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Mathematical Modeling And Simulation

Author : Kai Velten
ISBN : 9783527627615
Genre : Science
File Size : 43.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This concise and clear introduction to the topic requires only basic knowledge of calculus and linear algebra - all other concepts and ideas are developed in the course of the book. Lucidly written so as to appeal to undergraduates and practitioners alike, it enables readers to set up simple mathematical models on their own and to interpret their results and those of others critically. To achieve this, many examples have been chosen from various fields, such as biology, ecology, economics, medicine, agricultural, chemical, electrical, mechanical and process engineering, which are subsequently discussed in detail. Based on the author`s modeling and simulation experience in science and engineering and as a consultant, the book answers such basic questions as: What is a mathematical model? What types of models do exist? Which model is appropriate for a particular problem? What are simulation, parameter estimation, and validation? The book relies exclusively upon open-source software which is available to everybody free of charge. The entire book software - including 3D CFD and structural mechanics simulation software - can be used based on a free CAELinux-Live-DVD that is available in the Internet (works on most machines and operating systems).
Category: Science

Mathematical Modeling And Simulation In Enteric Neurobiology

Author : Roustem Miftahof
ISBN : 9789812834812
Genre : Medical
File Size : 70.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The lack of scientists equally trained and prepared to understand both mathematics and biology/medicine hampers the development and application of computer simulation methods in biology and neurogastrobiology. Currently, there are no texts for navigating the extensive and intricate field of mathematical and computational modeling in neurogastrobiology. This book bridges the gap between mathematicians, computer scientists and biologists, and thus assists in the study and analysis of complex biological phenomena that cannot be done through traditional in vivo and in vitro experimental approaches. The book recognizes the complexity of biological phenomena under investigation and treats the subject matter with a degree of mathematical rigor. Special attention is given to computer simulations for interpolation and extrapolation of electromechanical and chemoelectrical phenomena, nonlinear self-sustained electromechanical wave activity, pharmacological effects including co-localization and co-transmission by multiple neurotransmitters, receptor polymodality, and drug interactions. Mathematical Modeling and Simulation in Enteric Neurobiology is an interdisciplinary book and is an essential source of information for biologists and doctors who are interested in knowing about the role and advantages of numerical experimentation in their subjects, as well as for mathematicians who are interested in exploring new areas of applications.
Category: Medical

Mathematical Modeling And Simulation In Hydrodynamic Stability

Author : D N Riahi
ISBN : 9789814500258
Genre : Science
File Size : 38.88 MB
Format : PDF
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Hydrodynamic stability is of fundamental importance in the mechanics of fluids and is mainly concerned with the problem of the transition to turbulence. This book is devoted to publication of original research papers, research-expository and survey articles with an emphasis on unsolved problems and open questions in the mathematical modeling and computational aspects of hydrodynamic stability. Review chapters on the mathematical modeling and numerical simulation aspects of hydrodynamic stability, the physical background, and the limitations of the modeling and simulation procedures, due to particular mathematical or computational methods used, are included. This book will be appropriate for use in research and in research-related courses on the subject. It includes chapters on bifurcations in fluid systems, flow patterns, channel flows, non-parallel shear flows, thin-film flows, strong viscous shear flows, Gortler vortices, bifurcations in convection, wavy film flows and boundary layers. Contents:The Linear Stability of Görtler Vortices Revisited (A Bottaro & P Luchini)The Sequence-of-Bifurcations Approach Towards an Understanding of Complex Flows (F H Busse & R M Clever)Derivation and Simulations of Evolution Equations of Wary Film Flows (A L Frenkel & K Indireshkumar)Instabilities Due to Soret Diffusion Coupled to the Morphology of a Solid-Liquid Interface (L Hadji)The Instability of Finite Amplitude Waves in Strong Viscid and Inviscid Shear (W R C Phillips)Nonlinear Stability Analysis and Modeling for Convective Flows (D N Riahi)Modeling and Simulation for Primary Instabilities in Shear Flows (D N Riahi)Görtler Vortices with System Rotation (A Zebib et al.) Readership: Scientists, engineers and students in mechanics, physics and mathematics. keywords:Stability;Hydrodynamic Stability;Flow Stability;Flow Instability;Stability Modeling;Stability Simulation;Nonlinear Hydrodynamics;Modeling in Stability;Simulation in Stability
Category: Science

