Massacre At Fort William Henry

Author : David R. Starbuck
ISBN : 1584651660
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An archeologist s lively illustrated portrayal of 18th-century America s most infamous siege and massacre."
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Frontier Forts Under Fire

Author : Paul Williams
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 Fort William Henry and Fort Phil Kearny were both military outposts of the North American frontier. Both lasted but briefly—about two years from construction until their walls went up in flames. And both saw what were termed “massacres” by Indians outside their walls. This book reexamines the traumatic events at both forts. The Fort William Henry Massacre was condemned by both the British and the French as barbaric. Yet these European powers proved capable of similar crimes. The Fort Phil Kearny defeat, traditionally attributed to Captain William Fetterman’s having disobeyed orders, has been scrutinized in recent years. Did the women present at that time write a distorted version of events? It would appear that his second-in-command, the rash Lieutenant George Grummond, led the charge over Lodge Trail Ridge. Or did he?
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The Legacy Of Fort William Henry

Author : David R. Starbuck
ISBN : 9781611685480
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Fort William Henry, America's early frontier fort at the southern end of Lake George, New York, was a flashpoint for conflict between the British and French empires in America. The fort is perhaps best known as the site of a massacre of British soldiers by Native Americans allied with the French that took place in 1757. Over the past decade, new and exciting archeological findings, in tandem with modern forensic methods, have changed our view of life at the fort prior to the massacre, by providing physical evidence of the role that Native Americans played on both sides of the conflict. Intertwining recent revelations with those of the past, Starbuck creates a lively narrative beginning with the earliest Native American settlement on Lake George. He pays special attention to the fort itself: its reconstruction in the 1950s, the major discoveries of the 1990s, and the archeological disclosures of the past few years. He further discusses the importance of forensic anthropology in uncovering the secrets of the past, reviews key artifacts discovered at the fort, and considers the relevance of Fort William Henry and its history in the twenty-first century. Three appendixes treat exhibits since the 1950s; foodways; and General Daniel Webb's surrender letter of August 17, 1757.
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Author : Ian K. Steele
ISBN : 0195363191
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On the morning of August 9, 1757, British and colonial officers defending the besieged Fort William Henry surrendered to French forces, accepting the generous "parole of honor" offered by General Montcalm. As the column of British and colonials marched with their families and servants to Fort Edward some miles south, they were set upon by the Indian allies of the French. The resulting "massacre," thought to be one of the bloodiest days of the French and Indian War, became forever ingrained in American myth by James Fenimore Cooper's classic novel The Last of the Mohicans. In Betrayals, historian Ian K. Steele gives us the true story behind Cooper's famous book, bringing to life men such as British commander of Fort William Henry George Monro, English General Webb, his French counterpart Montcalm, and the wild frontier world of Natty Bumppo. The Battle of Lake George and the building of the fort marked the return of European military involvement in intercolonial wars, producing an explosive mixture of the contending martial values of Indians, colonials, and European regulars. The Americans and British who were attacked after surrendering, as well as French officers and their Indian allies (the latter enraged by the small amount of English booty allowed them by the French), all felt deeply betrayed. Contemporary accounts of the victims--whose identities Steele has carefully reconstructed from newly discovered sources--helped to create a powerful, racist American folk memory that still resonates today. Survivors included men and women who were adopted into Indian tribes, sold to Canadians in a well-established white servant trade, or jailed in Canada or France as prisoners of war. Explaining the motives for the most notorious massacre of the colonial period, Steele offers a gripping tale of a fledgling America, one which places the tragic events of the Seven Years' War in a fresh historical context. Anyone interested in the fact behind the fiction will find it fascinating reading.
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Massacres By Native Americans

Author : Source Wikipedia
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 73. Chapters: Siege of Fort William Henry, Dakota War of 1862, Battle of Frenchtown, Raid on Deerfield, Apalachee massacre, Indian massacre of 1622, Fort Parker massacre, Battle of Wyoming, John Williams Gunnison, St. Clair's Defeat, Great Raid of 1840, Lachine massacre, Indian Creek massacre, Muncey Massacre, Cherry Valley massacre, Taos Revolt, Battle of Long Sault, Spirit Lake Massacre, Almon W. Babbitt, Spafford Farm massacre, Crow Creek massacre, Battle of Thomas Creek, Whitman massacre, Clark Massacre, Alma, New Mexico, Big Bottom massacre, Fort Mims massacre, Pigeon Roost State Historic Site, Corbly Family Massacre, Zwaanendael Colony, Battle of Cooke's Canyon, Battle of Woody Point, Northkill Amish Settlement, Wiseman Massacre, Gallinas Massacre, Temecula Massacre, Fountain Green Massacre, Pauma Massacre, Draper's Meadow massacre, Wickenburg massacre, Schenectady massacre, Candlemas Massacre, Battle of Claremore Mound, American Ranch Massacre, Killough massacre, Salt Creek Canyon Massacre, Halloway Massacre, Long Run Massacre, Pontiac's Rebellion school massacre, Second Magdalena Massacre, Warren Wagon Train Raid, First Magdalena Massacre, Chatto, Lively Massacre, Slaughter Slough. Excerpt: The Siege of Fort William Henry was conducted in August 1757 by French General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm against the British-held Fort William Henry. The fort, located at the southern end of Lake George, on the frontier between the British Province of New York and the French Province of Canada, was garrisoned by a poorly supported force of British regulars and provincial militia led by Lieutenant Colonel George Monro. After several days of bombardment, Monro surrendered to Montcalm, whose force included nearly 2,000 Indians from a large number of tribes. The terms of surrender included the withdrawal of the garrison to Fort Edward, ..

Fort William Henry 1755 57

Author : Ian Castle
ISBN : 9781782002765
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After the British garrison of Fort William Henry in the colony of New York surrendered to the besieging army of the French commander Marquis de Montcalm in August 1757, it appeared that this particular episode of the French and Indian War was over. What happened next became the most infamous incident of the war – and one which forms an integral part of James Fenimore Cooper's classic novel The Last of the Mohicans – the 'massacre' of Fort William Henry. As the garrison prepared to march for Fort Edward a flood of enraged Native Americans swept over the column, unleashing an unstoppable tide of slaughter. Cooper's version has coloured our view of the incident, so what really happened? Ian Castle details new research on the campaign, including some fascinating archaeological work that has taken place over the last 20 years, updating the view put forward by The Last of the Mohicans.
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Der Letzte Mohikaner

Author : James Fenimore Cooper
ISBN : 9788892570665
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"Der letzte Mohikaner" ist ein 1826 erstmals erschienener historischer Roman des amerikanischen Schriftstellers James Fenimore Cooper (1789–1851), dessen Handlung zur Zeit des Siebenjährigen Krieges in Nordamerika angesiedelt ist. Er ist der zweite Roman aus der "Lederstrumpf"-Serie um den Trapper Natty Bumppo. Nicht nur im Titel thematisiert der Roman auch den Untergang nordamerikanischer Indianerstämme durch die vorrückenden europäischen Siedler. Schon im 19. Jahrhundert in Deutschland populär, wurde das geflügelte Wort "der letzte Mohikaner" für viele letztüberlebende Zeitzeugen oder Anhänger einer Idee sprichwörtlich.
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The Great Warpath

Author : David R. Starbuck
ISBN : 0874519039
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Discusses the daily lives of men in the many 18th-century military sites in New York and Vermont
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The Cranes Are Flying

Author : Joan P. Hudson
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