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Model Programs For Adolescent Sexual Health

Author : Tabitha Benner, MPA
ISBN : 0826197639
Genre : Medical
File Size : 40.25 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Model Programs for Adolescent Sexual Health is a directory of the most promising and proven effective sexual education and prevention programs in the United States. The programs included in this volume were selected for their demonstrated positive impact on STI, pregnancy, and HIV/AIDS-related risk behaviors by a group of eminent HIV/AIDS expert scientists. The programs also show effective prevention strategies aimed at a variety of ages (children, adolescents, college students); a variety of ethnic and cultural orientations (Latino, African-American, GLBT, and more); and for use in a variety of settings (schools, community settings, medical clinics, and more). The following information is provided for each program listed in the directory: The Program Abstract summarizes the program, including its target clientele, site, approach, components, length, staffing requirements, program materials, and implementation costs The Program Rationale and History explains how the program was designed, and its underlying theoretical framework and assumptions Program Schedule explains the goals and activities of each program session Program Materials explains the necessary materials needed to implement the program (note that not all materials are included in this directory; however all can be ordered from Sociometrics) How to Implement the Program explains the ground rules and other necessary steps prior to implementation Evaluating the Program explains how the program was evaluated for its effectiveness
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Reducing The Risk

Author : Richard P. Barth
ISBN : 1560711485
Genre : Medical
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Selected Practice Recommendations For Contraceptive Use

Author : World Health Organization. Reproductive Health and Research
ISBN : 9241562846
Genre : Medical
File Size : 84.28 MB
Format : PDF
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This document is one of two evidence-based cornerstones of the World Health Organization's (WHO) new initiative to develop and implement evidence-based guidelines for family planning. The first cornerstone, the Medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use (third edition) published in 2004, provides guidance for who can use contraceptive methods safely. This document, the Selected practice recommendations for contraceptive use (second edition), provides guidance for how to use contraceptive methods safely and effectively once they are deemed to be medically appropriate. The recommendations contained in this document are the product of a process that culminated in an expert Working Group meeting held at the World Health Organization, Geneva, 13-16 April 2004.
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International Handbook Of Adolescent Pregnancy

Author : Andrew Cherry
ISBN : 9781489980267
Genre : Medical
File Size : 29.2 MB
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The rates are on the decline worldwide. But adolescent pregnancies still occur, placing millions of girls each year at risk for medical complications and social isolation and their babies for severe health problems-especially when prenatal care is inadequate or nonexistent. But as the opportunity for young women and girls increases around the world, adolescent pregnancy will continue to decline. Featuring reports from countries across the developed and developing worlds, the International Handbook of Adolescent Pregnancy analyzes the scope of the problem and the diversity of social and professional responses. Its biological/ecological perspective identifies factors influencing childhood pregnancy, as well as outcomes, challenges and needs of very young mothers as they differ across nations and regions. Salient comparisons are made as cultural contexts and community support vary widely and attention is paid to issues such as child marriage, LGBT concerns and the impact of religion and politics on health care, particularly access to contraception, abortion and other services. This global coverage heightens the understanding of readers involved in care, education and prevention programs and otherwise concerned with the psychosocial development, reproductive health and general well-being of girls. Included in the Handbook: Biological influences of adolescent pregnancy. Adolescent maternal health and childbearing. Adolescent pregnancy and mental health. International perspectives on adolescent fathers. Adolescent pregnancy as a feminist issue. Adolescent pregnancy as a social problem. Plus viewpoints from more than thirty countries. As a unique source of up-to-date findings and clear-headed analysis, the International Handbook of Adolescent Pregnancy is a go-to reference for practitioners and researchers in maternal and child health, pediatrics, adolescent medicine and global health.
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Adolescent Health

Author : Judith Senderowitz
ISBN : 0821331574
Genre : Social Science
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This paper reviews current data on the health of adolescents in developing countries, with a focus on young women. It assesses regional trends in sexual knowledge, contraception, marriage, fertility, and sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS. Issu
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Parental Monitoring Of Adolescents