Mathematical Modeling With Excel

Author : Brian Albright
ISBN : 9781449635992
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 24.47 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Mathematical modeling is the use of applying mathematics to real-world problems and investigating important questions about their outcomes. Mathematical Modeling with Excel presents various methods used to build and analyze mathematical models in a format that students can quickly comprehend. Excel is used as a tool to accomplish this goal of building and analyzing the models. Ideal for math and secondary math education majors, this text presents a wide variety of common types of models, as well as some new types, and presents each in a unique, easy-to-understand format. End-of-chapter exercises ask students to modify or refine the existing model, analyze it further, or adapt it to similar scenarios.
Category: Mathematics

Mathematical Modelling And Simulation Of Electrical Circuits And Semiconductor Devices

Author : Randolph Bank
ISBN : 9783034885287
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 32.56 MB
Format : PDF
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Progress in today's high-technology industries is strongly associated with the development of new mathematical tools. A typical illustration of this partnership is the mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of electric circuits and semiconductor devices. At the second Oberwolfach conference devoted to this important and timely field, scientists from around the world, mainly applied mathematicians and electrical engineers from industry and universities, presented their new results. Their contributions, forming the body of this work, cover electric circuit simulation, device simulation and process simulation. Discussions on experiences with standard software packages and improvements of such packages are included. In the semiconductor area special lectures were given on new modelling approaches, numerical techniques and existence and uniqueness results. In this connection, mention is made, for example, of mixed finite element methods, an extension of the Baliga-Patankar technique for a three dimensional simulation, and the connection between semiconductor equations and the Boltzmann equations.
Category: Mathematics

Mathematical Modelling And Computer Simulation Of Biomechanical Systems

Author : A. V. Zinkovsky
ISBN : 9810223951
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 38.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The book presents a new scientific approach to the problem of biomechanical systems description.This approach is based on development of a universal anthropomorphic model and employment of methodology of imitational dynamic modeling (IDM). The novelty of this approach is that there appears a possibility to operate with a whole class of models, derived from the universal model on the basis of motion separation principle. This is followed by utilization of iterational procedures realizing the method of successive approximations and resulting in description of the real motion with the pre-set accuracy level. By use of the IDM there has been for the first time ascertained certain laws governing human locomotions: presence of so-called controlling and stabilizing interlink moments, wavelike speeding of forces extremums along the kinematic chain, adaptation of control functions for astronauts motion coordination preservation. The book includes new theoretical conceptions explaining the deterioration of functional state of skeletal-muscular apparatus of astronauts due to zero-gravity influence.
Category: Mathematics

Cardiovascular Mathematics

Author : Luca Formaggia
ISBN : 8847011523
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 68.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Mathematical models and numerical simulations can aid the understanding of physiological and pathological processes. This book offers a mathematically sound and up-to-date foundation to the training of researchers and serves as a useful reference for the development of mathematical models and numerical simulation codes.
Category: Mathematics

Progress In Applied Mathematical Modeling

Author : Fengshan Yang
ISBN : 1600219764
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 79.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book presents new research related to the mathematical modelling of engineering and environmental processes, manufacturing, and industrial systems. It includes heat transfer, fluid mechanics, CFD, and transport phenomena; solid mechanics and mechanics of metals; electromagnets and MHD; reliability modelling and system optimisation; finite volume, finite element, and boundary element procedures; decision sciences in an industrial and manufacturing context; civil engineering systems and structures; mineral and energy resources; relevant software engineering issues associated with CAD and CAE; and materials and metallurgical engineering.
Category: Mathematics