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Model Man

Author : Larry Stockstill
ISBN : 9780768406849
Genre : Religion
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What makes an “average man” into a “model man?” A model father, husband, citizen, businessman, politician, or athlete who possibly hundreds of other men could look to as their “example worth imitating?” America and many other nations of the world are plagued with mediocre, passive, impure and disappointing examples of men in every sphere of life. Their wives are unhappy, their children are rebellious, their finances are out of order, their sexual life is out of control, their commitments mean nothing, and their life has no purpose. Where are the men whose lives and characters carried such substance that they inspired armies of men to push aside their foolish ways and lead their families and communities with honor? Where are the men whose integrity is so impeccable that their “life” became a “legacy” as they remained stedfast to their principles of purity, godly example, and purpose? YOU are that “model man.” Pastor Larry Stockstill has been training pastors and businessmen in the principles of “integrity that leads to legacy” for over forty years. His ministry has brought him from the poorest villages of Africa as a missionary to leading a Bible study for the Governor of Louisiana for six years. Following the godly example of his ninety-five year old minister father, Roy Stockstill, he is imparting to a new generation what it means to live a life of “integrity, purity, and example.” He is demonstrating the “pace of grace” where your career and life finishes as well as it begins. He is illustrating “purpose of life” with it’s highest goal of “pleasing God.” Drawing from his 38 years of marriage to his wife, Melanie, and his six godly children who are all serving Christ in the church, Pastor Larry shares the principles of “how to have a happy wife” and “how to raise godly children.” Finally, the culmination of all of these principles, practically taught and applied, will produce the most treasured and sought after prize in all of life: a “legacy.” Paul told the Thessalonians that his goal was to “make ourselves a model for you to follow” (2 Thess. 3: 9, NIV). God can change your from a MESS into a MODEL! This book is simple, short, and straight-forward. It is practical and easily applied. It is not “fluff” and “hype” about leadership but gets down to the real issues that will distinguish you as a leader whose family, neighbors, company and country will honor. Are you tired of the “mediocre” and ready to become a “model of good works” (Titus 2: 7, ESV)? Take the “model man” journey from “integrity to legacy.” Develop a small group of men who will allow each chapter to look into their lives, their heart, their thought life, their motives, and their money. It is our genuine belief that when you reach the “legacy” chapter, you will be a TOTALLY DIFFERENT MAN: “a model man!”
Category: Religion

The Model Man

Author : Hans Krabbendam
ISBN : 9042014954
Genre : Social Science
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Edward William Bok was the most famous Dutch-American in early twentieth-century America thanks to his thirty-year editorship of the Ladies' Home Journal, the most prestigious women's magazine of the day. This first complete coverage of Edward Bok's life places him against his ethnic background and portrays him as the spokesman for and the molder of the American middle class between 1890 and 1930. He acted as a mediator between a Victorian and a modern society, reconciling consumerism with idealism. As a Dutch immigrant he became a model for successful adaptation to a new country and modern times. He used his national reputation to restore America's internationalism in the 1920s. His life story is relevant to those interested in the history of immigration, journalism, the rise of big business, the women's movement, and the Progressive Movement.
Category: Social Science

The Model Man

Author : Genie Davis
ISBN : 082177977X
Genre : Fiction
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Posing as a psychic to get into the hottest L.A. parties, aspiring actress Christy Harris finds herself in hot water--and under the covers--when a gorgeous cop with a sexy Texas drawl hires her to "read" a crime scene to help solve a murder investigation. Original.
Category: Fiction

The Model Man

Author : Nicole McCaffrey
ISBN : 9781509200610
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 47.38 MB
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Single mom and romance novelist Kelly Michaels has no time for a man in her life. But when mega-famous cover model Derek Calavicci puts the moves on her at a romance writers’ conference, she succumbs to temptation. Common sense prevails, however, and after a few passionate kisses she turns him down; she has impressionable teenagers at home, after all, she doesn’t need a one-night-stand with a much younger man, no matter how hot he is. When photos of their passionate moonlight kiss hit the tabloids, her agent has to do some fast footwork to save her reputation. Will the notorious bad boy go along with her scheme? Derek rarely hears a woman say “no” — it’s been that way his entire life. If Kelly isn’t interested, he’s not going to push her-- even if she does melt like ice cream on a hot sidewalk every time he touches her. But when an unexpected opportunity falls into his lap by way of Kelly’s scheming agent, he jumps at the chance. Pretend he’s in love with Kelly Michaels for two weeks? No problem. After all, the lady may say she’s never going to sleep with him... but he's got two weeks to convince her otherwise.
Category: Fiction

Models Of A Man

Author : Associate Professor of Economics at Naval Postgraduate School Mie Augier
ISBN : 0262012081
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Herbert Simon (1916-2001), in the course of a long and distinguished career in thesocial and behavioral sciences, made lasting contributions to many disciplines, including economics,psychology, computer science, and artificial intelligence. In 1978 he was awarded the Nobel Prize ineconomics for his research into the decision-making process within economic organizations. Hiswell-known book The Sciences of the Artificial addresses the implications of the decision-making andproblem-solving processes for the social sciences.This book (the title is a variation on the titleof Simon's autobiography, Models of My Life) is a collection of short essays, all original, bycolleagues from many fields who felt Simon's influence and mourn his loss. Mixing reminiscence andanalysis, the book represents "a small acknowledgment of a large debt."Each of the more than fortycontributors was asked to write about the one work by Simon that he or she had found mostinfluential. The editors then grouped the essays into four sections: "Modeling Man," "Organizationsand Administration," "Modeling Systems," and "Minds and Machines." The contributors include suchprominent figures as Kenneth Arrow, William Baumol, William Cooper, Gerd Gigerenzer, DanielKahneman, David Klahr, Franco Modigliani, Paul Samuelson, and Vernon Smith. Although they considertopics as disparate as "Is Bounded Rationality Unboundedly Rational?" and "Personal Recollectionsfrom 15 Years of Monthly Meetings," each essay is a testament to the legacy of Herbert Simon -- tosee the unity rather than the divergences among disciplines.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Model Man

Author : Johannes Leendert Krabbendam
ISBN : OCLC:186906714
Genre :
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Model Of Man

Author : Marty Monteiro
ISBN : 9781608607389
Genre : Social Science
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What defines the social norms and values for human beings? Is there a specific and realistic model, and what social and psychological characteristics make up who we are as humans? Marty Monteiro, author and psychology expert, has written a publication that addresses these questions and presents the general social model of a human being. Monteiro suggests that the Model of Man is an integration of "Mind Matter" and "Mind Morality." From an impersonal and objective viewpoint, this translates that mental development is solely related to the growth of morality (or lack thereof) and to the development of one's nature and culture; therefore, the mind and body are simply a unified entity that is basic to human knowledge. But then, does death exist? Does God exist? Monteiro's fascinating narration concludes with surprising and interesting results.
Category: Social Science