Author : Vincent Guilamo-Ramos
ISBN : 9780231140812
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 69.85 MB
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"The goals of this book are to deepen understanding of the concept and measurement of parental monitoring and to compile, review, and extend what is known about the topic. It is particularly effective in identifying weaknesses in current conceptualizations and methods used to study parental monitoring."---Todd Herrenkohl, University of Washington School of Social Work The close supervision of adolescents dramatically reduces the incidence of risky sexual behavior, drug and alcohol use, and other activities that could negatively affect one's health and well-being. Because of the strong correlation between parental monitoring and a child's welfare, social workers, psychologists, child development specialists, and other professionals who work with children now incorporate monitoring into their programs and practice. A definitive resource providing the best research and techniques for productive supervision within the home, this volume defines and develops the conceptual, methodological, and practical areas of parental monitoring and monitoring research, locating the right balance of closeness and supervision while also remaining sensitive to ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Assembled by leading experts on childrearing and healthy parent-child communication, Parental Monitoring of Adolescents identifies the conditions that best facilitate parental knowledge, ideal interventions for high-risk youth, and the factors that either help or hinder the monitoring of an adolescent's world. The volume also sets a course for future research, establishing a new framework that evaluates the nature and approach of monitoring within the parent-adolescent relationship and the particular social realities of everyday life.
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Adolescent Sexual Health Education

Author : Josefina J. Card, PhD
ISBN : 9780826197627
Genre : Education
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Adolescents need to understand the consequences of risky sexual behavior, including unplanned pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and sexually transmitted infections. Yet these topics can be difficult to discuss and teach effectively. In a concise and convenient format, Adolescent Sexual Health Education: An Activity Sourcebook offers easy and creative exercises that educators and instructors can use to help adolescents understand and reduce their risky behaviors. Within the pages of this invaluable resource, you will find more than sixty ready-to-use activities designed to educate teens about pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and STI prevention. Each exercise is drawn from prevention programs that have been scientifically proven to change adolescent health behaviors, and will teach teens how to discuss sexual issues in an honest manner, postpone sexual activity, negotiate condom use, gain a better understanding of gay, lesbian and bisexual issues, and more. The book offers many types of exercises, including: Group discussions Role plays Homework assignments Group activities Instructor-led discussions Additional exercises, including field trips, guest speakers, and more Adolescent Sexual Health Education: An Activity Sourcebook offers a wide range of activities which can easily supplement an existing program or provide the foundation for an entirely new one. Most activities can be led by classroom teachers, facilitators, or health educators with no prior experience, and are suitable for a wide variety of settings, including community-based organizations, health clinics, or classrooms.
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The Hidden Epidemic

Author : Committee on Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
ISBN : NAP:13918
Genre : Medical
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The results of an investigation by the U.S. Committee on Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases surveys the scope of sexually transmitted diseases and pronounces their proliferation a national health crisis.
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Preventing Aids

Author : Ralph J. DiClemente
ISBN : 9781489911933
Genre : Medical
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Public health has a legacy of neglect regarding social and behavioral research. Too often, prompted by technical and scientific progress, we have ignored even marginalized-the vital "human element" in health thinking and prac tice. Thus, for example, while family planning programs focused on providing a choice among safe and effective contraceptive methods (a supremely worthy goal), the central issue of sexuality and sexual behavior was generally neglected. Similarly, the enormous and important efforts to develop rapid and reliable diagnostic and treatment methods for sexually transmitted diseases helped divert attention away from the crucial issues of sexual practice. In short, we seem to have difficulty addressing the fundamental behaviors-including sex, drug taking and other intoxications, and violence-that are central to the major causes of preventable morbidity, disability, and premature mortality in the world today. Our collective reluctance to examine and understand ourselves is also expressed in the oft-repeated pipedream that scientific progress will "take care of" the HIV / AIDS pandemic by delivering a preventive vaccine, an effective cure, or both. Yet even a cursory glance at the relationship between scientific/ technical progress and health shows that meeting the scientific challenges is only one step toward effective application of the vaccine or drug. It is typical, not atypical, that hepatitis B vaccine is only now becoming relatively freely available to large populations in the developing world, more than a decade after the vaccine's licensure.
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Professional School Counseling

Author : Rosemary Thompson
ISBN : 9780415998499
Genre : Education
File Size : 40.15 MB
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Today's children and adolescents are constantly facing new and unique challenges, and school counselors must respond to this by expanding their role and function within the schools. This revised and expanded edition of Thompson's important text explores these issues, as well as the necessary steps school counselors need to take in order to adapt and effectively deal with them. Thompson advocates for the need for standards-based school counseling, outlining the framework and benefits of the ASCA National Model® and comprehensive guidance and counseling programs. She addresses the newest research in implementing evidence-based practices; the mental health issues that may be faced by children and adolescents; consulting with teachers, parents, administrators, and the community; and crisis intervention and management. New to this edition are chapters that focus on minority and disenfracnshised students and emphasize the need for school counselors to be able to advocate, coordinate, and collaborate on services for these students and their families. This is an essential resource for every school counselor in a time when the profession is becoming increasingly important.
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