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Methods And Applications Of White Noise Analysis In Interdisciplinary Sciences

Author : Bernido Christopher C
ISBN : 9789814569132
Genre : Mathematics
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Analysis, modeling, and simulation for better understanding of diverse complex natural and social phenomena often require powerful tools and analytical methods. Tractable approaches, however, can be developed with mathematics beyond the common toolbox. This book presents the white noise stochastic calculus, originated by T Hida, as a novel and powerful tool in investigating physical and social systems. The calculus, when combined with Feynman's summation-over-all-histories, has opened new avenues for resolving cross-disciplinary problems. Applications to real-world complex phenomena are further enhanced by parametrizing non-Markovian evolution of a system with various types of memory functions. This book presents general methods and applications to problems encountered in complex systems, scaling in industry, neuroscience, polymer physics, biophysics, time series analysis, relativistic and nonrelativistic quantum systems.
Category: Mathematics

White Noise Analysis And Quantum Information

Author : Ohya Masanori
ISBN : 9789813225473
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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This volume is to pique the interest of many researchers in the fields of infinite dimensional analysis and quantum probability. These fields have undergone increasingly significant developments and have found many new applications, in particular, to classical probability and to different branches of physics. These fields are rather wide and are of a strongly interdisciplinary nature. For such a purpose, we strove to bridge among these interdisciplinary fields in our Workshop on IDAQP and their Applications that was held at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore from 3–7 March 2014. Readers will find that this volume contains all the exciting contributions by well-known researchers in search of new directions in these fields. Contents: Extensions of Quantum Theory Canonically Associated to Classical Probability Measures (Luigi Accardi)Hida Distribution Construction of Indefinite Metric (ϕp)d (d ≥ 4) Quantum Field Theory (Sergio Albeverio and Minoru W Yoshida)A Mathematical Realization of von Neumann's Measurement Scheme (Masanari Asano, Masanori Ohya and Yuta Yamamori)On Random White Noise Processes with Memory for Time Series Analysis (Christopher C Bernido and M Victoria Carpio-Bernido)Self-Repelling (Fractional) Brownian Motion: Results and Open Questions (Jinky Bornales and Ludwig Streit)Normal Approximation for White Noise Functionals by Stein's Method and Hida Calculus (Louis H Y Chen, Yuh-Jia Lee and Hsin-Hung Shih)Sensitive Homology Searching Based on MTRAP Alignment (Toshihide Hara and Masanori Ohya)Some of the Future Directions of White Noise Theory (Takeyuki Hida)Local Statistics for Random Selfadjoint Operators (Peter D Hislop and Maddaly Krishna)Multiple Markov Properties of Gaussian Processes and Their Control (Win Win Htay)Quantum Stochastic Differential Equations Associated with Square of Annihilation and Creation Processes (Un Cig Ji and Kalyan B Sinha)Itô Formula for Generalized Real and Complex White Noise Functionals (Yuh-Jia Lee)Quasi Quantum Quadratic Operators of 𝕄2(ℂ) (Farrukh Mukhamedov)New Noise Depending on the Space Parameter and the Concept of Multiplicity (Si Si)A Hysteresis Effect on Optical Illusion and Non-Kolmogorovian Probability Theory (Masanari Asano, Andrei Khrennikov, Masanori Ohya and Yoshiharu Tanaka)Note on Entropy-Type Complexity of Communication Processes (Noboru Watanabe) Readership: Mathematicians, physicists, biologists, and information scientists as well as advanced undergraduates, and graduate students studying in these fields. All researchers interested in the study of Quantum Information and White Noise Theory. Keywords: White Noise Analysis;Quantum Information;Quantum Probability;Bioinformatics;Genes;Adaptive Dynamics;Entanglement;Quantum Entropy;Non-Kolmogorovian Probability;Infinite Dimensional AnalysisReview: Key Features: Mainly focused on quantum information theory and white noise analysis in line with the fields of infinite dimensional analysis and quantum probabilityWhite noise analysis is in a leading position of the analysis on modern stochastic analysis, and this volume contains contributions to the development of these new exciting directions
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Let Us Use White Noise

Author : Hida Takeyuki
ISBN : 9789813220959
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 70.5 MB
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Why should we use white noise analysis? Well, one reason of course is that it fills that earlier gap in the tool kit. As Hida would put it, white noise provides us with a useful set of independent coordinates, parametrized by "time". And there is a feature which makes white noise analysis extremely user-friendly. Typically the physicist — and not only he — sits there with some heuristic ansatz, like e.g. the famous Feynman "integral", wondering whether and how this might make sense mathematically. In many cases the characterization theorem of white noise analysis provides the user with a sweet and easy answer. Feynman's "integral" can now be understood, the "It's all in the vacuum" ansatz of Haag and Coester is now making sense via Dirichlet forms, and so on in many fields of application. There is mathematical finance, there have been applications in biology, and engineering, many more than we could collect in the present volume. Finally, there is one extra benefit: when we internalize the structures of Gaussian white noise analysis we will be ready to meet another close relative. We will enjoy the important similarities and differences which we encounter in the Poisson case, championed in particular by Y Kondratiev and his group. Let us look forward to a companion volume on the uses of Poisson white noise. The present volume is more than a collection of autonomous contributions. The introductory chapter on white noise analysis was made available to the other authors early on for reference and to facilitate conceptual and notational coherence in their work.
Category: Mathematics

