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Marxist Perspectives On South Korea In The Global Economy

Author : Martin Hart-Landsberg
ISBN : 0754648168
Genre : Business & Economics
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This volume provides a unique view of the development of the South Korean Economy. It brings together work by international scholars to provide a unique analysis of the past, present and possible future trajectory of Korea's political economy from a distinctly Marxist perspective.
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Varieties Of Alternative Economic Systems

Author : Richard Westra
ISBN : 9781315397337
Genre :
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In this age of overlapping and mutually reinforcing deep global crises (financial convulsions, global warming, mass migrations, militarism, inequality, selfish nation-states, etc.), there needs to be more realistic dialogue about radical alternatives to the status quo. Most literature produced heretofore has focused on the surface causes of these crises without much attention given to the sorts of major societal changes needed in order to deal with the crises we face. This book moves the debate beyond the critiques and the false or not fully realised alternatives, to focus on what can be termed "practical utopias." The contributors to this book outline a range of practical proposals for constructing pathways out of the global economic, ecological and social crisis. Varieties of Alternative Economic Systems eschews a single blueprint but insists on dealing directly with the deep structural problems and contradictions of contemporary global capitalism. It provides a diverse array of complementary proposals and perspectives that can inform both theoretical thinking and practical action. This volume will be of interest to academics and students who study political science, ecological economics, international politics and socialism.

Comparative Economics In A Transforming World Economy

Author : J. Barkley Rosser
ISBN : 9780262037334
Genre : Business & Economics
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Revised edition of the authors' Comparative economics in a transforming world economy, c2004.
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Political Economy And Globalization

Author : Richard Westra
ISBN : 9781135197070
Genre : Business & Economics
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Based upon distinguishing capitalism from other economic systems, as well as analysis of capitalist change across its stages of development, Richard Westra argues that the economic tendencies we refer to as globalization constitute a world historic transition away from capitalism. Westra forcefully rejects claims from both Right and Left sides of economic debate that globalization embodies the ultimate world diffusion of capitalism. He concludes that the choice facing humanity is no longer between capitalism and socialism but between socialism and global barbarism. The argument is meticulously interwoven through four key foci of political economy - The role of Marx’s Capital in producing knowledge of capitalism, The periodizing of capitalism and study of its historical models, The altering trajectories of production and finance under current globalization, The place of socialism in a progressive future. A central point of the book is that determinations over the capitalist substance of existing economies demand precise understanding of how in its basic operation capitalism manages to secure the economic reproducibility of human society in the first place. To make the case for the passing of capitalism from history the volume draws upon the novel Japanese Uno approach to Marxian political economy. From the pages of Political Economy and Globalization emerges a grim picture of our human future should current economic trends persist. It also offers a positive vision for socio-material betterment in redistributive, eco-sensitive socialist societies of tomorrow. This is a must read book for scholars, students, progressive policy makers and activists.
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A World To Win

Author : Sven-Eric Liedman
ISBN : 9781786635044
Genre : Communism
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The globalised world of the twenty-first century has many parallels with that of the period running up to the cataclysm of 1914, namely the world predicted by Karl Marx. Communications go that much faster, but this is a difference of degree, not type. People, messages, and ideas are flung around the globe. Money circulates in a never-ceasing torrent, poverty lives side by side with wealth, and capital exercises its impersonal power over each and every one of us. In this world, Karl Marx blunt and straightforward enough to inspire criticism of the latest exploits of capitalism, the failings of politics, and the genuflection of those in power before fetishes like The Market ' lives on. Despite nearly 200 years having passed since his birth, his burning condemnation of capitalism remains of immediate interest today. The texts he left behind gave rise to what would come to be called Marxism, but that was a term he rejected. His approach enormous amounts of reading and writing, integrating new discoveries from the various sciences into his analyses of society was a far cry from how his theories would come to be used in states where only one, party-approved interpretation was allowed. Now, more than ever before, these texts can be read for what they truly are. In addition to providing a living picture of Marx the man, his life, and his family and friends as well as his lifelong collaboration with Friedrich Engels Sweden 's leading intellectual historian Sven-Eric Liedman, in this major new biography, shows what Karl Marx the thinker and researcher really wrote, demonstrating that this giant of the nineteenth century can still exert a powerful attraction for the inhabitants of the twenty-first.
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Knowledge Class And Economics

