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Metaphor And Meaning In Psychotherapy

Author : Ellen Y. Siegelman
ISBN : 0898620147
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 24.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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When therapists hear patients talk of feeling "imprisoned," "burning with rage," "trapped," or "unequipped," they are witnessing manifestations of the symbolic attitude, the hallmark of all depth psychology. Most clinicians naturally respond to and use metaphors, but they often fail to understand the full potential of metaphoric images. This volume, in addressing the transforming power of metaphor, demonstrates how clinicians can deepen the therapeutic encounter.
Category: Psychology

You Re Toast And Other Metaphors We Adore

Author : Nancy Loewen
ISBN : 9781404862708
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 82.44 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Here's a BRIGHT IDEA: read this book. It's a PIECE OF CAKE. And trust us; no one will call you A TURKEY. For more metaphors, look inside.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

The Routledge Handbook Of Metaphor And Language

Author : Elena Semino
ISBN : 9781317374701
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 77.76 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Routledge Handbook of Metaphor and Language provides a comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art interdisciplinary research on metaphor and language. Featuring 35 chapters written by leading scholars from around the world, the volume takes a broad view of the field of metaphor and language, and brings together diverse and distinct theoretical and applied perspectives to cover six key areas: Theoretical approaches to metaphor and language, covering Conceptual Metaphor Theory, Relevance Theory, Blending Theory and Dynamical Systems Theory; Methodological approaches to metaphor and language, discussing ways of identifying metaphors in verbal texts, images and gestures, as well as the use of corpus linguistics; Formal variation in patterns of metaphor use across text types, historical periods and languages;? Functional variation of metaphor, in contexts including educational, commercial, scientific and political discourse, as well as online trolling; The applications of metaphor for problem solving, in business, education, healthcare and conflict situations; Language, metaphor, and cognitive development, examining the processing and comprehension of metaphors. The Routledge Handbook of Language and Metaphor is a must-have survey of this key field, and is essential reading for those interested in language and metaphor.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Antagonism On Youtube

Author : Stephen Pihlaja
ISBN : 9781472566690
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 82.13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book focuses on the ways in which metaphor contributes to the development of Internet arguments, known as 'drama', particularly on YouTube. Although a growing body of research into YouTube interaction has developed descriptions of user experience on the site, empirical studies of the YouTube video page and discourse analysis of user interaction are rare. This research specifically focuses on user interaction around issues of Christian theology and atheism on the site, analysing how 'drama' emerges. Since YouTube drama occurs publicly, Antagonism on YouTube focuses on video pages rather than user reports of their actions and responses. It investigates how and why YouTube drama develops through a systematic description and analysis of user discourse activity. Through close analysis of video pages, this study contributes to a greater academic understanding of Internet antagonism and YouTube interaction by revealing the factors which contribute to the development of drama over time.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


Author : Denis Donoghue
ISBN : 9780674430662
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 60.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Metaphor supposes that an ordinary word could have been used, but instead something unexpected appears. The point of a metaphor is to enrich experience by bringing different associations to mind, by giving something a different life. The prophetic character of metaphor, Denis Donoghue says, changes the world by changing our sense of it.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

A Cognitive Theory Of Metaphor

Author : Earl R. Mac Cormac
ISBN : 0262631245
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 60.72 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this book, Earl Mac Cormac presents an original and unified cognitive theory of metaphor using philosophical arguments which draw upon evidence from psychological experiments and theories. He notes that implications of this theory for meaning and truth with specific attention to metaphor as a speech act, the iconic meaning of metaphor, and the development of a four-valued system of truth. Numerous examples of metaphor from poetry and science are presented and analyzed to support Mac Cormac's theory. A Cognitive Theory of Metaphortakes up three levels of explanation—metaphor as expressed in surface language, the semantics of metaphor, and metaphor as a cogitive process—and unifies these by interpreting metaphor as an evolutionary knowledge process in which metaphors mediate between minds and culture. Mac Cormac considers, and rejects, the radical theory that all use of language is metaphorical; however, this argument also recognizes that the theoryof metaphor may itself be metaphorical. The book first considers the computational metaphor often adopted by cognitive psychology as an example of metaphor requiring analysis. In contrast to three well-known philosophical theories of metaphor—the tension theory, the controversion theory, and the grammatical deviance theory—it develops a semantical anomaly theory of metaphor based on a quasi-mathematical hierarchy of words. In developing the theory, Mac Cormac makes much-needed connections between theories of metaphor and more orthodox analytic philosophy of meaning, including discussions of speech acts and the logic of fuzzy sets. This semantical theory of explanation is then shown to be compatible with contemporary psychological theories of memory.
Category: Psychology