Stochastic And Infinite Dimensional Analysis

Author : Christopher Bernido
ISBN : 9783319072456
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 66.40 MB
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This volume presents a collection of papers covering applications from a wide range of systems with infinitely many degrees of freedom studied using techniques from stochastic and infinite dimensional analysis, e.g. Feynman path integrals, the statistical mechanics of polymer chains, complex networks, and quantum field theory. Systems of infinitely many degrees of freedom create their particular mathematical challenges which have been addressed by different mathematical theories, namely in the theories of stochastic processes, Malliavin calculus, and especially white noise analysis. These proceedings are inspired by a conference held on the occasion of Prof. Ludwig Streit’s 75th birthday and celebrate his pioneering and ongoing work in these fields.
Category: Mathematics

White Noise Analysis

Author : T Hida
ISBN : 9789814611565
Genre :
File Size : 68.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This proceedings contains articles on white noise analysis and related subjects. Applications in various branches of science are also discussed. White noise analysis stems from considering the time derivative of Brownian motion (“white noise”) as the basic ingredient of an infinite dimensional calculus. It provides a powerful mathematical tool for research fields such as stochastic analysis, potential theory in infinite dimensions and quantum field theory. Contents:Exponential Estimates of Large Devivation Type for Itô Processes in Hilbert Space (P L Chow)Multilevel Branching Systems (D A Dawson et al)White Noise Analysis - An Overview (T Hida and J Potthoff)Generalized Functionals on ( R∞, B∞, N∞ ) (K Itô)White Noise Analysis as a Tool in Computing Feynman Integrals (D C Khandeka)White Noise from a Hilbert Space Point of View (P A Meyer)Anticipating Stochastic Calculus and Applications (D Ocone)Hierarchy of Noise Production in Living Cells (F Oosawa)Linear Kernels Associated with Distributions of Stochastic Processes (W Smolenski)Positive Generalized Brownian Functionals (Y Yokoi)and others Readership: Mathematicians and mathematical physicists.

Identification And System Parameter Estimation 1982

Author : George A. Bekey
ISBN : STANFORD:36105000593900
Genre : Science
File Size : 68.47 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Contains over 300 papers providing a structural & unified presentation of the latest research into both the theory & wide-ranging applications of system identification. Includes chapters on pattern recognition & adaptive control.
Category: Science

Quantum Probability And Related Topics

Author : Luigi Accardi
ISBN : 9789814447553
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 51.82 MB
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This volume contains the current research in quantum probability, infinite dimensional analysis and related topics. Contributions by experts in these fields highlight the latest developments and interdisciplinary connections with classical probability, stochastic analysis, white noise analysis, functional analysis and quantum information theory. This diversity shows how research in quantum probability and infinite dimensional analysis is very active and strongly involved in the modern mathematical developments and applications. Tools and techniques presented here will be of great value to researchers. Contents:Central Extension of Virasoro Type Subalgebras of the Zamolodchikov–w∞ Lie Algebra (L Accardi and A Boukas)Entanglement Protection and Generation Under Continuous Monitoring (A Barchielli and M Gregoratti)Completely Positive Transformations of Quantum Operations (G Chiribella, A Toigo and V Umanità)Invariant Operators in Schrödinger Setting (V K Dobrev)Generation of Semigroups by Degenerate Elliptic Operators Arising in Open Quantum Systems (F Fagnola and L Pantaleón Martínez)Quantum Observables on a Completely Simple Semigroup (Ph. Feinsilver)A Mathematical Treatment for the Contextual Dependent Bio-Systems (T Hara and M Ohya)On the Spectral Gap of the N-Photon Absorption-Emission Process (R Hermida and R Quezada)Some Recent Topics on White Noise Theory (T Hida and Si Si)Quantum Lévy Area as Quantum Martingale Limit (R L Hudson)On Computational Complexity of Quantum Algorithm for Factoring (S Iriyama, M Ohya and I V Volovich)Prequantum Classical Statistical Field Theory: Derivation of Gaussianity of Probability Distributions (A Khrennikov)A Survey on Extensions of Hilbert C*-Modules (B Kolarec)An Isometry Formula for a New Stochastic Integral (H-H Kuo, A Sae-Tang and B Szozda)Infinite Dimensional Laplacians Associated with Derivatives of White Noise (K Saitô)A New Noise Depending on a Space Parameter and Its Transformations (Si Si)Note on Complexities for Gaussian Communication Processes (N Watanabe) Readership: Researchers in stochastic analysis, quantum probability, quantum information, mathematical modeling, and probability and statistics. Keywords:Quantum Probability;Infinite Dimensional Analysis;Quantum White Noise;Quantum Markov Semigroups;Quantum Stochastic Calculus;Quantum Computation;Quantum Measurement;Quantum OperationsKey Features:Clear and quick information on hot research topicsOriginality of contributionsLeading expects in their field
Category: Mathematics

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015031553723
Genre : Science
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Time Series Analysis And Applications To Geophysical Systems

Author : David Brillinger
ISBN : 9781461229629
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 53.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Part of a two volume set based on a recent IMA program of the same name. The goal of the program and these books is to develop a community of statistical and other scientists kept up-to-date on developments in this quickly evolving and interdisciplinary field. Consequently, these books present recent material by distinguished researchers. Topics discussed in Part I include nonlinear and non- Gaussian models and processes (higher order moments and spectra, nonlinear systems, applications in astronomy, geophysics, engineering, and simulation) and the interaction of time series analysis and statistics (information model identification, categorical valued time series, nonparametric and semiparametric methods). Self-similar processes and long-range dependence (time series with long memory, fractals, 1/f noise, stable noise) and time series research common to engineers and economists (modeling of multivariate and possibly non-stationary time series, state space and adaptive methods) are discussed in Part II.
Category: Mathematics