Author : Mouni Sadhu
ISBN : 9781904658061
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 81.27 MB
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In this classic text, Mouni Sadhu lays bare the many myths and fallacies surrounding the practice of meditation. He then details a comprehensive course in meditation from the beginnings of the practice, to advanced techniques of meditation and contemplation in both Western and Eastern Traditions.
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Author : Sri Chinmoy
ISBN : 0884974448
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 36.25 MB
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One of the most authoritative and comprehensive books on the subject-a major resource. One prominent feature is this meditation master's simple and clear answers to 150 questions asked by seekers over the years.
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Author : Dada Jyotirupananda
ISBN : 9781846942198
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 28.13 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book will provide you with tools that can help you to meditate and will help you gain a stronger commitment to regular meditation practice. Learn about how to meditate, about yoga exercises and related practices. Learn how to be healthy through your own efforts and how to adopt a code of conduct that will see you through life's difficulties, and will help guide you to the deepest fulfilment.
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Author : Jan Purser
ISBN : 1863026789
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 72.25 MB
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The practice of meditation can take you into a state where your body is completely relaxed and your mind is alert, yet still and peaceful. Meditation is a beautifully illustrated, practical and accessible guide to this rewarding experience. It describes how meditation can relieve stress and anxiety, encourage deep relaxation, build confidence, enhance creativity and release our true emotional and spiritual selves. Whether you just want to dabble with meditation or throw yourself into it wholeheartedly, this book has something for everyone. With plenty of simple exercises and helpful advice, Meditation will put you on the road to inner peace. Book jacket.
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How To Meditate

Author : John Novak
ISBN : 1565897161
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Concise handbook explains the science of meditation, from Patanjali's philosophy and Yogananda's methods, to step-by-step practice routines and yogic breathing tips.
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Meditation And Kabbalah

Author : Aryeh Kaplan
ISBN : 9781461629535
Genre : Religion
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The Kabbalah is divided into three branches—the theoretical, the meditative, and the practical. While many books, both in Hebrew and English, have explored the theoretical Kabbalah, virtually nothing has been published regarding the meditative methods of these schools. This is the first book published in any language that reveals the methodology of the Kabbalists and stresses the meditative techniques that were essential to their discipline. Kaplan offers a lucid presentation of the mantras, mandalas, and other devices used by these schools, as well as a penetrating interpretation of their significance in light of contemporary meditative research. In addition, Meditation and Kabbalah presents relevant portions of such meditative texts as the Greater Hekhalot (textbook of the Merkava School), the writings of Abraham Abulafia, Joseph Gikatalia's Gates of Holiness, Gate of the Holy Spirit (textbook of the Lurianic School), and the important meditative hasidic classics. Also investigated is the intriguing possibility, suggested by the Zohar, that the meditative methods of the East might have been derived from the mystical techniques of the prophets.
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Author : James Allen
ISBN : 9781602061651
Genre : Self-Help
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Called by some the "Prophet of Meditation," the bestselling author of As a Man Thinketh-one of the most popular writers in the fields of inspiration at the turn of the 20th century-here offers an inspirational meditation for each day of the year. Consisting of two quotes and a commentary, these spiritual nuggets, first published in 1913-are taken from Allen's many writings, published and unpublished, of self-empowerment and self-realization. In helping readers look past the din of everyday life, Allen's wisdom will be useful for anyone seeking a path to contemplation and inner peace.British author and pop philosopher JAMES ALLEN (1864-1912) retired from the business world to pursue a life of writing and contemplation. He authored many books about the power of thought including The Way of Peace, The Mastery of Destiny, and Entering the Kingdom.
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Thomas Merton Spiritual Direction And Meditation

Author : Thomas Merton,
ISBN : 9781447483519
Genre : Self-Help
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This early work by Anglo-American Catholic writer Thomas Merton is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. It contains a wealth of information on spiritual direction and how to learn the art of meditation. This fascinating work is thoroughly recommended for anyone with an interest in spiritual life. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.
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Author : Bedson Paul
ISBN : 9781459603967
Genre :
File Size : 49.97 MB
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A rich and skillfully nuanced introduction to the varied landscape of meditation practice and its healing and transformative potential.' - Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Arriving at Your Own Door and Letting Everything Become Your Teacher 'An engaging journey into the benefits of developing a practice of focusing your mind to promote both mental and physical well-being.' - Daniel J. Siegel M.D., author of The Mindful Brain and Mindsight 'In an inclusive way Ian Gawler and Paul Bedson introduce people to the basic ideas of meditation which prepare the reader for the choice of practice that suits them best.' - Father Laurence Freeman OSB, Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation is increasingly recommended for relaxation and stress management, to enhance relationships and wellbeing, to increase performance in sport and business, for personal growth, to transform pain and to assist healing. From two leading Western meditation teachers comes this inspiring and comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to know how to meditate well. Introducing Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation, Ian Gawler and Paul Bedson explain how to build a satisfying meditation practice using four easy to learn steps. They also show how meditation can be used to deepen spiritual practice, whether we have a commitment to a particular religious tradition, or a more secular view of our spirituality. Drawing on modern science as well as ancient Eastern traditions and the authors' own extensive personal experience as practitioners and teachers, this guide offers the techniques and understanding needed to explore meditation practice deeply. It is also an invaluable resource for meditation teachers from all backgrounds.

The Elements Of Meditation

Author : David Fontana
ISBN : 1852302291
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 68.77 MB
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Meditation is an ancient technique which is used for physical and mental relaxation as well as for personal and spiritual growth. THE ELEMENTS OF MEDITATION explains the what, why, when, and how of meditation, its benefits, and answers many of the questions which arise for those approaching meditation for the first time.
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