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Molecular Aspects Of Bioelectricity

Author : Ernest Schoffeniels
ISBN : 9781483189857
Genre : Nature
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Molecular Aspects of Bioelectricity describes the self-organization in molecular and cellular networks. This book evaluates the chemical representation of ion flux gating in excitable biomembranes and addresses the theoretical implication of liganding reactions in axonal sodium channel gating. It also strongly demonstrates the ligand interactions of crustacean axonal membrane. The opening chapters deal with the biochemical studies of the structure, mechanism, and differentiation of the voltage-sensitive sodium channel; and biochemical cycle of impedance variation in axonal membranes. The succeeding chapters examine the effect of various compounds on the phosphorylation of nerve proteins and the molecular aspects of the actions of cyclic nucleotides at synapses. These topics are followed by discussions of the acetylcholine and choline acetyltransferase, as well as the polymorphism of cholinesterase in vertebrates. The closing chapters are devoted to the physical factors determining gated flux from and into sealed membrane fragments. The book can provide useful information to biologists, students, and researchers.
Category: Nature

Development Of The Cerebellum From Molecular Aspects To Diseases

Author : Hassan Marzban
ISBN : 9783319597492
Genre : Medical
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The authors present the most current and cutting-edge knowledge regarding the molecular basis of cerebellar development, focusing on information relevant to laboratory scientists and clinicians providing service to patients with cerebellar disorders. Knowledge obtained from advanced neuroimaging techniques that are used during development, and from molecular- and genetic-based studies has provided rapidly-growing evidence that the cerebellum is a brain region that is highly impacted by developmental defects. Cerebellar defects result in significant intellectual and motor function impairment that affects both the patients and their families.
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Electrical Potentials In Biological Membrane Transport

Author : E. Heinz
ISBN : 9783642816758
Genre : Science
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The material of this volume was originally planned to be incorporated in the preceding monograph Mechanics and Energetics of Biological Transport. A separate and coherent treatment ofthe variety of bioelectrical phenomena was considered preferable, mainly for didactic reasons. Usually, the biologist has to gather the principles of bioelectricity he needs from different sources and on different levels. The present book intends to provide these principles in a more uniform context and in a form adjusted to the problems of a biol ogist, rather than of a physicist or electrical engineer. The main emphasis is put on the molecular aspect by relating the bioelectrical phenomena, such as the membrane diffusion potentials, pump potentials, or redox potentials, to the properties of the membrane concerned, and, as far as pOSSible, to specific steps of transport and metabolism of ions and nonelectrolytes. Little space is devoted to the familiar and widely used representation of bioelectrical phe nomena in terms of electrical networks, of equivalent circuits with batteries, resistances, capacities etc. In order to elucidate the basic principles, the formal treatment is kept as simple as pOSSible, using highly Simplified models, based on biological systems. The corresponding equations are derived in two ways: kinetically, i. e. in terms of the Law of Mass Action, as well as energetically, i. e. , in terms of Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics.
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Molecular Basis And Thermodynamics Of Bioelectrogenesis

Author : E. Schoffeniels
ISBN : 9789400921436
Genre : Science
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Despite the fact that many years have elapsed since the first microcalorimetric measurements of an action potential were made, there is still among the research workers involved in the study of bioelectrogenesis a complete overlooking of the most fundamental principle governing any biological phenomenon at the molecular scale of dimension. This is surprising, the more so that the techniques of molecular biology are applied to characterize the proteins forming the ionic conducting sites in living membranes. For reasons that are still obscure to us the molecular aspects of bioelectrogenesis are completely out of the scope of the dynamic aspects of biochemistry. Even if it is sometimes recognized that an action potential is a free energy-consuming, entropy-producing process, the next question that should reasonably arise is never taken into consideration. There is indeed a complete evasion of the problem of biochemical energy coupling thus reducing the bioelectrogenesis to only physical interactions of membrane proteins with the electric field: the inbuilt postulate is that no molecular transformations, in the chemical sense, could be involved.
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The Physiology Of Bioelectricity In Development Tissue Regeneration And Cancer

