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Modern Mummies

Author : Christine Quigley
ISBN : 9781476613734
Genre : History
File Size : 50.73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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For many, a mummy is an Egyptian pharaoh, wrapped in cloth, found thousands of years later in a pyramid by archaeologists. But mummies need not be ancient. Modern-day mummies can be found under glass in special tombs built in their honor, in private collections where they have come to rest after decades on the carnival circuit, in dissecting rooms of medical schools, and in the basements of funeral homes waiting for decades to be claimed by the next of kin. Stories about the famous (Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, Eva Peron) and the not-so-famous (Leslie Hansell wanted her body mummified to bask in the sun rather than being buried in the cold ground) mummies are told here in great detail, along with a broader look at the history and process of mummification. The book includes a comprehensive study of the successful prolonged preservation of the human body, and delves into the law and science of modern mummification.
Category: History

Mortal Remains

Author : Nancy Isenberg
ISBN : 9780812208061
Genre : History
File Size : 71.14 MB
Format : PDF
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Mortal Remains introduces new methods of analyzing death and its crucial meanings over a 240-year period, from 1620 to 1860, untangling its influence on other forms of cultural expression, from religion and politics to race relations and the nature of war. In this volume historians and literary scholars join forces to explore how, in a medically primitive and politically evolving environment, mortality became an issue that was inseparable from national self-definition. Attempting to make sense of their suffering and loss while imagining a future of cultural permanence and spiritual value, early Americans crafted metaphors of death in particular ways that have shaped the national mythology. As the authors show, the American fascination with murder, dismembered bodies, and scenes of death, the allure of angel sightings, the rural cemetery movement, and the enshrinement of George Washington as a saintly father, constituted a distinct sensibility. Moreover, by exploring the idea of the vanishing Indian and the brutality of slavery, the authors demonstrate how a culture of violence and death had an early effect on the American collective consciousness. Mortal Remains draws on a range of primary sources—from personal diaries and public addresses, satire and accounts of sensational crime—and makes a needed contribution to neglected aspects of cultural history. It illustrates the profound ways in which experiences with death and the imagery associated with it became enmeshed in American society, politics, and culture.
Category: History

Conjoined Twins

Author : Christine Quigley
ISBN : 9781476603230
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 67.33 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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When two human ova fail to fully separate during pregnancy, the result is conjoined twins. The twins may be connected by ligament, bone, or just flesh, and they often share organs, but what captures most people's interest is whether the twins share sensations, thoughts and even souls. This encyclopedia presents entries on conjoined twins throughout history, the biological causes and effects of twins being born conjoined, and ethical issues such as self-support and separation surgery. It also includes entries on the modern standardized terminology used when discussing conjoined twins, the categories into which conjoined twins have been sorted, doctors past and present who have performed separation surgeries, and hospitals, such as Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, that are known for the separation of conjoined twins. This book even covers fraudulent conjoined twins and fictional ones in books written by such authors as Mark Twain, Vladimir Nabakov, and Katherine Dunn. Other entries cover relevant films, websites, and institutions.
Category: Social Science

Mummies Disease And Ancient Cultures

Author : Thomas Aidan Cockburn
ISBN : 9781316342404
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 50.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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To look upon a mummy is to come face to face with our past. This book presents the story of mummification as a practice worldwide. Mummies have been found on every continent, some deliberately preserved as with the ancient Egyptians using a variety of complex techniques, others accidentally by dry baking heat, intense cold and ice, or by tanning in peat bogs. By examining these preserved humans, we can get profound insights into the lives, health, culture and deaths of individuals and populations long gone. The first edition of this book was acclaimed as a classic. This readable new edition builds on these foundations, investigating the fantastic new findings in South America, Europe and the Far East. It will be a 'must-have' volume for anyone working in paleopathology and a fascinating read for all those interested in anthropology, archaeology, and the history of medicine.
Category: Social Science

The Big Book Of Death

Author : Bronwyn Carlton
ISBN : 1563891662
Genre : Humor
File Size : 74.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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/Bronwyn Carlton Death remains one of society's last taboos, a subject few are willin gto acknowledge, let alone discuss. THE BIG BOOK OF DEATH looks the Grim Reaper in the fact and laughs, with tales of outmoded methods of execution, captial punishment, visits to famous cemetaries, body disposal, weird deaths and stupid murders and more. G
Category: Humor

No More Dying

Author : Joel Kurtzman
ISBN : UOM:39015011476945
Genre : Medical
File Size : 54.2 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Medical

The Scientific Study Of Mummies

Author : Arthur C. Aufderheide
ISBN : 0521818265
Genre : Science
File Size : 47.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Originally published in 2003, this is a lavishly illustrated reference volume on mummies and what can be learned from them worldwide.
Category: Science

Earthly Remains

Author : Andrew T. Chamberlain
ISBN : 0714150088
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 55.85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The preserved remains of other human beings hold a special fascination for the living. Earthly Remains explores the history and science behind such phenomena as: the bodies of Abraham Lincoln, Lenin, Eva Peron and other famous politicians, embalmed and displayed for political ends; bog bodies, including the famous Lindow Man - how and why did they meet their fate?; mummies from ancient Egypt and even earlier examples from South America; frozen corpses, such as the 5,000-year-old Tyrolean Ice Man; bodies preserved in outline form, including those of Pompeii and Sutton Hoo; and cryonics, embalming and other modern preservation techniques. Illustrated with the images of many of the cases discussed, Earthly Remains is a book that will appeal to everyone's sense of mystery in the history and origins of our ancestors.
Category: Social Science

Inside Teradome

Author : Jack Hunter
ISBN : UCSC:32106016176155
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 22.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An Illustrated History of Freak Film Freakshows - human anomalies presented for spectacle-have flourished throughout recorded history. The birth of movies provided a further outlet for these displays, which in turn led to a peculiar strain of bizarre cinema: Freak Film. 'Inside Terradome' is a comprehensive and fully illustrated guide to the roots and development of this fascinating, often disturbing cinematic genre.
Category: Performing Arts

Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Author : William R. Maples
ISBN : 0385479689
Genre : Medical
File Size : 53.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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From a skeleton, a skull, a mere fragment of burnt thighbone, Dr. William Maples can deduce the age, gender, and ethnicity of a murder victim, the manner in which the person was dispatched, and, ultimately, the identity of the killer. In Dead Men Do Tell Tales, Dr. Maples revisits his strangest, most interesting, and most horrific investigations, from the baffling cases of conquistador Francisco Pizarro and Vietnam MIAs to the mysterious deaths of President Zachary Taylor and the family of Czar Nicholas II. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Medical