Author : Theodore A. Burczak
ISBN : 1138634468
Genre : Marxian economics
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Knowledge, Class and Economics: Marxism without Guarantees surveys the "Amherst school" of non-determinist Marxist political economy, 40 years on: its core concepts, intellectual origins, diverse pathways, and enduring tensions. The volume�s 30 original essays reflect the range of perspectives and projects that comprise the Amherst school � the interdisciplinary community of scholars that has shaped, challenged, and extended the anti-economistic Marxism first formulated in the mid-1970s by Stephen Resnick, Richard Wolff, and their economics Ph.D. students at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. The title captures the defining ideas of the Amherst school: an open-system framework that presupposes the complexity and contingency of social-historical events and the parallel "over determination" of the relationship between subjects and objects of inquiry, along with a novel conception of class as a process of performing, appropriating, and distributing surplus labor. In a collection of 30 original essays, chapters confront readers with the core concepts of over determination and class in the context of economic theory, postcolonial theory, cultural studies, Continental philosophy, economic geography, economic anthropology, psychoanalysis, and literary theory/studies.� Though Resnick and Wolff�s writings serve as a focal point for this collection, their works are ultimately decentered � challenged, historicized, extended, and revised. The topics explored will be of interest to proponents and critics of the post-structuralist/postmodern turn in Marxian theory and to students of economics as social theory across the disciplines (economics, geography, postcolonial studies, cultural studies, anthropology, sociology, political theory, philosophy, and literary studies, among others).
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Capitalist Globalization

Author : Martin Hart-Landsberg
ISBN : 9781583673522
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 78.87 MB
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Marxist Historiographies

Author : Q. Edward Wang
ISBN : 9781317413844
Genre : History
File Size : 79.22 MB
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Marxist Historiographies is the first book to examine the ebb and flow of Marxist historiography from a global and cross-cultural perspective. Since the eighteenth century, few schools of historical thought have exerted a more lasting impact than Marxism, and this impact extends far beyond the Western world within which it is most commonly analysed. Edited by two highly respected authors in the field, this book deals with the effect of Marxism on historical writings not only in parts of Europe, where it originated, but also in countries and regions in Africa, Asia, North and South America and the Middle East. Rather than presenting the chapters geographically, it is structured with respect to how Marxist influence was shown in the works of historians in a particular area. This title takes a dual approach to the subject; some chapters are national in scope, addressing the Marxist impact on historical practices within a country, whereas others deal with the varied expressions of Marxist historiography throughout a wider region. Taking a truly global perspective on this topic, Marxist Historiographies demonstrates clearly the breadth and depth of Marxism’s influence in historical writing throughout the world and is essential reading for all students of historiography.
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Marxism And World Politics

Author : Alexander Anievas
ISBN : 9781135189297
Genre : Political Science
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This book brings together internationally-distinguished scholars from History, Philosophy, Development Studies, Geography, and International Relations (IR) to examine recent developments in Marxist approaches to world politics. Offering original and stimulating analyses of subjects traditionally at the forefront of Marxist studies of world politics, the collection also considers issues which have yet to be fully explored within a number of disciplines. Examining a wide array of topics ranging from the imperialism-globalization debate, the connections between social structures and foreign relations, the role of identity and imperialist norms in world politics, to the relationship between Marxist and Realist IR Theory, the contributors seek to further theoretical discussions and their implications for emancipatory radical politics. These contributions are structured around two major themes: • The relationship between capitalist modernity and the states-system in explaining the changing patterns of inter-state conflict and cooperation; • The debates within Marxist and IR discourses on the theoretical significance of ‘the international’, covering topics including uneven and combined development and passive revolution. An impressive collection that seeks to advance dialogue and research, Marxism and World Politics will be of interest to students and scholars of IR, International Political Economy, Political Science, and Historical Sociology.
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Revitalizing Marxist Theory For Today S Capitalism

Author : Paul Zarembka
ISBN : 9781780522555
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 58.28 MB
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Amidst a capitalist crisis that has upturned mainstream orthodoxies, this title underscores the importance of historical and materialist understandings of capitalist economies. It exposes the limitations of neoclassical economics' endogenous growth theory and how it, in fact, gropes for understandings well established within Marxism.
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