Metaphors Be With You

Author : Dr. Mardy Grothe
ISBN : 9780062445353
Genre : Reference
File Size : 48.53 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Respected quotation anthologist and author of Oxymoronica and Viva la Repartee Dr. Mardy Grothe is at his best in Metaphors Be with You, an A to Z dictionary of 2,750 of history’s greatest metaphorical quotations, meticulously curated for writers, readers, and quotation lovers everywhere. In Metaphors Be with You, Dr. Mardy Grothe has created the definitive reference on English’s finest metaphors, sourced from literature, politics, philosophy, Hollywood, religion, sports, comedy, history, religion, pop culture, and more. Arranged into two sections—"The Ten Best Things Ever Said" and "The Single Best Thing Ever Said"—Metaphors Be with You includes quotations on five hundred human interest topics and an introduction to the nature, importance, and sheer joy of metaphorical language. Essential for writers, readers, and language aficionados, this breathtaking, beautifully designed sourcebook also contains elegantly integrated digital access to Dr. Mardy’s Dictionary of Metaphorical Quotations, the world’s largest online database of quotations containing metaphors, similes, and analogies. This one-of-a-kind synergy between print and technology offers a comprehensive look at the diversity of words and phrases we use to relate to, understand, and describe our world by providing access to detailed source information, innumerable "Error Alerts," and fascinating quotation backstories that will engage readers as they delve into metaphorical language and discover their own favorites. Whether you’re crafting a speech, writing a novel, or simply searching for new ways to express yourself, this remarkable compendium is sure to inspire you with the perfect metaphor every time.
Category: Reference

Decoding The Metaphor Mahabharata

Author : Diwaker Ikshit Srivastava
ISBN : 9789352010004
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 49.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"The Mahabharata is amongst India’s foremost spiritual texts. However, the stories of Mahabharata, are anything but spiritual. Violence, deceit, bloodshed, war, abduction, injustice, greed, lust … spills out, story after story. For thousands of years, these stories have been passed down. Generations of Indians profess to know them intimately. But do we really? What we think we know of the Mahabharata, is just the outer veil. Hidden below the veil, are keys which unlock the Mahabharata and reveal its true significance. Somewhere in time, these keys were forgotten, and then lost. All that passed on were the stories. With the discovery of the keys, this book shows how every name, every place, every episode, every boon, just everything, in the Mahabharata, is actually a metaphor! Decoded metaphors in this book, reveal the astonishing majesty and glory of the Mahabharata. Every familiar character now acquires a new signficance, and casts a new light on the underlying Vedantic philosophy - and the way of life of an enlightened people. Decoded thus, the Mahabharata is revealed to be what it truly is: a magnificent treatise on Vedanta. This is what makes Mahabharata, perhaps the greatest spiritual text, as relevant today as it was back then. And more needed today, than ever before. "
Category: Philosophy

Metaphor Networks

Author : R. Trim
ISBN : 9780230287556
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 73.52 MB
Format : PDF
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Metaphor Networks focuses on the historical evolution of metaphor and proposes new theories on language change based on substantial empirical data. It explores how the metaphors of today are very often linked to images existing in the past and traces metaphor paths back to the Middle Ages and Antiquity. The findings reveal that regular patters of evolution emerge and the aims of the book are to find out what lies behind these patterns.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Introducing Metaphor

Author : Murray Knowles
ISBN : 9781134470921
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 35.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, the book provides a thorough grounding in metaphor and word meaning, theories on the processing and understanding of metaphorical language, and metaphor in other languages and translation. Rosamund Moon and Murray Knowles, draw on a wide selection of material to explore metaphor in relation to text, discourse and society. Linguistic metaphor and literary metaphor are examined across a range of contexts, such as politics, sport and advertising, whilst literary metaphor is demonstrated through authentic extracts from fiction and poetry. A final section covering non-verbal metaphor looks at metaphor in art, cinema and music.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines