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Manifesto Of The Free Humans

Author : John Vibes
ISBN : 1544629982
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Format : PDF
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The most neglected sector of libertarian opinion might also be the most intellectually fruitful. It was pioneered by late-19th century anarchists and elaborated on by Samuel Konkin and Karl Hess in the 1970s. The new book by Derrick Broze and John Vibes is an excellent update to this outlook that takes account of the dramatic changes of the digital age. Their view is not about politics but rather its absence, and about the astonishing capacity of the social order to manage itself in absent of top-down control. See if you find this outlook compelling. If you love liberty, I think you will. - Economist Jeffrey Tucker

The Conscious Resistance

Author : John Vibes
ISBN : 1518830196
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This book is for those who are interested in meditation, consciousness, indigenous teachings, and spirituality. This book is also for those who understand the philosophy of freedom, Anarchy, and self-governance. We hope to bridge the gaps between these two worlds in an effort to help humanity understand freedom in a way that goes beyond the physical world. We also want to help those who are already spiritually inclined to consider what freedom means from a philosophical perspective.

You Are Not A Gadget

Author : Jaron Lanier
ISBN : 9780307593146
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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A NATIONAL BESTSELLER A programmer, musician, and father of virtual reality technology, Jaron Lanier was a pioneer in digital media, and among the first to predict the revolutionary changes it would bring to our commerce and culture. Now, with the Web influencing virtually every aspect of our lives, he offers this provocative critique of how digital design is shaping society, for better and for worse. Informed by Lanier’s experience and expertise as a computer scientist, You Are Not a Gadget discusses the technical and cultural problems that have unwittingly risen from programming choices—such as the nature of user identity—that were “locked-in” at the birth of digital media and considers what a future based on current design philosophies will bring. With the proliferation of social networks, cloud-based data storage systems, and Web 2.0 designs that elevate the “wisdom” of mobs and computer algorithms over the intelligence and wisdom of individuals, his message has never been more urgent. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Free Speech

Author : Timothy Garton Ash
ISBN : 9780300161168
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 66.56 MB
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One of the great political writers of our time offers a manifesto for global free speech in the digital age
Category: Political Science

The Human Manifesto

Author : Vincent L. Scarsella
ISBN : 9781934937808
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 69.97 MB
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"The Human Manifesto" is the ultimate self-help book! In it, you will learn why you and your fellow man do the things you do -- that cultures offer "hero systems" enabling their members to construct life immortality elusions, or LIES, that allow them to confront and repress the stark reality of death. You will also learn how a culture can be established that motivates human beings to act in ways that improve the quality of life for their fellow man, enhance the prospect of eternal survival or the human species, and reach a better if not complete comprehension of the true nature of God and the Cosmos. Based on the writings of Ernest Becker, especially his 1974 Pulitzer Prize winning "The Denial of Death," "The Human Manifesto" promotes the establishment of a revolutionary cultural system, the Genuine Hero System, that can both satisfy the personal psychological need to repress the stark reality of death while also resulting in a peaceful, enlightened and advanced society. "The Human Manifesto" argues that unless such a system is adopted, the human species will continue to be motivated to destructive or trivial behavior that falls far short in enabling individuals to attain genuine happiness and fulfillment. Indeed, unless the radical changes it espouses are realized, the species will fail to reach its highest spiritual, intellectual and technological potential. Humanity will never reach the stars and worse, as Becker feared, will be doomed to extinction.
Category: Philosophy

Putting Humans First

Author : Tibor R. Machan
ISBN : 074253345X
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 78.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book challenges the notion that humans aren't any more important than, say, ants, and ethics and politics must be adjusted accordingly as not to rank human concerns as primary.
Category: Philosophy

Being Human Human Being

Author : Rue L. Cromwell
ISBN : 9781450239196
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 58.41 MB
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Why is it that a mother or nursemaid, with no education or even with mental retardation, can teach a baby to talk, but it typically requires greater effort from a more professionally educated person to teach a child to read? Why is it that a person profoundly deaf from birth usually finds it harder to get a college or graduate education than a person who is blind since birth? Why is it that one can be in an environment of loud sounds, noise, or shouting, yet be able to attend to and understand a soft, quiet, continuing voice in the midst of the cacophony? WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE HUMAN? If it is true that much of being human evolves from what happens during the first one thousand milliseconds after an event impinges upon us, our fate may be greatly determined by events within that first second. Rue Cromwell, Ph.D., provides alternative viewpoints that vary from mainstream ways of thinking about the infrastructure of human functioning aspects of which most of us are typically unaware. As Dr. Cromwell discards current and past dictums he feels have impeded progress of knowledge in psychology such as mind/body distinctions, cognitive systems, and behavior analysis he also rejects the notion that biological events cause higher order phenomena. While providing his theories on the philosophy and construct of psychological issues, Dr. Cromwell examines how we communicate, why it is important to ask the right scientific questions, and how to apply verbal tags to our own lives. Being Human: Human Being shares Dr. Cromwell's contention that the level of human functioning is capable of reaching heights never seen before. By opening our thinking to his unique theories, he encourages all of us to embrace a new way of viewing ourselves and a new idea of what it really means to be human.
Category: Psychology

Manifesto For The Noosphere

Author : Jose Arguelles
ISBN : 9781583943038
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 63.10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Identifies the noosphere as a "mental sphere" or stratum of human thought encircling the planet, calling for an urgent collective effort to activate the noosphere to bring about a new harmonic order as predicted by the Mayan calendar. By the author of The Mayan Factor. Original.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Eat This Book

Author : Dominique Lestel
ISBN : 9780231541152
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 20.10 MB
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If we want to improve the treatment of animals, Dominique Lestel argues, we must acknowledge our evolutionary impulse to eat them and we must expand our worldview to see how others consume meat ethically and sustainably. The position of vegans and vegetarians is unrealistic and exclusionary. Eat This Book calls at once for a renewed and vigorous defense of animal rights and a more open approach to meat eating that turns us into responsible carnivores. Lestel skillfully synthesizes Western philosophical views on the moral status of animals and holistic cosmologies that recognize human-animal reciprocity. He shows that the carnivore's position is more coherently ethical than vegetarianism, which isolates humans from the world by treating cruelty, violence, and conflicting interests as phenomena outside of life. Describing how meat eaters assume completely—which is to say, metabolically—their animal status, Lestel opens our eyes to the vital relation between carnivores and animals and carnivores' genuine appreciation of animals' life-sustaining flesh. He vehemently condemns factory farming and the terrible footprint of industrial meat eating. His goal is to recreate a kinship between humans and animals that reminds us of what it means to be tied to the world.
Category: Philosophy