, Interpreting Thomas More's Utopia presents four leading Morean scholars on various aspects central to understanding More's masterpiece. An introduction by Governor Mario M. Cuomo in which he assesses More's influence on his career in public life precedes this stimulating discussion. The contributions, in order of appearance, are A Personal Appreciationby Mario M. Cuomo, The Argument of Utopiaby George M. Logan, The Key to Nowhere: Pride and Utopiaby Thomas I. White, Utopia and Martyrdomby Germain Marc'hadour, and The Idea of Utopia from Hesiod to John Paul IIby John C. Olin.
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Der Australische Utopische Roman Des 20 Jahrhunderts

Author : Bettina Rösler
ISBN : 9783836608794
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Inhaltsangabe:Einleitung: Terra Australis Mundus Alter et Idem (1605). Ganz im Sinne des oben genannten Romantitels von Joseph Hall, übersetzt ins Englische: Another World and yet the Same, wurde Australien, noch vor seiner Entdeckung durch die Europäer, oft als eine andere und dennoch dieselbe Welt wahrgenommen. Der unbekannte Kontinent auf der Südhalbkugel beflügelt seit jeher die Phantasie der Menschheit. Ganz der menschlichen Natur entsprechend, immer nach einem besseren Leben zu streben, beschäftigten sich bereits Philosophen der Antike mit utopischen Ideen. Australien als ein Land, dessen Existenz zwar vermutet, jedoch lange Zeit nicht bewiesen war, bot für alternative Gesellschaftsentwürfe in Form von utopischen Texten eine ideale Projektionsfläche. Das Ziel dieser Arbeit ist, das Zusammenspiel zwischen dem spezifisch Australischen und dem klassisch Utopischen zu analysieren. Zum einen soll aufgezeigt werden, welche Elemente ausgewählter Utopien australischer Schriftsteller charakteristisch für Australien sind. Als zweites Anliegen gilt es, klassisch utopische Merkmale dieser Werke herauszufiltern. Werke australischer Autoren sind weitestgehend unbekannt. Um die möglicherweise unterschätzte Stellung der australischen Literatur zu verstehen, ist zunächst eine allgemeine Einführung in die australische Literaturlandschaft notwendig. Im zweiten Kapitel der vorliegenden Arbeit folgt dem Überblick über die Entwicklung der Literatur Australiens ein Einblick in die Situation der australischen Literaturwissenschaften an Hochschulen und im Verlagswesen des Landes. Darauf aufbauend wird im dritten Kapitel das Verhältnis von Utopie und Australien betrachtet. Dem geschichtlichen Abriss hinsichtlich utopischen Denkens in und über den Kontinent Australien folgt in diesem Abschnitt ein Vergleich zwischen den beiden Phänomenen Australian Dream und American Dream. Bevor die klassisch utopischen Elemente australischer Utopien in Kapitel 6 näher analysiert werden können, wird in Kapitel 4 zunächst ein Überblick zu den allgemeinen Merkmalen utopischer Literatur gegeben. Hierbei wird auf das Verhältnis von Narrativität zur Diskursivität, die Charakterisierung utopischer Figuren, den Konflikt zwischen Zivilisation und der Natur des Menschen sowie auf Gesellschaftskritik in utopischen Texten eingegangen. Die inhaltliche und thematische Einführung in die ausgewählten australischen Utopien, welche in Kapitel 6 analysiert werden, erfolgt in Kapitel 5. Neben [...]
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An Introduction To Political Philosophy

Author : Alexander Moseley
ISBN : 9781441188618
Genre : Philosophy
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Philosophy underpins political concepts, ideals and debates. The extent and nature of our rights, liberties and responsibilities, the role of the state and the best means of its governance are all questions to have been addressed by great philosophers throughout history - and questions students of political philosophy must engage with. An Introduction to Political Philosophy offers a thorough, lucid and stimulating account of the central theories and ideas encountered in political philosophy. The text is thematically structured, covering the discipline's principal ideologies: Statism; Realism; Liberalism; Conservatism; Socialism; Anarchism; and Environmentalism. It also offers a brief history of political philosophy and the major political philosophers, including Plato, Aristotle, Locke, Rousseau, Hobbes, Marx and Rawls, and, valuably, concludes with a look at 'applied' political philosophy, relating the discipline to contemporary political situations and questions. This fascinating book offers a critical overview of one of the central concepts in philosophy, encountered by virtually every student of the subject.
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De Optimo Reipublicae Statu Deque Nova Insula Utopia

