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Men Like Bars Women Don T Have A Penis

Author : Iron Balz
ISBN : 9781425708382
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 61.12 MB
Format : PDF
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To understand more about this book I suggest reading the Foreword, Preface, About the Author, and Table of Contents on our webpage Here is a brief description: This is an advice book for men and women along with observational chapters that give insight into the mind of a common man. Women write most relationship and advice books; therefore it is fair to assume that this book is the first of its kind written by a real man.
Category: Family & Relationships

I Love Dick

Author : Chris Kraus
ISBN : 9781584351931
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 20.6 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 964
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In I Love Dick, published in 1997, Chris Kraus, author of Aliens & Anorexia, Torpor, and Video Green, boldly tore away the veil that separates fiction from reality and privacy from self-expression. It's no wonder that I Love Dick instantly elicited violent controversies and attracted a host of passionate admirers. The story is gripping enough: in 1994 a married, failed independent filmmaker, turning forty, falls in love with a well-known theorist and endeavors to seduce him with the help of her husband. But when the theorist refuses to answer her letters, the husband and wife continue the correspondence for each other instead, imagining the fling the wife wishes to have with Dick. What follows is a breathless pursuit that takes the woman across America and away from her husband and far beyond her original infatuation into a discovery of the transformative power of first person narrative. I Love Dick is a manifesto for a new kind of feminist who isn't afraid to burn through her own narcissism in order to assume responsibility for herself and for all the injustice in world and it's a book you won't put down until the author's final, heroic acts of self-revelation and transformation.
Category: Fiction

The Penis Dialogues

Author : Gabriel Constans
ISBN : 0944031943
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 73.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 593
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A heads-up, hands-on exploration of the male member that is both amusing and informative. Men speak of their feelings about sexuality, gender experience of being male with honesty and insight.
Category: Health & Fitness

Black Women Are Crazy As Hell

Author : King
ISBN : 9781469115931
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 20.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book has more wisdom in it than Oprah, Dr. Phil and a bookstore combined. It will answer life-changing questions, such as: what do men look for in women? Is it true that you have given up on men because all the good ones are taken, or because all men cheat, are broke, or are in jail? If one of these thoughts has flickered through your thoughts, then this book is for you. Whining to a girlfriend or asking for advice is like the blind leading the blind. I would like you to ask yourself serious questions, like: will I be with someone special this coming holiday? For Valentines Day? On the next rainy night, or for my next birthday or special occasion? If the answer is no, ask yourself why? Whether you are single or married, this is a guide to help you identify common mistakes and poor choices that cause bad relationships, and to show you what you can do to make your future relationships fantastic. We will explore some very hurtful and painful things that real people have done, things that have affected peoples lives and can never be undone. Inside you will find everything you need to know, so these mistakes and poor choices will never, ever happen again. I guarantee if you follow these steps, great things will happen and you will live a long and happy life with someone who loves you just as much as you love them.
Category: Self-Help

Real Love

Author : Andy Thompson
ISBN : 9781618628022
Genre : Religion
File Size : 63.11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return." Love, something every human shares, the desire to love and be loved. And in the 21st century, a loving relationship is even more valued. We see love movies, watching teenage vampires find a love that will last more than one lifetime. Doctors, lawyers, even secret agents with "double O" status, all susceptible to Cupid's arrow. There are dating websites, chat rooms, bars, and places to "speed date." As we have used technology to enhance our lives, we couldn't help but put it to work in the most basic search of them all, the search for Real Love. And with the prevalence of divorce, the stakes are even higher, the challenge far greater. How can I find someone that will love me forever? And when I find that person, how should I proceed? This book is that answer. It is a guide. It is a manual on how to find someone, how to be found, and what to do once you find that person. And I trust that it will help you on your journey to find Real Love in a chaotic sexual landscape. But never give up; Real Love is possible.
Category: Religion


Author : Holly Hill
ISBN : 9781616080341
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 38.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 982
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After a wealthy boyfriend encouraged her to quit her job then subsequently dumped her, the author embarked on a quest to find a sugar daddy, and relates that journey in a revealing memoir, where she discusses the 11,000 applicants that responded to her ad, the five men she attempted relationships with and what she learned about men and marriage along the way. Original.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Lust Hip Hop The Ms Mogul Series

Author : Jazz Jordan
ISBN : 9781503019591
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 59.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Angelique is a naturally beautiful woman who is full of ambition. When she relocates to New York for her job, she is optimistic about finding Mr. Right. But even in a city with millions of singles, her chaotic work schedule and chronic bad luck with men are a toxic combination. Angelique decides to put love on pause to focus on making partner at her Fortune 500 management consulting firm. However, corporate America’s maze of glass ceilings leave her disillusioned. One day, a business proposition from her co-worker Mona changes everything. Angelique and Mona’s first client is Mandingo Records, a label owned by the multi-millionaire, hip hop mogul, Big Buck. His world of raw lyrics, diamond encrusted grills, scantily clad video vixens, drugs and wild parties overwhelm Angelique. A typical day at the office is chocked full of the kind of drama she never dreamed of. Right on the brink of calling it quits, she catches the eye of the label’s biggest star, the king of hip hop, Vertigo. Long before he acquired his fame and fortune, Vertigo relied on his good looks and hazel eyes to charm women. They literally bent over backwards and sideways to please him without much effort on his part. Now that he’s a double-platinum selling artist, females are willing to go to new extremes to get his attention. But Angelique is unlike any woman he’s ever known. She challenges him in a way he’s not accustomed to. Can Vertigo and Angelique listen to their hearts, or will haters get in the way? In this first installment of the Ms. Mogul Series, love and loyalties are put to the ultimate test.
Category: Fiction

Quick Answer Me Before I Forget The Question

Author : Lynette Padwa
ISBN : 0143112899
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 52.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 499
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An entertaining and informative look at aging addresses a host of common questions about midlife in an easy-to-follow Q-&-A format that furnishes essential facts about such topics as memory loss, money, baldness, plastic surgery, health, and other life experiences. Original.
Category: Health & Fitness

Untying The Knot

Author : David Kaufman
ISBN : 9781936374908
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 35.67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 767
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By all accounts, David Kaufman, M.D., had a good life—he was married to a woman he loved, had three children, and a fulfilling career as a radiologist. But as the years passed, he realized that he could no longer deny who he was—he was a gay man. However, before he could tell his wife, she told him she needed to talk to him about an important issue. It was then that she confided in him that she had accepted the growing awareness that she was gay. Her announcement surprised him, but made it easier for him to tell her he, too, was gay. In Untying the Knot, David Kaufman shares a unique story of coming out and how he and his former wife have helped each other on their separate journeys into new lives.
Category: Biography & Autobiography