Author : Christine E. Pullar
ISBN : 1439837244
Genre : Medical
File Size : 63.64 MB
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Recent advances in technology have led to the unprecedented accuracy in measurements of endogenous electric fields around sites of tissue disruption. State-of-the-art molecular approaches demonstrate the role of bioelectricity in the directionality and speed of cell migration, proliferation, apoptosis, differentiation, and orientation. New information indicates that electric fields play a role in initiating and coordinating complex regenerative responses in development and wound repair and that they may also have a part in cancer progression and metastasis. Compiling current research in this rapidly expanding field, Physiology of Bioelectricity in Development, Tissue Regeneration, and Cancer highlights relevant, cutting-edge topics poised to drive the next generation of medical breakthroughs. Chapters consider methods for detecting endogenous electric field gradients and studying applied electric fields in the lab. The book addresses bioelectricity’s roles in guiding cell behavior during morphogenesis and orchestrating higher order patterning. It also covers the response of stem cells to applied electric fields, which reveals bioelectricity as an exciting new player in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. This book provides an in-depth exploration of how electric signals control corneal wound repair and skin re-epithelialization, angiogenesis, and inflammation. It also delves into the bioelectric responses of cells derived from the musculoskeletal system, bioelectrical guidance of neurons, and the beneficial application of voltage gradients to promote regeneration in the spinal cord. It concludes with a discussion of bioelectricity and cancer progression and the potential for novel cancer biomarkers, new methods for early detection, and bioelectricity-based therapies to target both the tumor and metastatic cancer cells. This multidisciplinary compilation will benefit biologists, biochemists, biomedical scientists, engineers, dermatologists, and clinicians, or anyone else interested in development, regeneration, cancer, and tissue engineering. It can also serve as an ideal textbook for students in biology, medicine, medical physiology, biophysics, and biomedical engineering.
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Biological Calcification Cellular And Molecular Aspects

Author : Harald Schraer
ISBN : 9781468484854
Genre : Science
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The deposition of calcium-containing salts is a widespread phenomenon in both the plant and animal kingdoms. Its occurrence suggests a generalized biological adaptation to environments rich in calcium. Indeed, the Archaean ocean was rich in calcium carbonate, and traces of ancient organisms have been found in lime stones estimated to be about 2. 7 billion years old. The fundamental nature of biological calcification makes it a subject of interest not only to the student of calcium metabolism and skeletal physiology, but also to biologists in general. As in many areas of biological science recent progress in this field has been rapid, and no attempt was made here to cover all the biological systems in which calcifica tion is an important facet of the organisms' method of operation. Calcification is approached in this volume at the levels of the cellular sites and molecular mechan isms that are involved in this process. The ultrastructural and chemical features of the cells and their products which are associated with calcification are empha sized in several chapters. The editor, in inviting contributions from authors, in tended that collectively the chapters should convey a sense of the ubiquitous and essential nature of the role of calcification in several phyla of the plant and animal kingdoms. The researchers were biochemists, physical chemists, cell biologists and physiologists; some represented medicine and dentistry; all were interested in calcification.
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Genedis 2016

Author : Panayiotis Vlamos
ISBN : 9783319573793
Genre : Medical
File Size : 40.88 MB
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The 2nd World Congress on Genetics, Geriatrics and Neurodegenerative Disease Research (GeNeDis 2016), will focus on recent advances in geriatrics and neurodegeneration, ranging from basic science to clinical and pharmaceutical developments and will provide an international focum for the latest scientific discoveries, medical practices, and care initiatives. Advances information technologies will be discussed along with their implications for various research, implementation, and policy concerns. In addition, the conference will address European and global issues in the funding of long-term care and medico-social policies regarding elderly people. GeNeDis 2016 takes place in Sparta, Greece, 20-23 October, 2016. This volume focuses on thesessions that address neurodegenerative diseases.
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Bioimpedance And Bioelectricity Basics

Author : Sverre Grimnes
ISBN : 0123032601
Genre : Science
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Bioimpedance and Bioelectricity Basics is unique in providing all the information needed to follow the interdisciplinary subjects of bioimpedance and bioelectricity without having to be a graduate student in the relevant fields. For the first time, one book offers the broadest possible introduction to all use and effects of electrical fields in tissue, dealing with the most basic chemical and physical functions of life. Very few books have covered the dielectric and electrochemical side of the subject, despite its importance; Bioimpedance and Bioelectricity Basics does. It also includes the electrical engineering concepts of network theory and the complex math needed. Up to now, there has been work done by physicists and engineers on one side, doctors and biologists on the other, this book fills the gap, providing the knowledge for both groups. Key Features * is one complete source and reference guide to a complex and disparate field * gives the reader the latest research and applications * is highly illustrated, with an indepth explanation of all mathematics
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Modern Bioelectricity

Author : Andrew A. Marino
ISBN : 0824777883
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 48.55 MB
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Bioelectrical Signal Processing In Cardiac And Neurological Applications

Author : Leif Sörnmo
ISBN : 9780080527925
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 82.19 MB
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The analysis of bioelectrical signals continues to receive wide attention in research as well as commercially because novel signal processing techniques have helped to uncover valuable information for improved diagnosis and therapy. This book takes a unique problem-driven approach to biomedical signal processing by considering a wide range of problems in cardiac and neurological applications-the two "heavyweight" areas of biomedical signal processing. The interdisciplinary nature of the topic is reflected in how the text interweaves physiological issues with related methodological considerations. Bioelectrical Signal Processing is suitable for a final year undergraduate or graduate course as well as for use as an authoritative reference for practicing engineers, physicians, and researchers. A problem-driven, interdisciplinary presentation of biomedical signal processing Focus on methods for processing of bioelectrical signals (ECG, EEG, evoked potentials, EMG) Covers both classical and recent signal processing techniques Emphasis on model-based statistical signal processing Comprehensive exercises and illustrations Extensive bibliography
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