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Mechatronic Control Of Distributed Noise And Vibration

Author : Christopher D. Rahn
ISBN : 9783662046418
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 58.34 MB
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Vibration and noise reduce the perceived quality, productivity, and efficiency of many and limit production speeds electromechanical systems. Vibration can cause defects during manufacturing and produce premature failure of finished products due to fa tigue. Potential contact with a vibrating system or hearing darnage from a noisy machine can produce a dangerous, unhealthy, and uncomfortable operating environ ment. Recent advances in computer technology have allowed the development of so phisticated electromechanical systems for the control of vibration and noise. The demanding specifications of many modern systems require higher performance than possible with the traditional, purely mechanical approaches of increasing system stiff ness or damping. Mechatronic systems that integrate computer software and hard ware with electromechanical sensors and actuators to control complex mechanical systems have been demonstrated to provide outstanding vibration and noise reduc tion. The current trends toward higher speed computation and lower cost, higher performance sensors and actuators indicate the continuing possibilities for this con trol approach in future applications.
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Distributed Parameter Modeling And Boundary Control Of Flexible Manipulators

Author : Jinkun Liu
ISBN : 9789811083006
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 86.93 MB
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The book investigates fundamental issues in flexible manipulator systems, including distributed parameter modeling and boundary controller design. It presents theoretical explorations of several fundamental problems concerning the dynamics and control of these systems. By integrating fresh concepts and results to form a systematic approach to control, it also provides a basic theoretical framework. In turn, the book offers a comprehensive treatment of flexible manipulator systems, addressing topics ranging from related distributed parameter modeling and advanced boundary controller design for these systems with input constraint, to active control with output constraint. In brief, the book addresses dynamical analysis and control design for flexible manipulator systems. Though primarily intended for researchers and engineers in the control system and mechanical engineering community, it can also serve as supplemental reading on the modeling and control of flexible manipulator systems at the postgraduate level.
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Dynamics And Control Of Distributed Systems

Author : H. S. Tzou
ISBN : 9780521033749
Genre : Science
File Size : 84.41 MB
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Describes progress in an active area of research across a broad range of engineering disciplines.
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Mathematical Reviews

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015056616686
Genre : Mathematics
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Dynamics And Control Of Mechanical Systems In Offshore Engineering

Author : Wei He
ISBN : 9781447153375
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 80.73 MB
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Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems in Offshore Engineering is a comprehensive treatment of marine mechanical systems (MMS) involved in processes of great importance such as oil drilling and mineral recovery. Ranging from nonlinear dynamic modeling and stability analysis of flexible riser systems, through advanced control design for an installation system with a single rigid payload attached by thrusters, to robust adaptive control for mooring systems, it is an authoritative reference on the dynamics and control of MMS. Readers will gain not only a complete picture of MMS at the system level, but also a better understanding of the technical considerations involved and solutions to problems that commonly arise from dealing with them. The text provides: · a complete framework of dynamical analysis and control design for marine mechanical systems; · new results on the dynamical analysis of riser, mooring and installation systems together with a general modeling method for a class of MMS; · a general method and strategy for realizing the control objectives of marine systems with guaranteed stability the effectiveness of which is illustrated by extensive numerical simulation; and · approximation-based control schemes using neural networks for installation of subsea structures with attached thrusters in the presence of time-varying environmental disturbances and parametric uncertainties. Most of the results presented are analytical with repeatable design algorithms with proven closed-loop stability and performance analysis of the proposed controllers is rigorous and detailed. Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems in Offshore Engineering is primarily intended for researchers and engineers in the system and control community, but graduate students studying control and marine engineering will also find it a useful resource as will practitioners working on the design, running or maintenance of offshore platforms.
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Stability And Stabilization Of Infinite Dimensional Systems With Applications

Author : Zheng-Hua Luo
ISBN : 1852331240
Genre : Computers
File Size : 59.9 MB
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The time evol11tion of many physical phenomena in nat11re can be de scribed by partial differential eq11ations. To analyze and control the dynamic behavior of s11ch systems. infinite dimensional system theory was developed and has been refined over the past several decades. In recent years. stim11lated by the applications arising from space exploration. a11tomated manufact11ring, and other areas of technological advancement, major progress has been made in both theory and control technology associated with infinite dimensional systems. For example, new conditions in the time domain and frequency domain have been derived which guarantee that a Co-semigroup is exponen tially stable; new feedback control laws helVe been proposed to exponentially ;;tabilize beam. wave, and thermoelastic equations; and new methods have been developed which allow us to show that the spectrum-determined growth condition holds for a wide class of systems. Therefore, there is a need for a reference book which presents these restllts in an integrated fashion. Complementing the existing books, e. g . . [1]. [41]. and [128]. this book reports some recent achievements in stability and feedback stabilization of infinite dimensional systems. In particular, emphasis will be placed on the second order partial differential equations. such as Euler-Bernoulli beam equations. which arise from control of numerous mechanical systems stich as flexible robot arms and large space structures. We will be focusing on new results. most of which are our own recently obtained research results.
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Functional Analysis In Applied Mathematics And Engineering

Author : Michael Pedersen
ISBN : 0849371694
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 23.16 MB
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Presenting excellent material for a first course on functional analysis , Functional Analysis in Applied Mathematics and Engineering concentrates on material that will be useful to control engineers from the disciplines of electrical, mechanical, and aerospace engineering. This text/reference discusses: rudimentary topology Banach's fixed point theorem with applications L^p-spaces density theorems for testfunctions infinite dimensional spaces bounded linear operators Fourier series open mapping and closed graph theorems compact and differential operators Hilbert-Schmidt operators Volterra equations Sobolev spaces control theory and variational analysis Hilbert Uniqueness Method boundary element methods Functional Analysis in Applied Mathematics and Engineering begins with an introduction to the important, abstract basic function spaces and operators with mathematical rigor, then studies problems in the Hilbert space setting. The author proves the spectral theorem for unbounded operators with compact inverses and goes on to present the abstract evolution semigroup theory for time dependent linear partial differential operators. This structure establishes a firm foundation for the more advanced topics discussed later in the text.
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Mechatronics For Safety Security And Dependability In A New Era

Author : Eiji Arai
ISBN : 9780080466248
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 81.7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Mechatronics for Safety, Security and Dependability in a New Era contains selected leading papers from the International Conference on Machine Automation 2004, the work of researchers from USA, Japan, China and Europe. The topics covered include: manufacturing systems such as CAD/CAM, machining and, human factors in manufacturing; robotics in relation to sensors and actuators, new control technology and, measuring and monitoring; the application of new technologies in connection with wireless communication, human behavior analysis and welfare. Mechatronics has been rapidly developing as an important area that affects all areas of society from industrial robots, automobiles, electrical appliances, computers and consumer goods etc. It also plays a role in safety recovery, such as for rescue tasks after disasters, destruction of hazardous and abandoned weapons and the restoration of polluted environments. The increasing need for safe, secure and dependable technology means that the advancement of mechatronics plays an essential role in the development of products and systems. This book provides an insight into developments in essential new methodologies and tools to design and to build machines to achieve this. Covers key topics in manufacturing, such as machining, robotics, sensors, monitoring, etc. Reviews modern applications of new technologies in connection with wireless communication, human behavior analysis, and welfare
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