Morals And Dogma

Author : Albert Pike
ISBN : 0766126153
Genre : Social Science
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Other volumes in this set include ISBN number(s): 0766126161. Volume 1 of 2. (This description is for all volumes.) The teachings of these Readings are not sacramental, so far as they go beyond the realm of Morality into those of other domains of Thought.
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Morals And Dogma Of The Ancient And Accepted Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry

Author : Pike
ISBN : 9786050414950
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Force, unregulated or ill-regulated, is not only wasted in the void, like that of gunpowder burned in the open air, and steam unconfined by science; but, striking in the dark, and its blows meeting only the air, they recoil and bruise itself. It is destruction and ruin. It is the volcano, the earthquake, the cyclone;—not growth and progress. It is Polyphemus blinded, striking at random, and falling headlong among the sharp rocks by the impetus of his own blows. The blind Force of the people is a Force that must be economized, and also managed, as the blind Force of steam, lifting the ponderous iron arms and turning the large wheels, is made to bore and rifle the cannon and to weave the most delicate lace. It must be regulated by Intellect. Intellect is to the people and the people's Force, what the slender needle of the compass is to the ship—its soul, always counselling the huge mass of wood and iron, and always pointing to the north.
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The Secrets Of Morals And Dogma By Albert Pike

Author : Len Seymour
ISBN : 1607965860
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Symbolic images are the alphabet underlying all Mystery traditions. It has been stated that Albert Pike's "Magnum Opus Morals and Dogma" no longer has any relevance to Scottish Rite Masons. For many, it has become an esoteric antediluvian composition, a momentous work deemed too difficult for the average person to comprehend or to glean information from. Albert Pike composed his esoteric information so as not to reveal any Masonic secrets, understanding that non-Mason and Mason alike would be exploring the degrees contained within. Could he have concealed information within his writings, as did many of the great artists and thinkers of the past? For the first time, Professor Len Seymour provides an interpretation of the enigmatic drawing of an Egyptian Stele found in Pike's book, "Morals and Dogma," the timeless and hidden symbolism of which has remained a mystery until now.
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Liturgies Of The Ancient And Accepted Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry 4 Degree 30 Degree

Author : Albert Pike
ISBN : 156459310X
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Parts 2-4 Fourth Degree - Thirtieth Degree. This massive work includes ALL the Scottish Rite "Liturgies" (monitors) prepared for the current rituals of the Supreme Council Thirty-third Degree, SMJ. Lavishly illustrated with diagrams of the aprons, jewels and symbols of the degrees, the texts of these works contain verbatim extracts from the current rituals of the Scottish Rite. Some portions of these books (such as the "Lecture and History" of the Thirteenth Degree) are not even included in the official rituals. Extremely interesting and informative, students of the rituals may compare this work with the Magnum Opus to trace the evolution of the degrees. Highly recommended.
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Chapter Rose Croix

Author : Albert Pike
ISBN : 1613421036
Genre : Social Science
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No Scottish Rite Mason can truly claim his title without an understanding of the philosophy, religious examinations and ethics as offered in the degrees the Chapter Rose Croix. This classic study by Albert Pike, taken from his Morals and Dogma, along with the historical background by Albert Mackey makes this work required reading for all sincere Scottish Rite Masons. Part of the Cornerstone Scottish Rite Education Series.
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