Author : Sir Thomas More (Saint)
ISBN : 0521403189
Genre : History
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First published in Latin in 1516, Thomas More's Utopia is one of the most influential books in the Western philosophical and literary tradition and one of the supreme achievements of Renaissance humanism. This is the first edition of Utopia since 1965 (the Yale edition) to combine More's Latin text with an English translation, and also the first edition to provide a Latin text that is both accurate and readable. The text is based on the early editions (with the Froben edition of March 1518 as copy-text), but spelling and punctuation have been regularized in accordance with modern practices. The translation is a revised version of the acclaimed lively and readable Adams translation, which also appears in Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought. This edition, which incorporates the results of recent Utopian scholarship, also includes an introduction, textual apparatus, a full commentary and a guide to the voluminous scholarly and critical literature on Utopia.
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Social Thought In England 1480 1730

Author : A.L. Beier
ISBN : 9781317352310
Genre : History
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Authorities ranging from philosophers to politicians nowadays question the existence of concepts of society, whether in the present or the past. This book argues that social concepts most definitely existed in late medieval and early modern England, laying the foundations for modern models of society. The book analyzes social paradigms and how they changed in the period. A pervasive medieval model was the "body social," which imagined a society of three estates – the clergy, the nobility, and the commonalty – conjoined by interdependent functions, arranged in static hierarchies based upon birth, and rejecting wealth and championing poverty. Another model the book describes as "social humanist," that fundamentally questioned the body social, advancing merit over birth, mobility over stasis, and wealth over poverty. The theory of the body social was vigorously articulated between the 1480s and the 1550s. Parts of the old metaphor actually survived beyond 1550, but alternative models of social humanist thought challenged the body concept in the period, advancing a novel paradigm of merit, mobility, and wealth. The book’s methodology focuses on the intellectual context of a variety of contemporary texts.
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Eighteenth Century Utopian Fiction

Author : Christine Rees
ISBN : 9781317898160
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Utopian fiction was a particularly rich and important genre during the eighteenth century. It was during this period that a relatively new phenomenon appeared: the merging of utopian writing per se with other fictional genres, such as the increasingly dominant novel. However, while early modern and nineteenth and twentieth century utopias have been the focus of much attention, the eighteenth century has largely been neglected. Utopian Imagination and Eighteenth Century Fiction combines these major areas of interest, interpreting some of the most fascinating and innovative fictions of the period and locating them in a continuing tradition of utopian writing which stretches back through the Renaissance to the Ancient World. Begining with a survey of the recurrent topics in utopian writing - power structures in the state, money, food, sex, the role of women, birth, education and death - the book brings together canonical eighteenth century texts countaining powerful utopian elements, such as Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver's Travels and Rasselas, and less familiar works, to examine the reworking of these topics in a new context. The unfamiliar texts, including Gaudentio di Lucca, are described in detail to give students an idea of relevant material across a broad area. A section is devoted specifically to women writes, an area which has become the focus of attention. The mixture of texts provides a useful cross-reference for students tackling the subject from various perspectives and the comprehensive bibliography provides a valuable tool for those with general or specific interests
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Humanistica Lovaniensia

Author : Gilbert Tournoy
ISBN : 9058673324
Genre : Foreign Language Study
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Volume 52
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Law Governance And Justice

Author : Richard Kaeuper
ISBN : 9789004235908
Genre : History
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How law and governance operated in medieval England - and whether contemporaries saw justice in its operations - have long generated scholarly discussions. 13 scholars, established and younger figures, historians and literary analysts, offer their new views in this volume.
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